0051_Why Would You Put People in Charge who Don’t Know the Difference Between Freedom and the Alternatives (Slavery)?

[A Must Read:  “Global Schooling: The Hijacking of American Education”,  a 15-page article written by Patrick Wood, August 17, 2005.  It gives a historical run-down of those individuals, corporations, foundations, unions, charities and non-profits that have been in the past and are financing and supporting the take-over of education in the United States and throughout the entire world.]


Why Would You Put People in Charge who Don’t Know the Difference Between Freedom and the Alternatives (Slavery)?

January 30, 2016 – by Donna Jack

Students across the United States have not been exposed to the history, principles and documents that made the United States great.  Our history had begun to be pulled from schools even around 1890, but one generation has been almost totally deprived of our history, and the censorship increases.

Until not too long ago the United States led the world in literacy, production, opportunity, excellence, freedom . . .   But we have been falling behind at an increasing rate.  This can be partly attributed to the absence of curriculum that teaches students why this country was founded.  The reason for our founding is clearly explained in the Declaration of Independence and other writings, which are not found in National curriculum today.  National curriculum also omits the background and content of our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights; and only mentions in derision our history, and a few of the people who founded our country or who flourished and contributed under the provisions of the original foundation.

Without this understanding and appreciation for our country, citizens are deprived of the knowledge necessary to make decisions that can reverse the ongoing collapse of our educational and economic system.

In all nationally-approved (mandated) school textbooks, lectures, and computer education, students are consistently taught that Socialism and Communism are superior to “Capitalism.”

Students are schooled not to think of the United States as a sovereign nation.  One-world government is heavily promoted [especially through the IB (International Baccalaureate) and AP (Advanced Placement) programs]; but also throughout all subjects.  Students are trained to believe our government is not just on equal footing with all governments of the world, but is actually inferior.  They are taught that one over-riding government is what we all need to fix the world’s problems.

Unfortunately this distorted censored mindset spreads into private schools, where licensed teachers, public schooling textbooks,  and mandated local and federal assessments and tests, are all increasingly dictating what is taught.  This affects home school graduates as well, because they will have to pass assessments to qualify to get into colleges and universities.  These assessments are based on this “new” world view, which includes “the right” attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

Constitutional Republic and American Exceptionalism

Our country was founded as a constitutional republic.  This is unique in the world today.  This form of government is exceptional, excellent, superior to any other form of government.

American exceptionalism actually refers to the fact that the United States is a uniquely free nation based on the ideals set forth in our US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  These documents laid out personal liberty for individuals, with protection under the law for those who are in the minority.

Our constitutional republic in the United States has led to the great expansion of education, literacy, invention, increased wealth for each person, freedom, and the successes that we have enjoyed for a long time.  Our country has measurably improved the lives of people here and around the world.  Yet, with rare exception, the actual founding principles of our country, and the positive influence our country has had in the world, are not only censored out, but the founding principles and documents are made out to be evil, antiquated and harmful.  Anything good about America is erased.

During the time when the Colorado Jefferson County School Board was comprised of people not controlled by the unions (Nov. 2013 – Nov 2015), I heard one student testify saying, “If everything bad were taken out of AP US History, there would be nothing left to talk about.”  That young man was a living example of a student who studied only what remained after censoring AP US History (and censoring other classes) — he had an ignorant hatred for America.

Even a hint or mention of American “exceptionalism” is ridiculed in schools.  This was seen at school board meetings during the two years that the three people who were not supported by the unions, were on the school board.  Teachers and students and other union members and hired agitators, ridiculed and yelled at anyone who dared to say that America is an exceptional nation.

With the best of intentions, many elected and appointed officials (and people in the general public) are unable to free themselves from their public school conditioning, which taught them we are not a Constitutional Republic, but that we are a democracy.  Even if elected and appointed officials have true allegiance to the United States, many of them, because of their censored history, government, and other classes, are unknowingly persuaded to make decisions that perpetuate the destruction of our  sovereignty as a Constitutional Republic.

Take from the rich to give to the poor – redistribute the wealth

Students are taught that good things result from “correction in the marketplace” (here defined as redistribution of wealth).  Redistribution of wealth  is based on the Communist principal:  “from each according to his ability; to each according to his need.”  This redistribution is administered by a government that controls how much you can keep of the money that you have earned — and  decides to  whom they will distribute your money.  People are not allowed to keep what they have rightfully earned.

In the U.S., our government finances an increasing number of people who are able to work, but chose rather to receive “free” money from the government, for doing nothing.  With this ability to steal money from those who earn it, and to “finance” selfish people, the powerful government has expanded the stealing, so that they even take retirements away from citizens and their spouses, who have contributed to their government retirement all their lives.  The government does this at their whim.

This shift toward (Communist/Socialist/Dictatorship) redistribution of wealth, has been an abysmal failure in this country, going back to the Jamestown experiment in Socialism around 1610 (sharing equally with everyone regardless of their contribution).  On the world stage, the horrible consequences in the  USSR (1980s) showed the world that Socialism brings about destruction of the fabric of a society, the murder of those who are not the right kind of people, the literal slavery and murder of those who are not compliant, and even the murder of those who are simply suspected of being out of compliance with the government.

Our government’s redistribution system of stealing money from those who have earned it, and giving it away to those who have less or will not work for their pay – has created more dependency, discouragement and more poverty.  Giving away this “free money”, teaching people that it is OK for the government to forcefully take away money from those who have earned it (and distribute it at their whim), and teaching that hard work is not a virtue, are all destroying our economy and the moral will of citizens to  carry their own weight.

This dependency and expectancy of getting a handout rather than earning something through working, is encouraged in schools.

Most of our compulsory schools and universities, through censorship of history, economics and other classes, are producing “educated” citizens who do not know the difference between freedom and slavery.  They do not know that the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the founders of our country, laid the foundation for individual freedoms, prosperity and protection from the government and the tyranny of the majority.

How many “schooled” people are unknowingly giving away our freedoms, and ultimately giving away our national sovereignty, by applying what they have learned in school?

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