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By Donna Jack, February 22, 2016

Here is a link to the entire 12-page proposed Amendment 69 Initiative measure


Colorado is under attack by people who are working to take away from us all our freedoms.

“Rocky Mountain Heist” and The Blueprint are a movie and a book that reveal how citizens are being tricked into giving away all their freedoms in Colorado.

The movie “Rocky Mountain Heist” reveals how Colorado was taken over politically.  Much of the movie piggy-backed off the observations and research  done by Rob Witwer and Adam Schrager; and the movie came to some of the same conclusions Rob and Adam wrote about in their book The Blueprint.

The fact is that Colorado was the national test case, to see if the state could be taken over by a select few in the Democrat party. Rob and Adam spelled out how it was accomplished. How? Lots of money, individualized data on all voters, and targeted messaging to deceive, manipulate and pressure.

What is our defense? Truth. Study Amendment 69 to prepare yourself.

To begin to equip yourself with truth so you won’t be deceived, Read Amendment 69 yourself. Recognize the centralization of power with no accountability or controls.

The amendment is not easy to read, but it is important to understand, since it is a design to move all federal and state health care dollars into one pot outside government, and plans to greatly control all health care in Colorado.  The public will have no say over decisions like how much will we pay?  Who will get care?  How much can doctors charge for their services?  The power of the elected board seems to be in the hands of the board.  Amendment 69 is written so that it can’t be repealed, but only sections that are ruled unconstitutional can be stopped.

Make copies of it.  Mark it up.  This is a serious battle that will hurt almost all of us, and it is up to people who learn what it really is, to spread the information.  Those who want it passed have a lot of money to spend on convincing the public it is a harmless improvement to health care.

Link to the 12 pages of Amendment 69.


We must work to keep our freedom.
Many do not know they have been giving it away.

Benjamin Franklin warned that we could lose our Republic, if we did not diligently work to defend and keep it.  With rare exceptions, our compulsory schooling is not teaching students why our founders designed our form of government (to escape cruel and unfair treatment by people with power over others – tyranny).  Neither are they teaching anything about what kind of government they put in place for us – a Constitutional Republic, designed to  preserve our liberty and freedom, and to protect the minority and individual from the majority or a tyrannical government.

This terrible omission in public education teaching, and in some private education, has produced the vast majority of at least one generation of people in our country which has no knowledge of their own history –  unable to recognize attempts being made to steal their liberty.  Because of this, a rapidly growing number of  adults do not know what we have, so they have no desire to make efforts to preserve their republic. They don’t know they are losing their freedom.

A friend recently spoke with a high school student who was wearing a Bernie button (Bernie Sanders).  After telling the student that Bernie is a socialist, the student said socialism is a good thing.  My friend informed the student that socialism didn’t work in Russia, to which the student replied:  “Socialism is working perfectly in Europe.”

Too many students are being taught in school that socialism is a form of government to be preferred over a Constitutional Republic (which is our form of government, based on the rule of law and protection for individuals and minorities from the government and other bullies). These students are not given information necessary to come to any conclusion other than that socialism is good.

“When everyone in the room agrees, there is not much thinking going on.”
#Khrushchev_wake up communists_quote-pic-title_1 pg framedIn most schools, students are told nothing about the total loss of freedom which is the natural outcome of socialism.

Amendment 69 is socialism – less control of our own property,
our own earnings, and our own lives. 

Socialism is a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.  The health industry is huge.  Amendment 69 is an example of this attempted takeover of more of our economy.

A future post will touch on:

1) a few recent mistakes made by the public at the ballot box (because of deception);

2) and information about some of the dangers of  Constitutional Amendment 69.

Amendment 69 will be on the November ballot in Colorado.


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