0002_Feb. 8, 2014 – Mayhem caused by Union, Cindy Stevenson and Democrat School Board members

Donna Jack
July 28, 2015
Feb. 14, 2016 added links to transcript and audio/
October 18, 2017 added YouTube of the entire meeting plus 4 minutes at the end – and updated and edited the document.

November 7, 2013, Superintendent Cindy Stevenson
announces she will be leaving her position as superintendent
June 30, 2014.

YouTube – On Nov. 7, 2013, Cindy Stevenson announces ahead of time that she is retiring.  The announcer in the video below gives the information that she said her last day would be June 30, 2014.


The above tearful event, on November 7, 2013, (2 days after the election of the 3 new board members) is a sight familiar to people who have attended Jeffco Board of Education meetings over the years when Cindy Stevenson was superintendent.  Stevenson has displayed a lot of emotional tears during board meetings.

Then Superintendent Stevenson asked to be relieved of her commitment
to stay on until the end of June – leaving almost 5 months early.
She had another job.

There was a school board meeting February 8, 2014.  Among other things that the board members had wanted to accomplish at that meeting, was settling the separation pay agreement that Stevenson requested take place.   She wanted to leave almost 5 months before she had agreed to stay.  She would instead abruptly leave the school district children, and leave the school board with the task of replacing her over four months before they expected.  This caused them to turn much of their focus off other important end-of-the-school-year things, and school district matters.

But Stevenson and the democrats on the school board, in concert with the PTA and the unions, wanted to accomplish something much greater.   They were beginning their war to win a recall in early November of the following year.  They orchestrated a mob situation, and forced the meeting to end after Stevenson made her disingenuous, tearful scene.

The mob situation was helped along by the two democrats on the board (Leslie Dahlkemper and Jill Felman) working as a tag team, in concert with Stevenson.  Especially when there were lulls, the three masterfully feed fuel to the anger and outrage of the crowd — a crowd that had been coerced and directed to show up for a fight.  [This was the kind of orchestration that would be witnessed at future board meetings — orchestration designed ahead of time, intended to subvert the 3 board members, and redirect the meetings to accomplish the union and PTA’s pre-determined outcomes.]

(Information from www.tiporthespear.net/S-Colorado_JeffCo_schools_Board-Mtngs.htm#JeffCo02082014chaos)

FACT regarding Cindy Stevenson
leaving her position as JeffCo School District Superintendent:

Two days after the 11/5/2013 election (the same day the new Reform Board Members were sworn in), an article appeared in the Denver Post which reported that Cindy Stevenson had told the reporter, Joe Vaccarelli, “she had been thinking about retirement for a while.”

Stevenson’s announcement that she was leaving, came BEFORE she made ANY attempt to work with the new board members.

Her RETIREMENT was announced by JeffCo Public Schools in a press release that had been DATED September 4, 2013(?), but it was posted two days after the November 5, 2013 election.  (see Announcement URL on the press release).

What a surprise for the new board members, on the day the Reform Board Members were sworn in.


Chronological report, notices, videos, etc.

To see a chronological report, notices, videos, etc. of subversion by Jefferson County school union members and the PTA, go to the link below,   [Geri Zahner-Heasley’s site]


A short version of the February 8, 2014 meeting

 PTA and union protesters screaming down school board – by www.revealingpolitics.com  [edited version – 2:01]

Transcript, audio, YouTube of entire Feb. 8, 2014 meeting

Click here and you can read a transcript and listen to the audio of the entire February 8, 2014, 10 minutes and  57 seconds school board meeting.

YouTube of a longer YouTube version:  the whole meeting –
plus 4 minutes after the meeting was adjourned.
It was put together by Transparency Jeffco.
[15 minutes]


Audio and transcript of entire 10 min. 57 meeting.  I believe this was only their 2nd board meeting since they were elected.  Would you say that they were blind-sided?  It was just a preview of what was to come.

Transparency Jeffco Lied – Stevenson was not forced out.

Transparency Jeffco, in their YouTube above, says  “Dr. Stevenson Forced Out”

That is  a bold-faced lie.  In the YouTube at the beginning of this Blog Post, Stevenson had already announced her retirement November 7, 2013.  That took place two days after the election of the new majority reform members — the day they were sworn in, and two months prior to this February 8th mob meeting.  She had also said back in November, that she had been thinking of making this decision to retire for a while.

She was NOT forced out.

When she said she was resigning, she said she would stay on until June 30th — well after graduation.  That way she would be able to help the new board members with the transition, up to graduation, and after graduation.

But then Stevenson announced suddenly, in February,  that she wanted to leave the school district almost 5 months earlier than she had agreed to stay.  She went back on her word.

At Stevenson’s request, one of the purposes of this February 8, 2014 Board of Education meeting, was to arrange the amount of her separation pay.  The board majority graciously granted her a comfortable separation, and let her out of her agreement with them.  They were to let her give a farewell speech, and with her well.

All this, even though she was breaking her agreement by resigning long before the end of the school year.

This subversion and unruliness chronicled

To see a chronological report, notices, videos, etc. of subversion by Jefferson County school union members, the PTA, the superintendent, and the union-supported democrats on the school board — go to Geri Zahner-Heasley’s site:


A video  of School Board member Julie Williams —
A Pundit Pete Press service Production. [9:32]

Jefferson County Board of Education member, Julie Williams, speaking at a February 13, 2014 South Jeffco Tea Party meeting.


Note:  by October 2014, Kerry Dahlman, a union activist from Jefferson County, who was heading up the NEA in Colorado (National Education Association), speaks in this YouTube.

She says that Jeffco has a hostile school board (referring dishonestly to the 3 new board members who were never hostile).  She used the words :  What we want is transparency, accountability and respect.  Note:  those three categories were the three categories placed on the recall petition and recall ballot  in November of 2015.  Check out the 2015  recall petition and recall ballot language for yourself.

It was all a perverted sham — they were the ones that were covert (not transparent), blamed others for troubles that they caused (not accountable), and showed no respect (look at the yelling in the meeting linked on this Blog post).

And that outrageous behavior was nothing compared to what they were going to dish out in our school district at all school board meetings, in the schools, and on the streets, until the recall election was over.  Now there is “peace” (they are not yelling) — because they got their way.


And these  union and the PTA members who have displayed total disregard for any semblance of truth or decency, continue to lead others to do the same.  Those in our school district, who have the same character as those who are so dishonest and manipulative, continue to use the same bullying tactics and deception:  in the school district administration and school board — against teachers — in the classrooms — and in the community.

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