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0013_Letter from Scholars Across the Country Concerned About Advanced Placement History

There was an uproar in Jefferson County School District (Colorado) during the 2014-2015 school year.  Board member Julie Williams made a motion to create a separate citizen curriculum review committee that would look at the 2014 AP US History Framework and report directly to the school board with what they found.

People were aware of this motion before it was presented at the board meeting.

At the board meeting the unions began screaming “censor”, and some people said it was justification for recalling the entire school  board majority because of attempted censorship.

Little did people know that Julie had hit at the core of the problem in education today.  Some within the education  establishment in Jefferson County Schools  are intentionally keeping teaching a subversive activity, and do not want parents or others to know what is really being taught.

Without going into details now, I can say that Julie Williams is in good company to have recognized that the new 2014 AP US History (APUSH) was off base.  She was wise to have requested that a committee of citizens be put together to look at the curriculum content and report to the school board their findings.

Below is the text of a document signed by scholars from across the country  who are concerned about the direction the Advanced Placement US History course has taken.

NOTE:  Subsequent to the letter below, and actions that were taken to create an organization to provide courses competitive with AP courses, the AP chose to back off and admit that they were grossly slanted in their presentation of US History. 

The AP put forth another edition of their AP US History Framework.  Even with the recent changes they are still using  Type #2 Education.  Stanley Kurtz explains that the 2015 AP US History Framework revision is still not good.

[This is a link to the June 2, 2015 Scholars’ Statement opposing the 2014 APUSH Framework.  (It is also below.) ]


June 2, 2015

Letter Opposing the 2014 APUSH Framework

The teaching of American history in our schools faces a grave new risk, from an unexpected source. Half a million students each year take the Advanced Placement (AP) exam in U.S. History. The framework for that exam has been dramatically changed, in ways certain to have negative consequences.

We wish to express our opposition to these modifications. The College Board’s 2014 Advanced Placement Examination shortchanges students by imposing on them an arid, fragmentary, and misleading account of American history. We favor instead a robust, vivid, and content-rich account of our unfolding national drama, warts and all, a history that is alert to all the ways we have disagreed and fallen short of our ideals, while emphasizing the ways that we remain one nation with common ideals and a shared story. Continue reading

0012_Who Controls Our Children – battle against Outcome-Based Education in 1990s by Peg Luksik_download 1985 book explaining Back to Basics reform, which was Outcome-Based Education by Iserbyt(

Donna Jack
first published Aug. 9, 2015
Edited and added link to Peg Luksik’s video April 6, 2017

Years after my children had become adults, I decided once again to become involved in public education.

Around 2009, while sitting in a regular monthly school board meeting in Jefferson County (Colorado) Public School District, I was surprised that the subject being discussed was “outcomes.”  I wondered if the school board members realized the negative implications of focusing on “outcomes”  rather than teaching academics.  In the 1990s many across this country thought they had fought back “Outcome-Based Education.”

Peg Luksik, in her video her 59-minute video “Who Controls Our Children?” shared how those pushing for control of society through the schools — never stopped their efforts to push for outcomes.  They just pretended they had responded to the pressure from people.

Link to the video below:

Read below how Peg Luksik ends her video.

Peg Luksik’s ending of her video:

“One of the things that I keep hearing from the advocates of this is, ‘Well, we have to do this because all the families are doing a terrible job.’ And people said, “Well, how do you argue that?”

“There are two ways to argue it.  First of all, we’ve got lots of schools that are rotten. So let’s let them clean up their house before they move into my house.  And secondly, schools can’t become families. Schools have a very valid place in the life of a child, to teach basic academic skills. It’s something that children need. It is an important thing that schools have to do.

“When schools leave that base and try to become a family, for a child at risk, they (those children) lose twice, because they didn’t have a family. Now they don’t have a school either. My child loses once, because he has a family, but he didn’t get a school. Continue reading

0011_Should our Children be Standardized? – Peg Luksik – Trailer on YouTube and Transcript

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This trailer, Should our Children be Standardized?, was linked through Founded on Truth.

This is the full You Tube of the above Trailer.  It is excellent.

Below is a timetable of federal takeover of education seen in the linked YouTube video trailer.  Transcription of the trailer follows this timeline. Continue reading

0010_Mao’s regime in China used Household Registration and Personnel File system to keep track from birth to death. — By Lily Tang Williams

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[Below is part of an Aug. 6, 2015 Lily Tang Williams entry on her Facebook.  She is a former resident of Communist China.  What she shares about education in China under Mao sounds just like what is  being implemented in the United States of America today.]

Hello friends,
. . . last Tuesday night talking about State Terrorism under Mao’s regime at Everest College in Aurora, CO.  I enjoyed speaking with the college students.  It is so important for the young people to know what it means to live under Communism.  If you know any colleges that might be interested in having me as a speaker, please pass my story and contact info. to them.  I will connect with the youth from my unique cultural perspective on freedom.

. . .  recent post I made on my Facebook:

When I was growing up under Mao’s regime in China, the government used Household Registration and Personnel File system to keep track of its citizens from birth to death. Continue reading

0009_Interview Reporting about Union Mob in Hall at Bear Creek High School during May 1, 2014 Colorado Jeffco School Board Meeting_transcript and audio

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[Note: A report is pending on what happened in the auditorium during the Jeffco BOE meeting at Bear Creek High School on May 1, 2015.]

(Donna) = Donna Jack
(Dee) = Dee

This gives a report of the May 1, 2014 Jefferson County Colorado Public School district School Board meeting at Bear Creek High School. Dee explains how she was unable to get to the doors of the school auditorium because of the crowd in the hallway blocking the doorways. The crowd was made up of teachers and other union members, and it was also made up of others who came to create an intimidating, dangerous mob scene. People were questioned as they arrived outside, and if they had certain qualifications, they were directed to a pre-designated area inside the school, to rally and get revved up before the meeting. All these people wore “For the Kids” buttons.

Where was law enforcement before and during the meeting? Read Dee’s testimony to find out.

A transcript and audio of an interview Donna Jack did with Dee on May 16, 2014 follows:

(Donna) Today is May 16, 2014, and Dee  is going to call me back right now and give her report on one of the school meetings that she was not able to get in to because of the crowd outside because of all the teachers and what they were doing. So she will be calling in just a minute. Continue reading

0008_Video and Transcript for: 15-year-old Connects the Dots About the Dangers of Common Core

This Video and the transcript below are of the YouTube:  “15-year-old Connects the Dots About The Dangers of Common Core”

See another article about this YouTube – 15-year-old Connects the Dots About the Dangers of Common Core.

October 13, 2013

Program given by Patrick Richardson

(If you wish to read the transcript while listening to the YouTube, click on the title above that will will bring you to the entire post.)


The Copyright holders are the NGA and the CCSSO.  Nothing can be taken away from them and you can only add 15%.  There are all these stipulations outlined in a copyright notice attached with the standards.  And here are some portions of the copyright notice:

“Any person that exercises any rights to the Common Core Standards, agrees to the terms of this license.”

Which is about 3 pages long.

“The NGA and CCSSO shall be acknowledged as the sole owners and developers of the Common Core.  No claims to the contrary shall be made.”

My favorite part is this part:

“The Common Core Standards are presented as is, and with all faults, and the NGA Center and the CCSSO make no representations or warranties of any kind.” Continue reading

0007_Guilty Until Proven Innocent — WHAT!?! I Thought a Person is Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

by Donna Jack

This post deals with the dangerous growing tendency in this country to consider a person guilty until proven innocent.

I grew up in an America that was filled with freedom and liberty.  One of the main principles in this country had been:  “A man is innocent until proven guilty.”  Even when I was a child I saw this principle being eroded away.

A quotation from a legal dictionary says:  “The people of the United States have rejected the alternative to a presumption of innocence — a presumption of guilt — as being inquisitorial and contrary to the principles of a free society.”

If a false accusation is spread, the accusation has a negative effect on a person’s reputation and can alter life for them.  To maintain a free society, as opposed to a lawless mob society or a dictatorship, people must be considered innocent until they are proven guilty. Continue reading