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0206_Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Implies Common Core Are ‘High Standards’ — she is wrong — by Dr. Susan Berry (May 6, 2017)_Dr. Sandra Stotsky_ Mike Pence_Dr. Jason Zimba_Dr. James Milgrim_Ze’ev Wurman

Donna Jack
May 13, 2017/update 12:52 p.m./updated 2017-05-15

THIS IS A FOLLOW-UP ON BLOG 0205–Go to Blog 0205 for background information connected with this article.

Comments about:   Common Core and ESSA – and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Common Core was coercively pushed on school districts and states across our country,  (using force and threats in addition to bribery) — it was deceptively implemented, keeps growing in its scope, and has not gone away.

Common Core was officially made federal law (ESSA) in December 2015.  If Betsy DeVos does not know that, or if she does and is hiding it, she should not be our Education Secretary.  We need someone who will honestly and thoroughly champion for local control of education — not just in words, and not just in little parts – but have local control truly be the top priority.

Go to the end of Blog 0205, for some links to other blogs on this website that deal with Common Core.  They contain information that will be helpful to people who know nothing about Common Core, and they are also excellent resources for people who have studied Common Core for years.


5.6.17 – Breitbart
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says though Common Core no longer exists – itself a controversial statement – she hopes states will still “shoot high.”

  Continue reading

0205_Intro to blog 0206_inadequacies of Common Core_DeVos mistaken about education_ESSA federalized Common Core__FEE is supported by people who want global control of education_Links to some blogs on this site that are about Common Core_Jeb Bush

Donna Jack
May 13, 2017/update May 15, 2017

FEE Chairman Jeb Bush_Meet our Board–meet our donors 2008-2016

Background information to supplement the next blog – Blog 0206

On May 6, 2017, Donna Garner distributed an article by Dr. Susan Berry, which is also the subject of the next blog (blog 0206).   Donna Garner is an invaluable resource.  You can email her, asking her to place your email on her distribution list —

If you don’t know much about Common Core, you can learn a lot from Dr. Berry’s article and the video she linked within the article.  In the video, Jason Zimba admits Common Core does not prepare students for more than, at best, a non-selective junior college.  Jason was a lead writer of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

To learn about those people and organizations pushing Common Core,
the History and goals of Common Core – and its status

Go to Links to blogs, that can be found listed at the end of this article.  They give some detailed background, history and goals of Common Core.  They are good for beginners, as well as for those of us who have studied Common Core for years.  They can be a refresher and can offer new information. Continue reading

0176_What is the group “America’s Future”? – Judge Robert Morris was President of America’s Future when he published “Soviets in the Classroom” for Charlotte Iserbyt_See Blogs 0173-0175

Donna Jack
First published in part Jan. 30 2017/Totally rewritten and published February 10, 2017

Robert Morris first published “Soviets in the Classroom” in 1989, soon after he became  the new chairman of the board at America’s Future.  See Blogs #0173, 0174 & 0175, which talk about or mention the article “Soviets in the Classroom.”

This blog is an introduction to the organization called America’s Future, that began in 1946.

The information below about America’s Future, is taken from two locations
on their website:


“Our historical commitment and our current strategic position make the United States the central redoubt of human liberty. If we fall, the lights of liberty will be extinguished all over the world for the foreseeable future.”

Robert Morris
Self Destruct: Dismantling America’s Internal Security



“The original America’s Future, Inc., established in 1946, headquartered for many years in New Rochelle, New York, and now in St. Louis, Missouri — for 57 years [has been] dedicated to the preservation of our free enterprise system and our constitutional form of government.”

[Editor dj note:  The above quote, from the front page of the America’s Future website,
written in 2006.] Continue reading

0175_Boycotted: “Soviets in the Classroom” written 1986 by Charlotte Iserbyt_UN, Dept of Ed, and Soviet Russia want to destroy the USA_1985 US USSR education agreements_ Judge Robert Morris with America’s Future

Donna Jack
February 10, 2017

Soviets in the Classroom… America’s Latest Education Fad
by Charlotte Iserbyt  [link to “Soviets in the Classroom” 1986 – here]

Federal, UN and Soviet control of education content in our classrooms, is extensive.  The heavy influence of Soviet education in our classrooms was made official in 1985.  People need to become aware of the agreements our country has with Soviet Russia, and need to try to stop Soviet influences in our schools.  Parents need to do whatever is possible to protect their children and grandchildren from the mind-altering mind-control that is taking place in schools.

Read about America’s education cooperation with Soviet Russia in the attached article, written in 1986:  “Soviets in the Classroom … America’s Latest Education Fad.”  Note, Charlotte Iserbyt, the author of the article, says her article was originally boycotted in our country.

Here is one paragraph from her article “Soviets in the Classroom”

“What do the Soviets—who kidnapped 10,000 Afghan children and shipped them to the Soviet Union for “re-education” and in the spring of 1989 used poison gas and sharpened shovels to disperse a nationalistic demonstration in Soviet Georgia, killing at least twenty persons and injuring 200—have to offer our children in the way of school materials? What does a country have to offer our children in the way of school materials which, according to an 1987 “out-of-print” book by American Federation of Labor—Council of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) entitled Cruel and Usual Punishment: Forced Labor in Today’s USSR, holds tens of thousands of political prisoners in Soviet prisons, labor camps, and psychiatric hospitals, including between four and five million non-political prisoners in slave labor camps? What does a country which publishes children’s books for disinformation purposes overseas—and in the case of books distributed in India, portrays America as “rich, uncaring, and prejudiced,” and compares us with the Brahmin caste, which is the ruling caste much resented by the disadvantaged in India—have to offer our children in the way of school materials?”  [see the entire article — 2015-05-02 Soviets in the Classroom…America’s Latest Education Fad_Charlotte Iserbytre] Continue reading

0173_UN has never been our friend_The UN-American United Nations by Steve Farrell_Charlotte Iserbyt (“Soviets in the Classroom”)

Donna Jack
February 9, 2017

The push for a Communist United States continues.
Ignore the laughter — this is real.

The United Nations was never a friend of the United States of America

Note:  See below the overwhelming Communist and Socialist membership of those who started the United Nations, and will see the continued Communist control
of the United Nations.

Note:  Alger Hiss is instrumental in the forming of the UN, and is its first Secretary General.  In previous and forthcoming blog pieces you will read of Alger Hiss in connection with Whittaker Chambers.  They were Soviet espionage agents (spies) who regularly transferred US secrets to Moscow.  They worked together, and they (and their wives) became close friends.

The following is taken from:
“The UN-American United Nations”
by Steve Farrell

Truth 1: The UN is no friend to American ideals.

  1. The UN’s Founders were known Communists

“If it’s true that the personality, purpose, and accomplishments of an organization are highly affected by its leadership, then membership in the United Nations spelled trouble from the start. Of the 17 individuals identified by the US State Department as having helped shape US policy leading to the creation of the United Nations, all but one were later identified as secret members of the Communist Party USA (3). Continue reading

0094_The Issue is Totalitarianism – Excerpt from Derrick Wilburn’s newsletter

Donna Jack
May 20, 2016

Derrick Wilburn sent out an email ten days ago.  In it he addresses the issue that is of great concern to so many people across our country.  Totalitarianism.  People and groups are being forced, bribed and coerced into bowing down and throwing out personal beliefs, freedoms and rights — forced to get out of the way of those who insist on imposing their will — and living in fear of the government threat to destroy, if you are in the way.

[Excerpt from Derrick’s May 10th letter:]


“totalitarianism: a political system where the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.

“The problem, those of us who have strong disagreement with Barack Obama, isn’t just ideology — people have had differing political ideologies forever– its totalitarianism. The striving for the fundamental changes he believes America needs, whether the rest of us …those he’s elected to *represent*… also want that change or not.

“A letter last week by the President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University is short and a perfect case-in-point. Read it HERE.  It spotlights the fact that the Obama admin is using the Dept. of Ed to force schools into compliance with their wishes for social change and re-engineering of our culture. “Do as we say or lose your funding.”  [editor note:  The linked letter will be in Post 0095] Continue reading

0091_Donna Garner_her bio and what led up to group think, co-operative learning, outcome based education_abandoning Type #1 Education

Donna Jack
April 28 2016

Several days ago, while trying to sift through my emails (most of you know what I’m talking about), I came across this important document written by Donna Garner in 2015.  She had forwarded it this month to people on her email list.

In this informative, historical account, Donna Garner shares some of her first-hand knowledge about how we got into the education mess we are in.  She includes some relatively recent history leading up to Common Core.


“Donna Garner: “My Story As I Lived It –Hillary Clinton and the Birthplace of Common Core —  1.9.15

My Story As I Lived It in the Classroom: The Birthplace of Common Core” By Donna Garner.

This is taken from my memory as I lived through this era as a classroom teacher.

 As you may know, I started teaching in 1963, left teaching to have children and stayed home with them for 10 years, then went back to the classroom as a substitute teacher and then a full-time teacher around 1975. 

I was appointed by President Ronald Reagan and re-appointed by President George Herbert Bush to serve on the National Commission on Migrant Education; and then I served on the TEKS writing team in 1995-97.  I was the lead writer of the Type #1 Texas Alternative Document – TAD – that we current classroom teachers wrote as an alternative to the Type #2 ELAR/TEKS. After the Type #2 ELAR/TEKS ended up being adopted by the SBOE [State Board or Educaiton] in 1997, I worked tirelessly in the background to help elect new SBOE members and then to help them write and adopt the Type #1 TEKS starting in 2006 through 2012.  

Continue reading

0090_Label-Libel_a term used in “Teaching as a Subversive Activity” by Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner_a 1969 book to teach teachers

Donna Jack
April 23, 2016

Around 1982 I purchased:  Teaching as a Subversive Activity:  A no-holds-barred assault on outdated teaching methods – with dramatic and practical proposals on how education can be made relevant to today’s world. – 1969 by Neil Postman & Charles Weingartner.

At the time I purchased it, I was pretty much a full-time volunteer at Collet Park Elementary School.


Not just your regular hard-working mommie-volunteer

When I say “full-time volunteer,” I did many of the regular mommie volunteer jobs — bringing  brownies for parties, periodically helping on the school playground or after school as the children were leaving school.  Like some mothers, I was an active member of the PTA and was on the Advisory Council – I was the parent sponsor of the Student Council.  I headed up the talent show, and the ice cream social that took place after the show; the weekly pop-corn sales; projects that the students did, etc.

But in addition to all this, I was also inside the classrooms, day after day, listening to children who read to me; teaching some classes; learning about the unreasonable conditions under which teachers had to teach; learning about all the responsibilities teachers had outside the classrooms; observing how teachers taught; observing the principal (who considered parents the enemy) as he coached the teachers to make sure to keep all school work away from parents; watching the students in the classrooms; taking about 1/2 of the students (5th grade non-readers) out of the classroom and teaching reading, so the teacher could teach the rest of the children; teaching music from class to class; officially reviewing curriculum from 4 or 5 publishers; etc.

[note:  I didn’t know the first thing about teaching reading then, but ended up inspiring at least one girl to get a real tutor and learn how to really read.]


Teaching as a Subversive Activity — It is meant to instruct teachers

Recently I showed the book Teaching as a Subversive Activity to a couple friends.  When they read the title, they assumed the book was written to expose the tactics used by some teachers to subvert students.

I pointed out that I had purchased the book in a teacher supply store about 34 years ago.  It was written to TEACH TEACHERS HOW TO SUBVERSIVELY CHANGE STUDENTS’ ATTITUDES, BELIEFS AND BEHAVIORSContinue reading

0081_Public Schools in Colorado will not teach students the dangers of Amendment 69 (to be on Nov. 2016 ballot)

Donna Jack
March 12, 2016  – updated 3/13/16; 9/2/16

[Note:  A quotation from p. 9 of the attached complete wording for the proposed Colorado Amendment 69 to our state constitution:


Did you notice that Amendment 69 doesn’t tell you that “Section 20 of Article X of the Colorado Constitution is TABOR – the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights — that protects Colorado’s citizens, voters and taxpayers from always hungry-for-more-money elected officials (and appointed officials) —  if unchecked, they grow government too quickly, taking more control (using our money to do it) — leaving us with less resources to have control of our own lives.]

Public schools in general, will not tell students and families about the consequences if Amendment 69 passes — elimination of control of personal health care, and uncontrolled increasing personal and business taxation.

Schools teach socialism.


March 15th Colorado Representative Justin Everett will talk about proposed
Colorado Constitutional Amendment 69 – Single-Payer Health Care.

At the Mountain Republican Women’s Club

From the flier announcing Justin’s presentation:
“Amendment 69 . . . . a government-run health care system that:

“Increases state income tax to 14.63% — highest in U.S.
“Restricts free-market pricing of medical services
“Eliminates private health insurance
“Creates Colorado Care Board whose members do not have to be U.S. Citizens
“Creates publicly-searchable personal healthcare database
“Takes roughly 1/3 of state budget out of the General Assembly’s control”

[Note from editor:  Amendment 69 exempts itself from Tabor – it has no limit on how high they can raise taxes in the future to pay for it.]

When:  Tuesday, March 15, 2016                Where:  Mt. Vernon Country Club
5:30 p.m. — Dinner (optional)                      It’s too late to make dinner reservations.
7:00 p.m. — Program                                        $3 for program only

Most doctors do not know about Amendment 69 –
nor does the public in general.

Most doctors will not hear about Amendment 69 unless someone gives them the information, because they are overwhelmed with the demands of their work.  If Amendment 69 passes, many doctors will have to move out of Colorado or find other employment.  The same goes for most people in Colorado who are fighting to survive financially because of all the burdens our government has already placed on them.   Unemployment will grow.

Colorado Public School students will not be told of the dangers of
Amendment 69 (U.S. public schools are taught Type #2 censored education)

This November, Constitutional Amendment 69 will be on our Colorado ballots across the state.

Our public school students, their parents and school district employees will not be told the truth about this amendment through school communications.  They will not learn about the loss of their freedoms, and other problems that will be created by the passage of Colorado Constitutional Amendment 69.

They will be told that Single-Payer health care will eliminate Obamacare, which is causing so much trouble; and that it will make healthcare in Colorado simple and free for everybody.

Why won’t the schools alert the public to what Amendment 69 really is?

Schools, school districts and school boards are strongly financially dependent on unions, federal government grants, federal loans, and federal dollars of all kinds.  The federal government attaches requirements to the money they “give away.”  Those requirements demand the teaching of collectivist Type #2 education, and the acceptance of government controlling everything.  The unions are in line with Type #2 education.  [Read a definition/comparison of Type #1 and Type #2 education.]

Our national Department of Education is exclusively Type #2 education, and pushes national censorship of any Type #1 education, instead teaching against our national sovereignty, in support of one-world government

Colorado Care (the Proposed Colorado Constitutional Amend 69)
will take away money from just about everyone.

Colorado Care (Amendment 69) will increase government control over every single person in this state – far beyond what people can imagine.  It will greatly diminish take-home pay, investments, and retirements of almost everyone in Colorado (this includes current and retired teachers). It will almost double our state budget.   The money will come from taxes and “fees” and Medicare and Social Security and other sources mentioned in Amendment 69.

Proposed Constitutional Amend 69 sets up its own private government,
outside our government.  It will not be accountable to citizens.

This Colorado constitutional amendment will set up a private government outside our government, that can be controlled by people who are not even citizens of this country.  It will take control of every aspect of  health care in our state.  Some people say it is Obamacare on steroids.   You have to read it to learn for yourself what it plans to do — so you can educate yourself, and help educate others to join in the efforts to stop it from becoming law.

Amendment 69 is 12 pages that are worth understanding.

Amendment 69 is 12 pages long.  It is not the easiest read, but it is worth the effort it takes to study it carefully.  You will then be able to identify lies you have heard or will be hearing about it; and you will be prepared to tell people what is really in the proposed Constitutional Amendment.

Those who support it have to make up imaginary reasons (lies) to convince you to vote for it — just like power-hungry people did during the recent November 2015 recall of three school board members in Jefferson County Colorado school district.  They lied on the petition to get it on the ballot, and lied on the ballot.

Those supporting Amendment 69 appear to be trying to repeat
the effective dishonest campaign that recalled 3 school board members
who were not controlled by the teachers’ unions.

People believed the lies in 2005 – we can’t afford to have that happen again this year, with  Amendment 69.  You can learn first-hand what it really is.

In a YouTube posted July 3, 2014, Kerrie Dallman, the then newly-elected president of the Colorado Education Association (CEA —  the Colorado teacher’s union),  describes how they were organizing in 2014 to get rid of the Jefferson County School Board members that the unions could not control.  Kerrie said they were getting trained organizers from 18 states to help in the recall.

Kerrie Dallman doesn’t like Tabor protecting us
from uncontrolled taxation.

Note also that Kerrie Dallman says our common problem in Colorado is under-funding — blaming it on Tabor (which requires citizens to approve or disapprove a raise in their taxes).  She would prefer if taxes could be raised without voter approval.  She says the lack of funding stops the legislature from taxing citizens to pay for big expensive education innovations.  [Boy!  am I thankful for that limit on the every-hungry-for-more-money schools.]

Tabor requires voter approval for tax increases and requires a return of surplus taxes.  Amendment 69 eliminates Tabor in connection with the proposed Colorado Single Payer Amendment 69.  Amendment 69 permits then to raise taxes with no limit!!

Amendment 69 exempts the new single-payer healthcare system from Tabor.

Amendment 69 would enable the board running ColoradoCare to raise our taxes (or fees) whenever they want to, and for the amount they choose to raise them.

Wording in Amendment 69 that gets rid of Tabor’s
(letting ColoradoCare to tax as they wish.

Page 9 of the attached copy of the text of proposed Colorado Constitutional Amendment 69 reads:



LINKS TO RESOURCES ABOUT proposed Constitutional Amendment 69

Text of Amendment 69

Wording of Tabor (The Tax-payer’s Bill of Rights)
(Amendment 69 plans to take Tabor out of our constitution):
1992-12-31_Colorado Revised Statutes–CRS_Text of The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights – TABOR

Wording in Amendment 69 to exempt
ColoradoCare and “this article” from Tabor.
Exemption–COLORADO CARE AND THIS ARTICLE FROM TABOR_Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.

Past blogs and links about Amendment 69

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