0024_A Better Way to Look at the Political Spectrum – commentary and YouTube

[Notes by Donna Jack]

The Conventional Wisdom in academia and in the public square is that Communism and Fascism are excessive “left”/radical liberal – and excessive “right”/radical conservative. People believe they are extremes of to much liberal and too much conservative – and that both end up in the same bad place. They are right about the results of both forms of government ending up the same for its citizens.

But these extremes can better be explained by asking the question, “How much control does government have?” The thing that unites communism and fascism is not their classification of being extreme right or left, but rather how much control government has over its citizens under fascism and communism. To what degree does government rule? How much liberty does an individual have?

This YouTube video clip explains that when all is said and done, there are really only three basic types of rule: total rule by a few people in control;  balanced rule where law protects citizens and where people have a voice in their government; and the absence of any government at all.  The third category is very temporary, and having no government quickly moves into total rule by a few.

Below is a 10 minutes and 57 seconds long YouTube of a portion of “Overview of America.”

“Republic vs Democracy – What is the Real form of the U.S. Government?”


A CYCLE OF THREE TYPES OF GOVERNMENT – summary of YouTube by Donna Jack

X) – Total Government — Monarchy Dictatorship by one person – never really exists.  There is always at least one group that controls the figure head.  That is called an Oligarchy.

1) Oligarchy (a few people rule) – The group controls one person who is up front and visible.  Examples:  Cmmunism, Socialism, Nazism, Fascism, etc.

2) Republic – Rule by law – a balance of power that protects the rights of individuals and groups that are different from the majority.  Example:  A Constitutional Republic:  rule under the US Constitution.

X) Democracy – rule by a majority is unstable and can’t last.  It has no rule of law.  Without standards, there is no restraint on the people, and the group becomes an unruly mob.

3) Anarchy – is absence of any government.  Such a condition is used for revolutionary change by those who want power.  When all collapses, they take control (Oligarchy comes into existence – rule by a few).

The Romans originally said, “Without law, there can be no freedom.”     Rome started as a Republic (ruled by law, protecting citizens), became a Democracy (less voice for the individuals and minorities), then Anarchy took over (no law – no voice), and then “tyranny of the elite” was the natural outcome – the Caesars ruled (Oligarchy).

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