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First written Sept. 9, 2015
Expanded, updated and published February 23, 2016
Updated May 20, 2016 to link identical language on dishonest petition and on the ballot.  (see Blog 0080)
by Donna Jack

Below is a link to the sample petition for Julie Williams, one of the three reform members that was the Colorado Jefferson County School Board.  All three that were recalled were republicans, and all three were not supported by the unions.  Since they were not the pick by the unions, the unions decided, as soon as they were elected, to get rid of them.


After the recall election that replaced the three “reform” board members, it was later admitted that the recall signature petitions and the recall ballots (which had identical wording), did not tell the truth about the board members being recalled.

Before the election, I shared with one person that all the accusations on the ballot were lies.  She was shocked and said, “That can’t be true.  How could the ballot have lies on?”  Answer:  they did, and so do far too many ballots.

After going through the dishonest recall, many people than wanted a “government” solution to the problem.  They wanted to make sure that only the truth goes on ballots.

We really should stop when we are tempted to call for the government to fix our problems.  That’s how we have gotten into this mess of government that intrudes into about every aspect of our lives.

Better for people to have the responsibility to find out what is true…not some government-chosen person or group.  It takes work to “keep the republic.”  People have to work to discover how to find truth.  That is far better than shirking the responsibility and having  “someone” decide for them what should be on the ballot.

That kind of lazy thinking, the kind of “thinking” we have been taught in school and in society in recent decades, has gotten us to the brink of having no personal freedom.

Even if the person or group deciding what is truth were to be an honest person (or group), they certainly would be mistaken to assume they could judge with accuracy – people just don’t know everything!

Unfortunately too many dishonest people are around, and too many would most likely become the officials deciding what qualifies as truth to be placed on the ballot, or the government would put standards on truth!

Best to be a responsible citizen, and dig for the truth.



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