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Donna Jack
first published Aug. 9, 2015
Edited and added link to Peg Luksik’s video April 6, 2017

Years after my children had become adults, I decided once again to become involved in public education.

Around 2009, while sitting in a regular monthly school board meeting in Jefferson County (Colorado) Public School District, I was surprised that the subject being discussed was “outcomes.”  I wondered if the school board members realized the negative implications of focusing on “outcomes”  rather than teaching academics.  In the 1990s many across this country thought they had fought back “Outcome-Based Education.”

Peg Luksik, in her video her 59-minute video “Who Controls Our Children?” shared how those pushing for control of society through the schools — never stopped their efforts to push for outcomes.  They just pretended they had responded to the pressure from people.

Link to the video below:

Read below how Peg Luksik ends her video.

Peg Luksik’s ending of her video:

“One of the things that I keep hearing from the advocates of this is, ‘Well, we have to do this because all the families are doing a terrible job.’ And people said, “Well, how do you argue that?”

“There are two ways to argue it.  First of all, we’ve got lots of schools that are rotten. So let’s let them clean up their house before they move into my house.  And secondly, schools can’t become families. Schools have a very valid place in the life of a child, to teach basic academic skills. It’s something that children need. It is an important thing that schools have to do.

“When schools leave that base and try to become a family, for a child at risk, they (those children) lose twice, because they didn’t have a family. Now they don’t have a school either. My child loses once, because he has a family, but he didn’t get a school.

“One of the things they say to us, “We have kids who come to school without breakfast, and kids who come from disruptive families, and all this kind of stuff. And that’s true. But in the Depression we had kids that came to school without breakfast and without shoes, and were from disrupted families. And the children that grew up during World War II had all their daddies go to war, and lived in single parent houses where mommy was Rosie Riveter, and they were latch-key children, and they lived in disruptive families. But the schools said, “Our mission, our goal is to teach academics, so that these children, if they live in poverty, they have the tools they need to escape poverty – to get out – to learn other ways of life.  That’s our goal – to teach those academic skills.

“Our kids lose twice now, because they are not getting academics, and no school can be a family.

“The whole issue here is, ‘Who owns the children?’

“The more time you spend with the kids, the more control you have over the kids. It’s about control.   When you boil it down, that’s what we come down to. It’s ‘Who controls the children of the next generation?’ ”


You can watch “Who Controls Our Children?” at … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNFOGiHEw8Q


Back to Basics Reform (Outcome-Based Education – OBE)

Linked here is a book written in 1985 explaining Back to Basics Reform (Outcome-Based Education – OBE):  Back to Basics Reform or…OBE *Skinnerian Internatonal Curriculum? ‘Necessary for United States’ participation in a socialist one-world government scheduled for the early years of the twenty-first century

The cover of the 2004 edition of the book linked above says:  “2004 Note From Author:  Predictions made in this book, written in 1985, have come true.  The book — which spells out clearly how OBE, Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind and School-to-Work would be implemented — was boycotted by major conservative organizations.  Read it and ask yourself “Why?”  The book has, however, sold well (50,000 copies) to grassroots organizations.”

The linked book above and other resources can be downloaded from:  deliberatedumgingdown.com

Donna Jack


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