0033_Jeffco Board of Education majority member John Newkirk’s new website – impressive accomplishments

[Vote against the recall and keep Jeffco Board of Education members:  John Newkirk, Ken Witt and Julie Williams.]

Colorado Jefferson County Board of Education (Jeffco BOE) member John Newkirk has launched his new website

On John’s List of Accomplishments page he begins by saying:

“Ms. Williams, Mr. Witt, and I were elected with promises of Accountability, Choice, Transparency, and Security.  In the past two years: . . .”

John presents an impressive list of accomplishments for this school board, and links to detailed information.  You can see that the board majority put action behind their promises.

The Jeffco BOE majority has made astounding strides with accountability, choice, transparency and security.  All this has been done while under a constant barrage of harassment, lies, intimidation and other attacks from the unions and their supporters.

The Unions are determined to get back total control of Jefferson County.

From the beginning of this board majority’s term, the unions and their supporters have been pushing for this recall.  The entire attack is based on fabricated lies.  Attacks and lies are all weapons they have been using against the majority, with the intent to dishonestly steal back total control in the school district.



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