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In 2012 Samuel Blumenfeld spoke at the first “Exposing the The Global Road to Ruin Through Education” conference.

At that conference, Blumenfeld’s presentation was  “Making Americans Illiterate. . .”   He tells some of the history of public education in our country.  He reads quotations from some of the people originally involved in designing public education, revealing that their purpose was to make sure that students would not learn to read.  Blumenfeld tells of events, shares names, dates, quotations, titles of books, and gives other information and resources.


In his autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass:  An American Slave,  Frederick says that he was able to escape slavery because he learned how to read.  When he was a young slave in Baltimore, the wife of his new slave master started to teach him to read.  When her husband discovered she was teaching Frederick to read, he told her to stop.  That day Frederick learned a life-changing lesson from his “master” as he listened to him scold his wife for beginning to teach Frederick to read.  From what his “master” said that day, Frederick realized that learning to read (becoming literate) would be his ticket to freedom.

Frederick Douglass not only freed himself but freed others as well, and became one of the best orators in the 1800s.

Today students and adults need to be freed from the darkness and slavery resulting from their inability to read.  That inability was caused by the wrong teaching of reading in the public schools.  They need to learn to read exclusively with phonics.  Once they learn to read, they will be capable of teaching themselves just about anything.  If they are then encouraged to read on their own; and if their reading content in school is not restricted, controlled and censored by progressives; they will become equipped to decide for themselves how they want to spend their lives.  Then schools and the government won’t be making their decisions for them.  They will be free to make their own decisions.

Mr. Blumenfeld’s book Alpha Phonics teaches not only young children to read, but also teaches reading-disabled adolescents, and functionally illiterate adults to read.  The book is inexpensive (about $25 or less), it is simple to read and understand, it requires no special training to teach it, and it works.  Why not use this method in the public schools and teach all children to read?


In the YouTube below, Blumenfeld reveals that the “look/say” method of teaching was originally designed in the 1820s to teach the deaf to read.  In 1827 it was then tried in the Boston Primary Schools with children who were not deaf.  Very soon it was dumped because it was a literacy disaster, and the schools went back to teaching with phonics.  John Dewey later resurrected that same “look/say” method which is now called “whole language.”

Using phonics in homes, religious schools, and private schools to learn to read, made our country almost entirely literate. About 1990 John Dewey and others decided to replace phonics with the “look/say method,” because they wanted to get rid of literacy.  “Whole language,” its successor,  is prevalent in schools today, and literacy is plummeting in our country.

Barry Simpson wrote in 2004 the article “‘Free’ Education and Literacy,”  which documents the high literacy rate that existed in England and the United States before free public education.  He has an extensive reference list at the end of his article.

Blumenfeld shares in the video below that “whole language” alone or in combination with phonics, causes dyslexia in students to differing degrees.  Dyslexia makes people hate to read because it makes reading a struggle or an  impossibility for them.

John Rockefeller Jr.’s four sons (Nelson, David, Lawrence and Winthrop) are four  “whole language” victims. Blumenfeld speaks of their reading problems in the video below, and reports that because Nelson Rockefeller could not read, he hired Henry Kissinger to read to him when he was governor of New York.  Nelson became the 41st Vice President of the United States, and he was functionally illiterate (he could not read).

In contrast, phonics, when taught exclusively, results in literacy for children and adults.

Above:  YouTube Published Mar 10, 2014 – Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt/3D Research Co.
Available at Amazon.com by 3D Research Co. http://www.deliberatedumbingdown.com/


The Blumenfeld Education Letter, is a valuable resource that documents the development of public education from 1986-1996.  It’s index of 10 years of monthly letters links each letter title to the actual newsletter.  The document is set up so you can “word search” the index to find a word or topic.  There are 900 pages of information in this record.


If public schools start teaching reading exclusively with phonics, and stop censoring the content given to students, students will learn to read, love to read, and will be able to decide for themselves the course for their lives.  So many problems in the schools will disappear.

Imagine the benefits for us all.

Donna Jack – September 6, 2015



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