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Published on February 23, 2016_updated title Nov 21, 2017
by Donna Jack

This post was originally started August 19, 2015, but I didn’t put it on the public site at that time.  It is being published today to demonstrate some of the serious problems in public education.

One of the problems is that students are given only one way to look at the world – through the eyes of people who hate this country.  They are taught not to think.  That is the viewpoint of the 2014 and 2015 AP US History framework.

I continue to hope that if students and graduates are able to hear and see the truth, they may begin to understand that they have been deceived through the conditioning in our public schools.

This blog piece continues the theme of what compulsory schools (public schools) are training our children to become.  One of the things they are being taught to do is disobey or disregard law.  They also are being taught there is no value in the founding documents of our country:  The Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  They are not even made aware of their content.  This is done intentionally in order to gain control of their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

Schools in this country do not teach cursive, so most students, and a growing number of graduates, are unable to read cursive.  They don’t even consider that they can teach themselves to write and read cursive.

Without this skill, they cannot read the original founding documents of our country, as they were written.  They they have to rely on what others say are in the founding documents.

Our nation was designed to be a nation with laws that protect individuals and minorities.  This was meant to make all people equal under the law (and free) — that there would be no special favors or exceptions to singularly reward or punish.   The logical outcome of making exceptions, carving our favors or punishments, can be seen today, as we are moving closer to tyranny.

(linked definition of tyranny, from merriam-webster.com:  cruel and unfair treatment by people with power over others. : a government in which all power belongs to one person : the rule or authority of a tyrant.) ]

YouTube below Published on Aug 17, 2015 (IITV – Independence Institute TV)

Words on YouTube:  “Education Policy Analyst Ross Izard takes a look at the changes made to this year’s Advanced Placement U.S. History framework, and what those changes tell us about last fall’s “censorship” controversy in Jefferson County, Colorado.”

In the YouTube above, Education Policy Analyst Ross Izard was talking about the 2014 AP (Advanced Placement) US History Framework, and its replacement in 2015, which was practically forced onto the College Board.

Ross asks, “Who is censoring whom?” in connection with last fall’s “censorship” controversy in Jefferson County schools.

At that time Ross Izard thought that the new 2015 AP US History framework had solved the problem of slant to the left.  That is what he and others were told.  Actually the College Board didn’t change anything but a few words in the framework, and changed its title.  Read this well-documented post with information from Donna Garner, who lives in Texas.


Background to the controversy

This past school year Colorado Jefferson County board of education member Julie Williams proposed that there be established a community curriculum review committee.  One of the things that spurred this on was her reading of the left-slanting, America-hating 2014 Advanced Placement US History (APUSH) Framework.  Several people in Jefferson County had looked at this framework as well, and were upset.

One of the main duties of the Colorado Jefferson County School Board is to decide what curriculum is to be used in the classrooms.  The school board needs need to review (and have others review  and share with them examples from in the curriculum), so the board can decide, with knowledge, what curriculum they should choose for the school district to purchase for the schools.

To date, this responsibility has not been adequately addressed, and the boards have rubber-stamped what the school district “experts” recommend in a school board meeting – or several school board meetigns.  Unfortunately the school district “experts” have a financial or power interest in which curriculum is chosen – or they have a bias from working within the system.

The entire school board (3 republicans and 2 democrats in 2015) voted to implement the then-new-flashy-expensive math curriculum recommended by the experts.

The new members didn’t get to review other choices of curriculum ahead of time, and didn’t have input from people who outside the school system.

When Julie Williams became aware of serious problems with the new AP US History Framework (problems she saw that that people in Jefferson County and across the nation also reported), she proposed a review committee made up of citizens.  This review committee was not to be made up of people within the school district (district personnel or people already on the district curriculum review committee).

Previous people on the district curriculum review committees had not done their job.  It was revealed in a school board meeting that reviewing curriculum before it was to be voted on by the board, just wasn’t happening with the committee, with rare exception.  Even if and when they met, they saw no problems with the Type #2 approach to education, so didn’t challenge proposed curriculum.  Check here to see the difference between Type #1 and Type #2 education.

When Julie proposed the community review committee at a school board meeting, the opposition (union members and others) exploded, and jumped on their excuse for the recalls they had planned from the election almost 2 years earlier.

The unions decided right there at the presentation of the idea for the citizen curriculum review committee, to make up a “censorship” issue.  One thing that especially upset the unions was that Julie didn’t like civil disobedience to be taught.

Isn’t civil disobedience breaking the law?    Wasn’t that what the teachers, administrators, unions, etc. displayed with all the student/faculty walk-outs during school hours not long after this explosive meeting?

Wikipedia defines civil disobedience as:  Civil disobedience is the active, professed refusal to obey certain laws, demands, and commands of a government, or of an occupying international power.

Is this what we want the schools teaching our children to do?  These students and teachers were supposed to be in school.  They were instructed to break the law and walk out of school and protest.

Well, because thousands of people across the country saw the same problems with the new APUSH Framework, and even a group of scholars from across the country signed a document that expressed to the College Board their concern over the 2014 AP US History Framework, the College Board had to admit that they were indeed censoring out all the good stuff of US History.  They said they  “redid” the 2014 AP US History Framework (APUSH), and published the 2015 AP US History Framework.

Schools frantically contacted the College Board (which owns the AP US History), asking if schools districts were going to have to get new textbooks and other teaching supplies and training.  The College Board said that all the textbooks and other teaching material would remain the same.  Question:  What kind of changes did the College Board do that didn’t require schools to make any changes in AP US History?  Really nothing.

One example of this slant to the left in the public schools was witnessed in a statement by a student testifying at a school board meeting.  The student said that if you took everything bad out of American History there would be nothing left.  It would be boring.

Look at the Home Page of this site to see Type #1 and Type #2 education compared.  The AP US History was and continues to be Type #2, no matter how they say they “change” it.  It is Type #2 that is destroying the mental and moral aspects of students today – their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors are being shaped into what Type #2 education conditions them to be.

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