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0039_Jeffco School Board Pres. Ken Witt_teacher sick-outs & student protests against the district’s new pay for performance & proposed curriculum review committee. Oct. 6, 2014


Published on Oct 6, 2014

Jefferson County school board president Ken Witt joins host Jon Caldara to discuss the recent teacher sick-outs and student protests. Ken responds to the demonstrations against the district’s new pay for performance system and a proposed curriculum review committee.

0038_JeffCo, Reject Recall – YouTube – Denver Post says this recall is way out of line – Vote No


Published on Oct 26, 2015
Vote No on Jeffco Recall

*0035_A June 2013 Conversation with U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan_He wants dramatic expansion of high-quality preschool

[Notes from from Donna Jack
This video is one hour and three minutes long.
It lets you watch and listen to President Obama’s Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan.  He speaks about the role of the federal government in education – to begin before a child is in kindergarten.]

“A Conversation with U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan-PPICvideosPPICvideos

“Published on Jun 24, 2013

Secretary Duncan says his biggest challenge is a sense of complacency about education. He also says a dramatic expansion of high-quality preschool is among his top priorities. In a wide-ranging conversation, the U.S. education secretary speaks with Mark Baldassare, president and CEO of the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC).”

More notes by Donna Jack:

Arne Duncan’s says the highest priority is access to high quality pre-k (preschool).

In reference to public schools in general, he says we should be tight on goals, loose on how to get to those goals (not prescriptive).  But that is not what we have seen come down to the schools through his Department of Education.

Schools are told to use Common-Core-approved curriculum, or AP (Advanced Placement) curriculum, in order to get high scores. All schools are required to score high on nationally designed PARCC and Smarter Balance assessments, or else lose funding, jobs, etc.  This is not “loose on how to get to those goals.” He says one thing and supports another.

At 29 minutes on this video he says it is probably the first time in our nation’s history that students across the country are “being measured by a common yardstick.”  That is federal control of education!  That is not loose in any kind of way.

He considers it a very high priority to have all preschool children in public schools.  He says there needs to be access to high quality pre-k (preschool).

Arne Duncan supports taking little children away from their parents, even when they are three years old or younger.  And very good people all across our country, in both main political parties, independents and others, are falling for the “conventional wisdom” that it is important and beneficial to the scholastic development of their little children, to give them up to federal schooling, even when they are 3 years old or younger.

Little children need to be home, and be able to explore, rest, play — free from peer pressures and free from stress; free from being pitted against other children; free from being evaluated, judged, cataloged, spied on; free from being taught to “tell on” (inform on) their parents, their teachers, and other children; freed from being expected to comprehend curriculum that is not designed for their age — and freed from being subjected to threats and inappropriate behavior. They need to be free to explore, play, nap, and do nothing.

How many parents really know what is going on with their little children in those classrooms?

Government schooling is not the best option for little children.  Let them just be kids.

0034_The Real Bullies (Freedom Minute) – Julie Williams, Jefferson County Colorado Public School Board member tells how the unions hurt her son_YouTube

This Video speaks for itself of the inhuman behavior of the unions and some of their supporters.

Freedom Minute | The Real Bullies    IITV   IITV

Published on Oct 20, 2015

JeffCo school board member Julie Williams’ special needs son, Randy, became an unwitting pawn as pro-recall supporters had him march with a protest sign against his own mother.

0033_Jeffco Board of Education majority member John Newkirk’s new website – impressive accomplishments

[Vote against the recall and keep Jeffco Board of Education members:  John Newkirk, Ken Witt and Julie Williams.]

Colorado Jefferson County Board of Education (Jeffco BOE) member John Newkirk has launched his new website

On John’s List of Accomplishments page he begins by saying:

“Ms. Williams, Mr. Witt, and I were elected with promises of Accountability, Choice, Transparency, and Security.  In the past two years: . . .”

John presents an impressive list of accomplishments for this school board, and links to detailed information.  You can see that the board majority put action behind their promises. Continue reading

0032_Two Jeffco School District moms tell why they support the new reform majority school board members. — YouTubes

[first published Sep. 24, 2015 – published again Oct 18, 2015]

A video of Linda Pelon, a graduate of a Jeffco school, and mother thanking the new Jefferson County Colorado school board that was elected in November 2013.

She says that “Jeffco public schools may have failed me, but they’re not going to fail my kids.”  One size fits all didn’t serve me, and it wasn’t serving my kids.

She appreciates the options the new board members are giving her family – and that they listen and make good changes.

She didn’t tolerate temper tantrums with her children, and sure doesn’t like the disrespect and bullying that she has observed from people who oppose the board majority members.

Linda said we voted for the new board members because of the decline in education in the school district. Continue reading

0031_Bullying 101 YouTube of PTA president_audio and transcript of union supporters’ lack of respect at a Jeffco BOE meeting_One interview about union bullying in hallway outside the same meeting

[published Oct. 16, 2015 – updated Oct. 18, 2015/April 28, 2017, added links to 14 more videos about corruption in Jefferson County School District – Colorado]

This is the first of at least two posts about the May 1, 2014 Jefferson County Colorado General Board of Education meeting at Bear Creek High School.  It shows the lack of respect on the side of the unions.  The two democrats on the school board never once tried to get the crowd to calm down and be considerate.

See at the end of the blog links to other informative YouTube videos.

Below is a video titled “Bullying 101 – A Lesson in Civics” by Pundit Pete.

Continue reading

0030_It’s About The Child Conference – join online January 29-31_livestream_Houston, Texas

What are they doing to our children?

A conference is coming up the end of January 2016.  It will be held in Houston, Texas.  We can see it livestreamed.

This video clip invites you to join  “It’s About the Child Conference.”

More information about the conference on the internet at:

Or on Facebook at:

From their Facebook page:

“Join us for the first ever It’s About The Child Conference at the Jan 29-31 Crowne Plaza in Houston, TX which happens January 29-31 2016. The conference will feature panels on opting out of Common Core and other issues affecting kids, Lego robotics demos, a town hall featuring the presidential candidates, a kids fashion show, auditions for children to host and produce their own TV shows on the new Breaking News Journal TV channel and other things for both kids and their parents to participate in.

“Guest speakers already booked for the conference include Joan Landes, Dr. Karen Effrem, and Peg Luksik. There will be more speakers added to the conference soon. It’s all about the kids at this conference as we stand in the gap for the nation’s youth. More information can be found on the It’s About The Child conference web site.

Information on issues affecting children and education