0032_Two Jeffco School District moms tell why they support the new reform majority school board members. — YouTubes

[first published Sep. 24, 2015 – published again Oct 18, 2015]

A video of Linda Pelon, a graduate of a Jeffco school, and mother thanking the new Jefferson County Colorado school board that was elected in November 2013.

She says that “Jeffco public schools may have failed me, but they’re not going to fail my kids.”  One size fits all didn’t serve me, and it wasn’t serving my kids.

She appreciates the options the new board members are giving her family – and that they listen and make good changes.

She didn’t tolerate temper tantrums with her children, and sure doesn’t like the disrespect and bullying that she has observed from people who oppose the board majority members.

Linda said we voted for the new board members because of the decline in education in the school district.

She appreciates the bravery of the new school board members – they are examples for her three sons.

Watch her video here:




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