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By Donna Jack, February 23, 2016

Here is a link to the entire 12-page proposed Amendment 69 Initiative measure



Some past examples in Colorado that dishonestly increased government power – Amendment 69 will be a repeat disaster, only on a larger scale.

1) Campaign Financing Laws – were designed to steal more power

Here in Colorado, Campaign Finance Laws were marketed as good for everyone.  I personally watched the first one pushed through at the capitol by a very far-left gentleman who was carving out more power for his interests, and taking away the voice of those he did not agree with.

Each new campaign finance law claimed to make things more “fair,” but actually kept cutting out more power for the designers of the reform, and kept adding more financial restrictions and penalties, for the people who did not believe the same things as the people who crafted the laws.

Note:  the campaign finance laws were carefully designed to put limits on the free speech of targeted individuals and groups; and limit their freedom to choose how to spend their own money.  They increased power to unions and other groups that finance more government controls.

Question:  Even if the laws would have forced an equity and openness of political expenditures, would such government control preserve our personal liberties and freedoms – or erode them?  At what lengths would the government have to go to in order to “insure” such results – and who would suffer and who would be exempted?  Realize that some oft he people who control the design of campaign finance reform proposals, have their personal interest to make certain they can continue to have an advantage and freedom they do not want others to have.

2) Lies used to legalize marijuana

The campaign to make marijuana legal using lies, was successful here in Colorado — it subversively/covertly/secretly benefited people and organizations other than those they said would benefit.  It disregarded the fact that marijuana is much more potent than it was in the 1960s, when it was first popular in schools.

Crime has not been eliminated or hindered by legalizing marijuana.  More young children illegally use the drug now, because it is so readily available and it is a legal drug for their parents and older family and friends to use.

A growing bureaucracy is surrounding the marijuana industry.  The Russian Mafia and other underground groups, are able to undercut the market – increasing crime.  More laws are going on the books, because of legalization of marijuana.

People are moving into the state so they can have marijuana.  We are exporting it to states where it is not legal.  The far-reaching fallout from it’s legalization in Colorado continues to be tallied.  All of this costs money.

Who is thinking about the victims who are injured by the use of this drug?  If our state makes money off the legalization of marijuana, these questions beg answers:  “At what cost to the citizens?”  “Is this it right?”

3)  Dishonest recall of three school board members

The recall of three reform school board members in Jefferson County last November was won after two years of spreading lies to teachers, and other school employees; telling lies to the public; and pushing forward identical petition language and ballot language filled entirely with lies.

This school district sham was a success for those who wanted to keep their long-time power in the school system.  [sham:  something that is not what it appears to be and that is meant to trick or deceive people]

See a Denver Post Editorial, printed October 13, 2015, that recommends that the Jeffco schools recall effort be rejected.  Look also at a November 2, 2016 9NEWS correction and apology (video) after the election, apologizing for  lies they passed on, which had been spread by those supporting the recall.  Colorado Government Watch filed an ethics complaint with the Secretary of State.  This forced the source of funding for the recall into the public eye.  It was revealed that it was not grass roots money for the recall.  It was 99% union money.

This link shows the bullying by the democrats on the school board and the unions and some parents – and it shows the considerate behavior of the three republicans who were to be recalled a year later.

Brief summary of above instances

The public fell for the lies, and voted for:  1) false campaign finance laws that restrict spending and freedom of speech for targeted types of people and organizations;  2) the legalization of marijuana based on false promises and information; and 3) the wrongful recall of 3 honest, hard-working school board members.  In each case the public was tricked or deceived.

Hopefully the public can be more informed now (about Amendment 69) and in the future.  Otherwise, we can expect more of the same behavior, and more loss of our freedom.

Here is a link to the entire 12-page proposed Amendment 69 Initiative measure


Some consequences if Amendment 69 passes in November

Amendment 69, if passed, would be one of the most shocking, all-encompassing election takeovers of citizens in this state to date – much worse even than Obamacare.  It is what Obama and those who designed Obamacare, always wanted – a singer-payer health care system in our country.  The government would be the only payer (or some entity outside the government – what Amendment 69 is designed to do).

It would change the landscape of Colorado.  There would be a large-scale exodus from Colorado by individuals and businesses who can not afford the tax increases and the decline in medical services.  There would also be a larger influx of people from outside the state and outside our country, wanting the freebies offered by Amend 69, that they can get simply by saying they plan to move here.  Amendment 69 qualifies illegals to receive the medical care.  This two-way migration would be much greater than what has happened since Colorado legalized marijuana (or since anti-second amendment gun restriction laws went into effect).

Amendment 69 would take over medical care in our state for everyone.  Amendment 69 supporters say it is universal health care – it is single-payer medical care.  Total health control would be in the hands of one board.  That board will be able to vote people off the board that don’t agree with the majority on the board.  There will be no accountability or limit on their power to raise Colorado taxes (since they specifically give themselves power to raise taxes, contrary to Tabor).  There will be no control over what services are permitted, favored or refused.

They will be a separate government outside our state legislative, executive and judicial branches.  The amendment specifically says that citizens will not be able to appeal Amendment 69, if it becomes law; and none of the controlling board members can be recalled.  The beginning budget of this board would be very close to the size of our entire state budget – where do they get that money? – tax us!  – move around funds from the federal and state governments!

This is so blatantly a theft of wealth (socialism), but the public, without help, may not be able to see what it is.  They have been taught in school that socialism is good, and that our country is bad.  They are conditioned to think that “universal health care” is a good thing, not realizing it steals freedom from businesses, and puts them entirely under the control of ColoradoCare.

The word needs to get out to as many people in the state as possible.  Amendment 69 would not be good for anyone who has any physical or monetary assets (unless they are in the small ruling class or ones they choose for special privileges).  “Un-chosen” poor, handicapped and elderly will become expendable as costs mount.






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