0020_Lily Tang Williams, former resident of China, tells of relatives and their hope for better education for their son in the USA

Below is part of an email Lily Tang Williams sent out September 24, 2015.  In it Lily, who escaped from Community China to come to the United States, talks about her relatives who recently came to America legally.

They came here to to escape the smothering dictatorship in China.

Lily has been very concerned about public education in the United States which is becoming very much like the education system she escaped.

In China, her nephew hated school for reasons she shares below.

Education in our country is going down this same sad pathway that caused him to hate school.  Citizens need to learn what is going on in the schools, and join with others working to change it.

See Type #1 and Type #2 Education on the Home Page to get a picture of part of the direction that education has taken in our country.

Part of Lily’s message is below:

“Some of you have not met Ming and Hong yet.

“They [my brother and his wife and son] waited patiently for 13 years to immigrant to this country legally and lost quite many productive years during the process. My brother was a technician with a college degree working for a government power plant in China for 27 years. He and his wife wanted to come to America for their son to have a better education here. My 13 years old nephew hates Chinese education system which enslaves students to be test takers with long school hours, unbearable amount of homework and tests.

They came here to achieve American dreams like many other immigrants. With their hard work ethics and positive attitude, I believe they will someday. I wish we could fix the current broken legal immigration system, so people do not have to wait for over a decade to come here to be united with families and work. Every time there is amnesty granted, it is a slap in the face to those people who are waiting in line legally. What a wrong message to send out to people who follow the law. . .”

Lily Tang Williams


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