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First published December 19, 2015 – by Donna Jack – update March 17, 2016 & June 6,2016

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To be a place to learn about Compulsory Public Schooling

The current 100% unified and agreeable school board

The Jeffco New BOE’s first official meeting at noon, the Monday after Thanksgiving

After the Christmas holiday season, this website will shift gears.

What we can do:

The people who can shed light are:

To be a place to learn about Compulsory Public Schooling

The previous school board majority (recalled in 2015 after 2 years on the board) — were beginning to make some good changes in the Colorado Jefferson County school district.  They had begun to address the reckless spending, and made school board meetings and their own actions open to the public.

But the current school board is returning to the same old practices that had existed for decades in this school district, under democrat majorities.  The current democrat school board  is taking away the money that the previous republican majority had put aside to pay cash for a school — and instead they are borrowing money for the school, doubling its cost, and using the cash for other things.  And once-again they are returning to minimal public comment and minimal-if-any open discussion – decisions are being made without public discussion, and even without board discussion.

Future blogs on this site

This site will begin to focus more on giving the history of public compulsory schooling, and the stated goals of its founders and supporters since its inception and up until the present.  This will better equip you to understand what kind of decisions are being made outside the view of the public, and to help you better interpret public schooling laws, regulations and practices that exist — like the recent re-authorization of No Child Left Behind that was passed with strong “bi-partisan” votes before Christmas.  It does not do what people were told it would do.  It continues the Type #2 schooling.

Compulsory Schooling claims it is the means to making good people, good citizens, and making each person his or her personal best.  [From John Taylor Gatto’s book Weapons of Mass Instruction:  A Schoolteacher’s Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling.p. xvi – published 2009]

Here is an article that includes some of the points Mr. Gatto makes in the books that he has written.  The article was written June 2015, and is a good place to begin learning about compulsory public schooling.

Mr. Gatto’s book mentioned above is a book well-worth acquiring.  On pages xviii through xix, he gives the REAL list of the “six basic functions” of “modern schooling.”  If you read it very carefully, you will get a shocking glimpse into the subversive world of compulsory schooling.

More articles are planned in the future about Mr. Gatto, who was “Teacher of the Year” in New York state in 1961.  That very year he chose to resign from teaching, even though he had no savings and no prospect of a future job.  He just couldn’t take it any longer being part of the blatant plan to bore students to death, making them hate learning, and stealing from them the ability  to become self-learners.

The current 100% unified and agreeable school board

The current new unified and agreeable 100% Democrat school board in Jefferson County Colorado wasted not a moment before starting to reverse things that the previous republican majority on the school board had set in place.  Note:  This board’s election was supported and financed by education unions, Planned Parenthood, teachers’ dues, paid agitators (I met some at board meetings), people who were paid to walk neighborhoods for the past two years, free use of the communication systems of the public schools and the PTA, help from organizations with unlimited funding ability, etc.

The New Jeffco BOE’s first official meeting at noon, the Monday after Thanksgiving

The very first meeting after they were sworn in (it was the Monday after Thanksgiving, at noon), they had a meeting to get a jump-start. They allowed no public comment, blaming the previous board president for making a rule allowing no public comment at study sessions, if they planned not to vote on anything.  At that hour-and-a-half lunch-time meeting, the new school board discussed very serious changes that ended up on the Consent Agenda at the Regular monthly meeting.

Just for information:  the Consent Agenda is a section of each monthly General Board Meeting that is made up of things that are automatically passed by the school board, with no discussion by the board.   Nothing on that Consent Agenda is ever even mentioned during meetings (unless someone from the public mentions something on the Consent Agenda public during testimony).  Things on the Consent Agenda just pass unnoticed.

The policy should be changed so that the board can get public comment at study sessions, especially when they are planning to put things on the consent agenda that have huge impacts.  They should get more information from outside sources, and consider having some issues be up for public discussion at the monthly meeting — rather than passed without a word.  That way they could make better decisions.

It is my understand that the newly elected board has decided to take away the $15 million that the previous board found in the budget, to pay cash for a new school; and it appears the new board will give $10 million of that money to education administrators and $5 million to the school budget to be used as they choose.

Instead of paying cash for the school the previous board majority provided cash for, they plan to take out a COP (Certificate of Participation) to pay for the new school.  A COP is a loan taken out without getting public approval (bypassing Tabor).  Not only that, the school they plan to build will cost twice the amount as the one the previous majority set aside cash to pay for.  The interest for the loan(s) is paid for by the pubic, through the school district budget.

If I find out any of the information above is incorrect, I will make corrections to errors, and if necessary, add clarification or information.

After the Christmas holiday season, this website will shift gears.

The plan is to have blogs categorized “Believe it or Not” — where you can find information about:

1)  the original goals of compulsory schooling, which have been followed in the United States of America, and how these goals have been reached.

2)  how these goals have been “progressively” implemented since the beginning of compulsory schooling, up until today, using a lot of innocent people with good intentions,  who have been conditioned to carry out the goals.


3) how important it is for people to shed light and try to change the subversive compulsory public schooling system.

What we can do:

Shed light.

Generally, people within the compulsory schooling system choose not to shed light, for fear of reprisals like:  loss of jobs (income and retirement), loss of good positions, isolation, ridicule, cut in pay, etc.

The people who can shed light are:

the parents of children in the public schools, though speaking up risks abuse against their children,

teachers willing to pay the price,

teachers who were fired or quit because of conscience,

people who themselves suffered or lost their own children because of compulsory schooling,

those who pulled their children out of the schools to home school them or get them into private schools,

and the people who simply care about the future of our county and want to try to head off troubles.

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