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0006_2015-07-30_APUSH Revisions Won’t Do: The College Board Needs Competition

7.30.15 – National Review

“APUSH Revisions Won’t Do: The College Board Needs Competition”

By Stanley Kurtz

The College Board has just published a revision of its controversial AP U.S. history framework. The revision is designed to meet the concerns of the 2014 framework’s many critics.  As one of those critics, I want to give a preliminary response.

This is also the first in what will be a series of posts on the new AP U.S. history framework and related issues.

Based on a preliminary reading of the Thematic Learning Objectives and the first two historical periods, I would say that the revisions do not allay my concerns about the College Board’s approach to AP U.S. history.

The College Board has removed some of the framework’s most egregiously biased formulations, yet the basic approach has not changed.

Since the College Board has said that the revised framework will not require modifications to textbooks, there is reason to believe that we are looking at largely cosmetic changes. Continue reading

0005_Comparison of Type #1 and Type #2 Education

Type #1 and Type #2 Education are contrasted on the introduction page to this blog.  Type #1 is traditional education.  Type #2 is the type of education that has been gradually replacing Type #1 education in our country for many decades.

Some names for Type #2 education are:  Outcome Based Education, Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind, Common Core, etc.

Below you can see a chart contrasting the two types of education:




Type #1 (Traditional) vs. Type #2 (CSCOPE & Common Core) Continue reading

0004_Audio, Video, and Transcript of the Entire 10 Minute 57 Second Jeffco BOE Meeting Feb. 8, 2014

Donna Jack
July 29, 2015/edits October 18, 2017

Audio of the February 8, 2014  10 minute 57 second meeting:

Go to the following link to see Cindy Stevenson’s tearful claims that she was  being forced out as Superintendent because she “can’t manage this district with this board”.  Then read the evidence to see that what she said was demonstrably FALSE (she lied):

Video clips of part of the 10 minute 57 second Jeffco BOE meeting:

PTA and union protesters scream down school board

Below read a transcription of the Jeffco School Board website audio of the February 8, 2014 BOE meeting.  It follows the Note from the editor:

Note from Gramma Grizzly:  Then superintendent Cindy Stevenson; democrat school board members Lesley Dahlkemper and Jill Fellman; and the union and PTA mob made sure to keep Jeffco School Board Chairman Ken Witt from conducting the meeting – not allowing any business to take place.

The three women (Cindy, Leslie and Jill) kept stirring up the crowd, hogging the microphones, and using scripted words and behaviors to incite people into a frenzy.   Any one of those three women could have brought order to the meeting, but chose instead to flame the fires of chaos with tears, drama and bullying tactics.

Superintendent Cindy Stevenson said that she and the other democrats on the board and the union and PTA members in the audience were all displaying “grace and dignity” and “respect”, but that was not what was seen and heard.  People in the audience were screaming “respect” and screaming other things in rude ways.

Actually grace, dignity and respect were best displayed in that room by the three new republican school board members.

Below is a transcript of the entire 10 minute and 57 second meeting:

Continue reading

0003_Jeffco Union Rewrites History, Fuels Protests — by Ross Izard


September 29, 2014 12:00 PM – By Ross Izard

If you’ve been watching any news out of Jefferson County recently, you know that the district is dealing with some controversial issues.

First, two high schools in the district closed after huge numbers of teachers called in sick. Last week, thousands of Jeffco students hit the streets to protest a discussion about a discussion about the new AP US History (APUSH) curriculum framework.  Students have also threatened to walk out on October 1, the count date that in large part determines a district’s per pupil funding.  And just this morning, another round of teacher sick outs forced two more Jeffco high schools to close.

Despite their carefully worded statements to the contrary,  it is becoming increasingly clear that somewhere behind all of this stands the teachers union in Jefferson County.  As Ben DeGrow points out, it’s very unlikely that the current chaos stems from a spontaneous groundswell of patriotic dissidence. Continue reading

0002_Feb. 8, 2014 – Mayhem caused by Union, Cindy Stevenson and Democrat School Board members

Donna Jack
July 28, 2015
Feb. 14, 2016 added links to transcript and audio/
October 18, 2017 added YouTube of the entire meeting plus 4 minutes at the end – and updated and edited the document.

November 7, 2013, Superintendent Cindy Stevenson
announces she will be leaving her position as superintendent
June 30, 2014.

YouTube – On Nov. 7, 2013, Cindy Stevenson announces ahead of time that she is retiring.  The announcer in the video below gives the information that she said her last day would be June 30, 2014.

The above tearful event, on November 7, 2013, (2 days after the election of the 3 new board members) is a sight familiar to people who have attended Jeffco Board of Education meetings over the years when Cindy Stevenson was superintendent.  Stevenson has displayed a lot of emotional tears during board meetings.

Then Superintendent Stevenson asked to be relieved of her commitment
to stay on until the end of June – leaving almost 5 months early.
She had another job.

There was a school board meeting February 8, 2014.  Among other things that the board members had wanted to accomplish at that meeting, was settling the separation pay agreement that Stevenson requested take place.   She wanted to leave almost 5 months before she had agreed to stay.  She would instead abruptly leave the school district children, and leave the school board with the task of replacing her over four months before they expected.  This caused them to turn much of their focus off other important end-of-the-school-year things, and school district matters.

But Stevenson and the democrats on the school board, in concert with the PTA and the unions, wanted to accomplish something much greater.   They were beginning their war to win a recall in early November of the following year.  They orchestrated a mob situation, and forced the meeting to end after Stevenson made her disingenuous, tearful scene. Continue reading

0001_Charlotte Iserbyt – Some of Her U.S. and World Education Resources

Donna Jack
Published July 28, 2015_Updated April 4, 2016_October 18, 2017

Charlotte Iserbyt – some resources on her website:

Charlotte worked in the Department of Education
Under President Reagan

 Charlotte Iserbyt, who had previously been in the Department of Education under President Reagan.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

In 1999, she wrote a huge book that gives the chronological history of the dumbing down of education in the United States.  It is called:  The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.


In 1985 she wrote a 40-page book, with a 1993 update:  Back to Basics Reform or OBE *Skinnerian International Curriculum?  *Necessary for the United States’ participation in a socialist one-world government scheduled for the early years of the twenty-first century. Continue reading

Welcome from Gramma Grizzly

I have always done my best to protect my children, my grandchildren and the children of others — just like so many other people across this country have been doing.  That protective spirit is certainly not limited to parents.

Children are not safe in schools, whether or not the schools are public schools.  The playground and the halls of the schools are not the only dangers to students, and students are not the only ones in danger.

One focus of this site is the Colorado Jefferson County Public School District, but sadly, the problems are not only in this school district.   Consequently you will also find information about education in the rest of our country and throughout the world.

This site is a resource intended to help equip people to protect their own families and encourage them to help protect others as well.   What children are taught in the classroom affects all of us.   We’re all in this together.

Truth is our ticket to freedom and liberty.

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