0011_Should our Children be Standardized? – Peg Luksik – Trailer on YouTube and Transcript

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This trailer, Should our Children be Standardized?, was linked through Founded on Truth.

This is the full You Tube of the above Trailer.  It is excellent.

Below is a timetable of federal takeover of education seen in the linked YouTube video trailer.  Transcription of the trailer follows this timeline.

1989, then President George H.W. Bush, and the nation’s governors led by Bill Clinton, moved from local control of education, and set national education goals.

1994 (Goals 2000), under President Clinton, federally “mandated that states set achievement standards, measure student performance against them, and reform schools with students that didn’t make the grade.”

2001, No Child Left Behind (NCLB), under President George W. Bush, mandated states impose punishments and plans for schools that didn’t reach federally-set goals.  Punishments included the closure of schools.

[Editor’s note:  2009 President Obama gave “Stimulus Funds” to U.S. Sec. of the Department  of Education Arne Duncan .  Race to the Top (RTTT) competition used $4 Billion of these funds to bribe and threaten states into signing up for federal Common Core and federal assessments aligned with Common Core.   The bribe:  get federal funds.  The threat:  lose existing federal education funding.]

Below is a transcription of that trailer:

“In the debate about Common Core, no one has stepped back and challenged the underlying premise:  ‘What happens when the goal of our educational system moves from enlightening a child to teaching a government-mandated standard?’

“It’s not a new idea.  The Federal government has mandated it since the 1994 passage of Goals 2000.  And the 2001 ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ added real penalties for non-compliance.

“And now, after twenty years of this mandatory, standards-based approach, we are being told that American education is failing, and that Common Core is the answer.

“But Common Core doesn’t change this approach.  It just centralizes control of the mandatory standards.  That doesn’t sound like a solution at all.

“We can’t solve the problem of a failing educational system if we don’t look at why we have the problem in the first place.  And that process begins by asking if it is even possible for any government to mandate that every child learn to a preset level on a preset schedule.  And then, exploring what happens at the classroom level when schools attempt to meet that impossible mandate.

“And should our children be standardized?  Dr. Peg Luksik uses actual research [“Incentives and Test-based Accountability in Education – National Research Council of the National Academy”] to show us the tragic results of this flawed approach to education.

“If we truly want education in America to succeed once again, this is a presentation that we won’t want to miss.”


[Link to slides from the trailer: “Should our Children be Standardized?” – Dr. Peg Luksik, Ph.D.]

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