0066_Two meetings that talked about Colorado Amendment 69 – to be on the November ballot

February 22, 2016_Donna Jack

Here is a link to the entire 12-page proposed Amendment 69 Initiative measure


It is important that Colorado students and citizens become aware of Amendment 69.

Two meetings that shared Amendment 69 information:

In Jefferson County, on February 11 at the South Jeffco Tea Parety and the 18th at the North Jeffco Tea Party, there were meetings at which speakers shared what they have been learning about Amendment 29. In future blogs I plan to share information from the February 11th meeting with Dr. Jill Vecchio, and additional information from the February 18th meeting.

Below is much of what was in an email announcing the February 18th meeting:

“This meeting will focus on Amendment 69 on November’s ballot, the ‘ColoradoCare’ single-payer health care measure. If you live in Colorado, this affects you! . . .

“Here are some of the major points we’ll be discussing:

“*Amendment 69, touted as ‘an alternative to Obamacare, literally gives complete control of our health care over to a small board of officials who can expel whoever among them disagrees with the majority. THE “MEMBERS” DO NOT HAVE TO BE U.S. CITIZENS!

“*It will tax your retirement income, IRA’s, pensions, dividends, interest and other forms of income.

“*It will raise taxes on Coloradans by $25 billion just to start! [Editor note: Our entire state budget is around $27 billion.] This amount can (and likely will) go up.

“*It will increase the state income tax to 14.63 percent, the highest in the country!

“*It will control medical prices and medical spending. In practice, it could make it illegal for anyone providing almost any health care service to accept any payment from a state resident that is not the same as the payment allowed by ColoradoCare.

“*ColoradoCare IS NOT HEALTH INSURANCE! Unless they’re on Medicare or Medicaid, Colorado residents will only be able to access the health care services that ColoradoCare chooses to provide, unless they buy ADDITIONAL health insurance!

“*The Colorado General Assembly will lose control of roughly a third of the state budget! Amendment 69 says that the state must fund ColoradoCare at the level that it funded Medicaid and other federal health programs, even though it no longer will have control of the way the money is spent!

“*ALL PERSONAL HEALTH CARE DATA WILL BE DEPOSITED IN A DATABASE FOR PUBLICLY AVAILABLE RESEARCH! It will also be made available to thousands of people working in health care. [That will be “hackable.”] No penalties are specified if ColoradoCare fails to adequately protect personal data. If it is classified as a state health oversight agency, it will be exempt from HIPAA privacy requirements.”
Donna Jack note: Amendment 29 is not the only proposed amendment on the ballot that takes away our freedoms – the ability for individuals, organizations, companies, churches, etc., to make their own choices.

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