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0022_How Politics Has Corrupted Higher Education: College/University Humanities Programs (1990) Roger Kimball

This is a 55-minute video interview with Roger Kimball, an art critic and political commentator.  In the interview Kimball shares some of his background; talks about his book Tenured Radicals; speaks about the condition of our higher education which affects all of society; defines terms connected with “the academy” (higher education; and defines terms like: deconstruction, humanist and nihilism.

He says we should care about philosophies of Rome and Greece to understand where we come from.

He considers himself to be a neoconservative as defined by Irving Crystal as “a liberal who has been bugged by reality.”

An excerpt from the YouTube summary: 

“The book critiques the ways in which humanities are currently taught and studied in American universities. The book takes the stance that modern humanities have become politicized while seeking to subvert ‘the tradition of high culture embodied in the classics of Western art and thought’. Kimball claims that yesterday’s radical thinker has become today’s tenured professor carrying out ‘ideologically motivated assaults on the intellectual and moral substance of our culture.'”

February 22, 2014

Comments that appear on YouTube about this video: Continue reading

0021_The three-board majority members are respectful to people and follow the rules. That’s not true of the two minority board members.

Some are corrected below:

The three recall petitions for three Colorado Jefferson County (Jeffco)Board of Education (BOE) members, and wording on the mail-in ballot are false accusations (lies).  You can see their lies printed on the petition and sample ballot:

See link showing that the petition and ballot have exactly the same lies.

1.  One of the lies on the petition said
The board was trying to censor US History

The truth is that board member Julie Williams proposed a separate citizen curriculum review committee that would report to the board directly what they find when reviewing specific curriculum.

She had read the 2014 AP US Framework and was in contact with people around the country who were protesting the new leftist 2014 AP US History Framework.  She proposed this independent curriculum review committee because of the excessive censorship in the 2014 AP US History Framework.

The unions exploded at the proposal of this independent citizen review committee, and acted out their rehearsed false accusations at the October 2, 2014 school board meeting.  They screamed “censorship” and used it  to “justify” the recall they had been planning since the three board members had been elected in 2013. Continue reading

0020_Lily Tang Williams, former resident of China, tells of relatives and their hope for better education for their son in the USA

Below is part of an email Lily Tang Williams sent out September 24, 2015.  In it Lily, who escaped from Community China to come to the United States, talks about her relatives who recently came to America legally.

They came here to to escape the smothering dictatorship in China.

Lily has been very concerned about public education in the United States which is becoming very much like the education system she escaped.

In China, her nephew hated school for reasons she shares below.

Education in our country is going down this same sad pathway that caused him to hate school.  Citizens need to learn what is going on in the schools, and join with others working to change it.

See Type #1 and Type #2 Education on the Home Page to get a picture of part of the direction that education has taken in our country.

Part of Lily’s message is below:

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0018_Sample of Petition to recall Jeffco BOE member_lies_dig for truth

First written Sept. 9, 2015
Expanded, updated and published February 23, 2016
Updated May 20, 2016 to link identical language on dishonest petition and on the ballot.  (see Blog 0080)
by Donna Jack

Below is a link to the sample petition for Julie Williams, one of the three reform members that was the Colorado Jefferson County School Board.  All three that were recalled were republicans, and all three were not supported by the unions.  Since they were not the pick by the unions, the unions decided, as soon as they were elected, to get rid of them.


After the recall election that replaced the three “reform” board members, it was later admitted that the recall signature petitions and the recall ballots (which had identical wording), did not tell the truth about the board members being recalled.

Before the election, I shared with one person that all the accusations on the ballot were lies.  She was shocked and said, “That can’t be true.  How could the ballot have lies on?”  Answer:  they did, and so do far too many ballots.

After going through the dishonest recall, many people than wanted a “government” solution to the problem.  They wanted to make sure that only the truth goes on ballots.

We really should stop when we are tempted to call for the government to fix our problems.  That’s how we have gotten into this mess of government that intrudes into about every aspect of our lives.

Better for people to have the responsibility to find out what is true…not some government-chosen person or group.  It takes work to “keep the republic.”  People have to work to discover how to find truth.  That is far better than shirking the responsibility and having  “someone” decide for them what should be on the ballot.

That kind of lazy thinking, the kind of “thinking” we have been taught in school and in society in recent decades, has gotten us to the brink of having no personal freedom.

Even if the person or group deciding what is truth were to be an honest person (or group), they certainly would be mistaken to assume they could judge with accuracy – people just don’t know everything!

Unfortunately too many dishonest people are around, and too many would most likely become the officials deciding what qualifies as truth to be placed on the ballot, or the government would put standards on truth!

Best to be a responsible citizen, and dig for the truth.



0017_How Zinn Gets In: Road to a National Curriculum – by Stanley Kurtz – 2015-08-17

By Stanley Kurtz
August 17, 2015

The Corner – The one and only.

Politics is downstream of culture. We hear that often, yet pay scant attention as the culture slips into partisan hands. I mean partisan not merely with respect to party, but in respect to a leftist ideology that seeks exclusive cultural as well as political control. Our federalist system has long served as the great bulwark against domination of the country by a single ideological faction. Yet in higher education, the game has largely been lost. Now high school is slipping away.

Slowly but surely, the College Board, sponsor of the controversial 2014 and 2015 AP U.S. history (APUSH) frameworks, is becoming an unelected national school board, setting curricula—and just as important—largely replacing states and localities as the shaper of both textbooks and teacher training at the high school level. As a de facto federally-supported monopoly riding a huge wave of government subsidies, the College Board has grown rich by expanding the reach of its Advanced Placement courses.

We are swiftly headed for a situation in which a quarter, a third, very possibly well over 50 percent of high school students, will be taking so-called advanced placement courses whose guidelines, reading material, and teacher training seminars are all controlled by the College Board, a private company with no responsibility to the voters. The superficial U.S. history changes of this summer notwithstanding, the College Board continues to be a plaything of the left-leaning and highly politicized faculty already in control of the nation’s colleges and universities. Continue reading

0016_Terrible News About 2015 SAT Results – By Donna Garner _ 2015-09-07

From: Donna Garner <>
Sent: Monday, September 7, 2015 2:06 PM
To: Donna Garner

“Terrible News About 2015 SAT Results”
By Donna Garner

The newly released 2015 SAT scores are the lowest they have been in 40 years, and the Writing section has the lowest scores out of all three sections.

On the present version of the SAT implemented in 2005, there is a Writing section that has two sub-scores, one of which tests students’ English grammar and usage knowledge.

In fact, that sub-score (49 multiple-choice grammar and usage questions) is worth 70% of the Writing score; the essay only counts 30%.

The College Board took a very ambitious step when it conducted and then published its research report on June 17, 2008:

This report proves that the best predictor of college success for freshmen is how well students did on the SAT Writing section. Continue reading

0015_2015-08-27_“Sorry, College Board’s AP U. S. History Still Leftist” By Donna Garner

Donna Garner <>
To:Donna Garner <>;
Thu 8/27/2015 12:55 PM
Subj: “Sorry, College Board’s AP U. S. History Still Leftist” By Donna Garner

I wish the “feel good” statements made by Daniel Henninger in today’s Wall Street Journal article were true; but unfortunately, they are not totally accurate. I wish the College Board had really changed its leftist content in the AP U. S. History Framework (APUSH), but it has not. The College Board is trying to “pull the wool over the eyes” of the American public.
Fortunately for us, Stanley Kurtz, Emmett McGroarty, and Jane Robbins have tracked carefully the “supposed” changes made by the College Board.

Here is what has really happened. David Coleman is the architect of the Common Core Standards. When he finished doing his damage there, he became the president of the College Board. Upon taking on that position, he announced publicly that all College Board products (e.g., all AP tests, SAT, Pre-SAT) would be aligned to the Common Core Standards. True to his word, the College Board came out with its leftist version of AP U. S. History (APUSH) in the summer of 2014. Continue reading

0014_Making Americans Illiterate: A Key Factor in the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America – YouTube with Samuel Blumenfeld_Frederick Douglass: Was American Slave, and one of the best orators of the 1800s

September 6, 2015 update with new links.- added to title 2017-01-19

In 2012 Samuel Blumenfeld spoke at the first “Exposing the The Global Road to Ruin Through Education” conference.

At that conference, Blumenfeld’s presentation was  “Making Americans Illiterate. . .”   He tells some of the history of public education in our country.  He reads quotations from some of the people originally involved in designing public education, revealing that their purpose was to make sure that students would not learn to read.  Blumenfeld tells of events, shares names, dates, quotations, titles of books, and gives other information and resources.


In his autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass:  An American Slave,  Frederick says that he was able to escape slavery because he learned how to read.  When he was a young slave in Baltimore, the wife of his new slave master started to teach him to read.  When her husband discovered she was teaching Frederick to read, he told her to stop.  That day Frederick learned a life-changing lesson from his “master” as he listened to him scold his wife for beginning to teach Frederick to read.  From what his “master” said that day, Frederick realized that learning to read (becoming literate) would be his ticket to freedom.

Frederick Douglass not only freed himself but freed others as well, and became one of the best orators in the 1800s.

Today students and adults need to be freed from the darkness and slavery resulting from their inability to read.  That inability was caused by the wrong teaching of reading in the public schools.  Continue reading