0062_15-year-old Connects the Dots About the Dangers of Common Core

This video was Published on October 13, 2013.  It a surprisingly thorough overview.  To see a transcript of the video, click here.

The presentation is by Patrick Richardson who gives detail after detail about Common Core, all with a great sense of humor.

He reveals that a handful of people own the copyright to Common Core.  Only they can change the material, and they can change it at whim.  He mentions people and organizations making a lot of money off Common Core.  Bill Gates is one of those people who may be financially benefiting more from it than anybody else.

He shows a video interview with a child psychologist,  in which she explains that the Common Core standards are inappropriate for young children.  She says that children are asked to answer, explain, and justify abstract principles.  Through repetition, some can be trained to answer the abstract questions, but their mental development is not to a level where they can actually understand the abstract concepts.  Young children work best with concrete things.  Time is wasted with these “deep” concepts – time that could be better spent on age-appropriate educational material.

He introduces ACHIEVE, an organization that is managing tests across the country.

He shares a video report of the horrible achievement drops in New York State because of Common Core.

His report on the national data system, which is illegal, reveals the frightening extent to which data is being gathered for-profit.

In a movie taken at a meeting, Jason Zimba, the lead person who designed the Common Core math standards admits that “College and Career ready standards” means students will be prepared for a non-selective college – not a selective college or university, and they will not be prepared for any STEM colleges.

Companies like Pearson Education, the largest textbook conglomerate in the world, will benefit from the $7 billion Common Core industry.  He relates their efforts to purchase every textbook publishing company.

One shocking portion of the video deals with the extent of data-collection on every student.

He reveals that non-profit companies get contracts, and then work with for-profit companies to complete the contracts, making huge profits.

A transcript of his presentation is in another article in this blog site, entitled:  “Transcript for:  15-year-old Connects the Dots About the Dangers of Common Core”.

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