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0042_November 25, 2015 letter to new Jeffco 5-Democrat BOE: Are transparency and accountability beginning to vanish?

[pdf of this letter]   

This letter online through school district website:$file/c151021O.pdf


TO Jeffco BOE Members:

Ron Mitchell,
Ali Lassel,
Susan Harmon,
Amanda Stevens,
Brad Rupert,

Copies: The Jeffco BOE as a whole:;Superintendent, Dan McMinimee,; the public.

Dear Jefferson County Board of Education members Ron, Ali, Susan, Amanda and Brad,

Please continue the accountability and transparency demonstrated by the previous Jeffco BOE majority.

Some people that witnessed the great accountability, transparency, and respect demonstrated by the previous Jeffco BOE republican majority, now have some legitimate concerns.

You were elected for several reasons, and two of the reasons you were elected were: 1) the blatant lies printed on the petitions, and 2) the identical dishonest wording on the ballots for the recall.

You can compare and see the exact same false claims on both the recall petition and the ballot for recall.

See a video about The Denver Post recommendation to vote no on the recall.

And read The Denver Post Editorial Board, recommendation for a no-vote on the recall, dated October 13, 2015.  They said their recommendation not to recall, was based on the false statements on the ballot.

Then on November 19, 2015, even before you were sworn in, you had  eliminated all (1 hour) of the public testimony to speak about the agenda for the meeting, which under the previous board majority, had been given before the agenda was talked about.  Continue reading

0040_5th grader: Congress Stop Spending Our Money – Supreme Court study the Constitution (YouTube)

The public schools today do not teach students to be responsible with their resources (things like money and time and loyalty). They don’t teach them the Declaration of Independence,  U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The public schools teach them that the government owes them housing, food and spending money.

But this 5th grade boy is being taught right by his parents.

He basically says: Government, you have no money. You either have to take if from the hard-earned money of families, or borrow it from China.

Supreme Court – a few of you need to go into “Time out” and study the U.S. Constitution.

Published on Jul 9, 2015

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