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0088_Analysis of a recent WSJ piece by Piereson and Riley_to have SAT be the only measure of college readiness_Bad Idea!

Donna Jack
April 13, 2016

Link to a March 30, 2016 article in the Wall Street Journal –
Here’s Why Tests Matter
by James Piereson and Naomi Schaefer Riley

This is the first blog piece about the above-linked article that recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  The title of the article is:  Here’s Why Tests Matter:  The SAT is especially important. With grade inflation, report cards are basically meaningless.”

I believe this  WSJ piece unintentionally recommends a solution that will further eliminate literacy in our country.  I suspect the authors of the article are trying to come up with a way to help overcome the fact that many of the grades of students in schools don’t reflect the incompetency and illiteracy of the students.  There are a number of reasons these grades are artificially high.

One reason for this false reporting is that teacher, counselor, administration, etc.  positions and salaries are directly related to the test scores of the students  under them.  Teachers and others don’t want to fail along with their students.  Also, failing teachers means failing schools – which may mean school closures or other unpleasant consequences.

Some lies about school achievement take place to protect jobs, or to placate parents.

False reporting of grades makes it challenging to figure out which grades accurately reflect the academic knowledge of students.  These false reports help hide the fact that education is diminishing across this country.

Very sad is the fact that too many people think it is alright to lie.

These inflated grades should not be used as a reason to discard all grades.  Thankfully some people are still honest (a virtue that is neither encouraged in most national curriculum nor encouraged within most schools anymore).   Still, some students have actually earned the grades they have (whether those grades are high, average or low). Continue reading

0071_Examples of votes that gave away more freedom_More information about Amendment 69

By Donna Jack, February 23, 2016

Here is a link to the entire 12-page proposed Amendment 69 Initiative measure


Some past examples in Colorado that dishonestly increased government power – Amendment 69 will be a repeat disaster, only on a larger scale.

1) Campaign Financing Laws – were designed to steal more power

Here in Colorado, Campaign Finance Laws were marketed as good for everyone.  I personally watched the first one pushed through at the capitol by a very far-left gentleman who was carving out more power for his interests, and taking away the voice of those he did not agree with.

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0068_Advancing Colorado_Flier_You can sign their petition against Amendment 69

Donna Jack, February 23, 2016


Advancing Colorado_handout_full page_against Amendment 69_2016-02-23-light
— explaining some of what Amendment 69 will do.

The following information is on the Advancing Colorado  website (

“Sign the petition to tell politicians to stay out of our health care and STOP ColoradoCare.

“ColoradoCare will require a $25 billion dollar annual income tax hike to create government health care exempt from the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR).

“ColoradoCare will restrict choice and freedom in health care, hurt businesses, Millennials and our most vulnerable communities.

“The rationed care that would come as a result of ColoradoCare could lead to the loss of real human lives.

“Amendment 69, ColoradoCare,
will kill Colorado

“Tell state Sen. Irene Aguilar ColoradoCare is wrong! 303-601-0955
You may want to sign a petition to stand against the dangerous ColoradoCare.         


0064_Information on Dinesh D’Souza, Bill Ayers and Angela Davis_short YouTube American Exceptionalism debate

by Donna Jack – February 16, 2016

See the previous blog:  American Exceptionalism: Dinesh D’Souza vs. Bill Ayers (YouTube Recorded Live) published on YouTube Feb. 4, 2016, to see the full debate.

Below view the short 3 minutes 20 second clip from the debate:

Who is Dinesh D’Souza?

Dinesh D’Souza was born in India, and in 1983 graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Dartmouth College.

He is a conservative, a defender of Christianity, and says our prosperity and freedom are because of our Christian roots.  He wrote The Roots of Obama’s Rage, and then made the movie 2016: Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream.   He debated Bill Ayers about American Exceptionalism.

[My Note:  Dinesh has paid greatly for speaking the truth.]

You can read the above and so much more on the following site. There you can read about the many books Dinesh has written, and watch trailers of his movies, and watch a short video he made.  The movies and books can be purchased at the site.

Who is Bill Ayers?

Bill Ayers – – Founder  and former member of the Weather Underground – Urban educational reform

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