0004_Audio, Video, and Transcript of the Entire 10 Minute 57 Second Jeffco BOE Meeting Feb. 8, 2014

Donna Jack
July 29, 2015/edits October 18, 2017

Audio of the February 8, 2014  10 minute 57 second meeting:

Go to the following link to see Cindy Stevenson’s tearful claims that she was  being forced out as Superintendent because she “can’t manage this district with this board”.  Then read the evidence to see that what she said was demonstrably FALSE (she lied):


Video clips of part of the 10 minute 57 second Jeffco BOE meeting:

PTA and union protesters scream down school board

Below read a transcription of the Jeffco School Board website audio of the February 8, 2014 BOE meeting.  It follows the Note from the editor:

Note from Gramma Grizzly:  Then superintendent Cindy Stevenson; democrat school board members Lesley Dahlkemper and Jill Fellman; and the union and PTA mob made sure to keep Jeffco School Board Chairman Ken Witt from conducting the meeting – not allowing any business to take place.

The three women (Cindy, Leslie and Jill) kept stirring up the crowd, hogging the microphones, and using scripted words and behaviors to incite people into a frenzy.   Any one of those three women could have brought order to the meeting, but chose instead to flame the fires of chaos with tears, drama and bullying tactics.

Superintendent Cindy Stevenson said that she and the other democrats on the board and the union and PTA members in the audience were all displaying “grace and dignity” and “respect”, but that was not what was seen and heard.  People in the audience were screaming “respect” and screaming other things in rude ways.

Actually grace, dignity and respect were best displayed in that room by the three new republican school board members.

Below is a transcript of the entire 10 minute and 57 second meeting:

February 8, 2014 – Jefferson County School Board Meeting (Transcript)

PRESENT:    Leslie Dahlkemper, Jill Fellman, John Newkirk, Julie Williams, and Ken Witt (Chairman)

I’d like to call this meeting to order. Considering the interest devoted to this morning’s meeting, I’m going to have us begin with a personnel matter. May I have a motion to approve the agenda with the items reversed?

Yes, Mr. Wit, I move to approve the agenda and to start with the personnel issues.


I’ll second it.

Are there any objections on the Board? Roll call.
Vote: Miss Dahlkemper? Yes;  Miss Fellman? Yes;  Mr. Newkirk? Yes;  Miss Williams? Yes;  Mr. Witt? Yes

Thank you.  I’d like to invite Dr. Stevenson to give a statement.

Most of you know I’ve been with Jeffco schools since I was five years old. And consequently I have deep, deep attachment.  So most of you know I have deep passion and love for this organization and the people in it.  And for the last twelve years I’ve had the great honor to be the superintendent. Superintendents
01:10.465 [pause] {outburst of applause, hoots, whistles {? Let’s …..so Dr. Stevenson can finish her statement}

Cindy continues
[1:58] Superintendents need to be able to lead and manage; and leading and managing is my passion, and my passion has been working with all of you.  I can’t lead and manage, because I am not trusted or respected by this Board of Education. Consequently I did approach the Board and say, “This isn’t working. I can’t make decisions. I can’t lead. And I can’t move the district forward.” (someone yelled out) {“Let them go”} (– someone yells) {“Recall”}
You must have trust and respect. They do not trust me and they do not respect me.
Consequently, I did approach the Board. It was my initiation to say, “We need to do something so the District can move forward, because if I can’t lead and if I can’t manage, I don’t serve you well. And my issue is serving you, serving our community, and (fighting back tears) most importantly our kids.”
So, I did approach the Board. We will be reaching an agreement. I will be gone before the end of the month, and I just want you to know (crowd outburst of {“No” “No, Witt, go”}) I just want you to know how much your being here and how much our years together have meant to me.

No. No.
(a man yells out: {“The Board’s a piece of crap”} – explosion of clapping and enthusiastic agreement)

Thank you, Dr. Stevenson.
(more yelling)

No, I want to know. Let’s be really clear. This is about the three-board majority. (crowd man yelled: “Absolutely”} (Crowd breaks out in an uproar)
3:15 Leslie:
Let’s be really clear (more yelling and clapping) and I want to ask the three new members of the board how this decision is good for 85,000 kids. What (crowd breaks out into screaming) and we have said (more screaming)

Ms Dahlkemper.

Oh….No. Oh no Mr. Witt. It’s not Ms Dahlkemper at the moment. I need to finish my comment.


We have hired….this majority board, let me finish please! This board has hired a board attorney behind closed doors, there was just a discussion behind closed doors with Mr. Witt, not the four other members of the board. This board approved nearly half a million dollars for a charter school whose students’ achievement is nothing to rave about. Now this new board is trying to push out a nationally recognized leader in our country…and you tell me how that’s good for children? You tell me how a conversation that we had early on, in terms of having a smooth transition wasn’t a positive conversation? Didn’t show collaboration. This district is moving in the wrong direction with this decision. I don’t support it. (04:18.556 – outbreak of clapping, and yelling and whistling)

Ken (while the crowd is continuing the uproar)
Order. (continued yelling) OK this agenda item is completed with Dr. Stevenson’s statement and we will move on to the budget (yelling and clapping in rhythm continues {unethical})

OK the next order (yelling) the next agenda item (yelling: {“Answer the question!”} repeated several times by men and women)

I would (interrupted) I would ask, I would ask, I would ask I appreciate your support (choking back tears) it means more to me than you’ll ever know (sobbing) and there will be Jeffco (sobbing) and behave with grace and dignity because that’s who we are. (through tears) Thank you.
{man: “Not this board!” Woman: “That’s right!”}

The next agenda item is budget review, and board budget priorities.

Miss Fellman

Miss Gillies

Miss Fellman had a comment.

I’m sorry, there’s no motion before the board, and Dr. Stevenson has already given her statement.
We’re onto the next bu

I’m sorry, I thought there were FIVE members of this board. Miss Fellman had a comment. This is news to us that we’re having this conversation to begin with. There was an executive session put on the Board agenda we didn’t know what the topic of that was except that I think it said something about Superintendent and take action

Miss Dahlkemper, you were approached by Dr. Stevinson with this issue as well.

I think that you, AT THE VERY LEAST, I think that you could allow Miss Fellman to share her statement, MR WITT.
(crowd clapping and saying “yes”)

I may do that, Miss Fellman, and then we’ll move onto the next budget item.
{Shouts from the crowd: “liar” “respect”}

Thank you.

I just wanted to say that to be part of this board that is doing this MAKES ME SICK. I have nothing but admiration and respect for Dr. Stevenson. She is a Colorado Superintendent of the year, she is a national superintendent of the year. In her tenure our graduation rates have increased, our remediation rates have dropped. She has led our district to an excellence across this country, and we I apologize on behalf of this entire board.
(outburst of clapping and hooting { ? the liars} {..? with you} )

We’ll continue with the next agenda item 2, which is budget. Miss Guilles would you please join us at the front? (crowd is quiet)

I really again I so appreciate your support (choking up) I understand your emotion…we are a team (choking up) with grace and dignity, so please allow Miss Guilles Please allow Miss Guilles to present and I will be available in the next couple of weeks to talk with any of you who feel they need to talk to me.

Dr. Stevenson, I think our concern is the fundamental question of how this decision is good for kids and how it’s good for our school district. That’s the question for the three board members, on the table PERIOD! (crowd clapping – {We tell our kids not to lie and not to bully and we’ve got a board of liars and bullies}

Miss Guilles, please

An additional question is, “How are we going to move forward? What are we going to be doing in the interim? We have a search process that presumably is in place. Is that just a farce? Has the decision already been made?
{“Where is the vote?” “We need discussion.” “Here is the part where you talk.”}

This board will take a ten minute recess.

Oh No. A ten minute recess. OOOOOH Noooo (outburst of yelling, booing) uh-un a ten minute recess really (yelling continuing – {boo} individual shouting continues and noise)

Ken tries to ask Lesley something

Lesley (all during continued yelling from the crowd)
Ken, I have nothing to say. No, I’m not going to the conference room. I have… You don’t even know who the new superintendent’s going to be. How is this transition going to work? I WOULD NOT WALK AWAY (yelling increases – booing) DON’T WALK AWAY…….Oh my God.

Have an illegal
{man: “ He’s going.” Woman: “You can’t have a meeting”}
Let’s be clear. THAT’S an illegal meeting! (the crowd bursts out in cheers and clapping)

And this the sad thing. And here’s the sad thing about this conversation this morning. THIS is what becomes the headline. It’s not about our kids. It’s not about our focus as a board on student achievement. It’s not about insuring we have a strong effective leader in place. It’s about back room discussions. DONE with it!
(clapping, cheering, whistles) { “Thank you, Lesley!” “Thank you, Lesley!” “Thank you, Cindy!”}

Excuse me.   Excuse me.  Security has requested that we adjourn the meeting.  This meeting is adjourned.


Person in crowd yelled:
End: 10 mniutes 57 seconds

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