0027_The Denver Post Editorial Board: Jeffco schools recall effort should be rejected_ October 13, 2015

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Jeffco schools recall effort should be rejected

By The Denver Post Editorial Board

Posted:   10/13/2015 05:00:00 PM MDT
[Notes below are by Donna Jack:
The Denver Post Editorial Board said the recall effort should be rejected because of all the false statements in the ballot language for the recall of the Jefferson County (Jeffco) School Board Majority candidates.  The only thing that the Post Editorial Board said was true on the ballot, was the accusation of attempted US History censorship.  But they were mistaken.
They got it almost right.  Actually every claim on the recall ballot about censorship was false.
Jeffco School Board member Julie Williams had simply recommended an independent citizen curriculum review committee should look at curriculum and report directly to the school board their findings.
She was not alone in her concerns about the leftist 2014 AP US History Framework that painted the United States in a horrible light.  People across the country, including Historians, opposed the 2014 AP US History Framework.
The College Board finally admitted their gross left bias and censorship.  They published a new 2015 AP US History Framework and claimed that they had corrected their interpretation of our history.  The truth is, they didn’t.
Julie Williams was right.  The Denver Post Editorial Board just is unaware of these facts.]

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