0029_Would voting for the Democrat/union-supported school board slate bring back Inbloom?_YouTube

A Vote for the Recall is a Vote for inBloom


Note by Donna Jack:

One of the democrat candidates for the Jefferson County school board rightly explained in the video above that InBloom is data gathering for corporations.

Susan Harmon, one of the 5 people on the democrat/union-supported slate for the Jeffco School board, demonstrated her disconnect with parental concern about this excessive data gathering.  She also wrongly thought InBloom was stopped in the school district by the present school board.  It was done by the previous board.

Is she representative of a desire by the entire democrat/union-supported slate to bring InBloom back into our school district?  The five seem to be pretty much aligned across the board to overturn what this board majority has accomplished.   I would not trust them to protect our students and families from extensive data-gathering.

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