0081_Public Schools in Colorado will not teach students the dangers of Amendment 69 (to be on Nov. 2016 ballot)

Donna Jack
March 12, 2016  – updated 3/13/16; 9/2/16

[Note:  A quotation from p. 9 of the attached complete wording for the proposed Colorado Amendment 69 to our state constitution:


Did you notice that Amendment 69 doesn’t tell you that “Section 20 of Article X of the Colorado Constitution is TABOR – the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights — that protects Colorado’s citizens, voters and taxpayers from always hungry-for-more-money elected officials (and appointed officials) —  if unchecked, they grow government too quickly, taking more control (using our money to do it) — leaving us with less resources to have control of our own lives.]

Public schools in general, will not tell students and families about the consequences if Amendment 69 passes — elimination of control of personal health care, and uncontrolled increasing personal and business taxation.

Schools teach socialism.


March 15th Colorado Representative Justin Everett will talk about proposed
Colorado Constitutional Amendment 69 – Single-Payer Health Care.

At the Mountain Republican Women’s Club

From the flier announcing Justin’s presentation:
“Amendment 69 . . . . a government-run health care system that:

“Increases state income tax to 14.63% — highest in U.S.
“Restricts free-market pricing of medical services
“Eliminates private health insurance
“Creates Colorado Care Board whose members do not have to be U.S. Citizens
“Creates publicly-searchable personal healthcare database
“Takes roughly 1/3 of state budget out of the General Assembly’s control”

[Note from editor:  Amendment 69 exempts itself from Tabor – it has no limit on how high they can raise taxes in the future to pay for it.]

When:  Tuesday, March 15, 2016                Where:  Mt. Vernon Country Club
5:30 p.m. — Dinner (optional)                      It’s too late to make dinner reservations.
7:00 p.m. — Program                                        $3 for program only

Most doctors do not know about Amendment 69 –
nor does the public in general.

Most doctors will not hear about Amendment 69 unless someone gives them the information, because they are overwhelmed with the demands of their work.  If Amendment 69 passes, many doctors will have to move out of Colorado or find other employment.  The same goes for most people in Colorado who are fighting to survive financially because of all the burdens our government has already placed on them.   Unemployment will grow.

Colorado Public School students will not be told of the dangers of
Amendment 69 (U.S. public schools are taught Type #2 censored education)

This November, Constitutional Amendment 69 will be on our Colorado ballots across the state.

Our public school students, their parents and school district employees will not be told the truth about this amendment through school communications.  They will not learn about the loss of their freedoms, and other problems that will be created by the passage of Colorado Constitutional Amendment 69.

They will be told that Single-Payer health care will eliminate Obamacare, which is causing so much trouble; and that it will make healthcare in Colorado simple and free for everybody.

Why won’t the schools alert the public to what Amendment 69 really is?

Schools, school districts and school boards are strongly financially dependent on unions, federal government grants, federal loans, and federal dollars of all kinds.  The federal government attaches requirements to the money they “give away.”  Those requirements demand the teaching of collectivist Type #2 education, and the acceptance of government controlling everything.  The unions are in line with Type #2 education.  [Read a definition/comparison of Type #1 and Type #2 education.]

Our national Department of Education is exclusively Type #2 education, and pushes national censorship of any Type #1 education, instead teaching against our national sovereignty, in support of one-world government

Colorado Care (the Proposed Colorado Constitutional Amend 69)
will take away money from just about everyone.

Colorado Care (Amendment 69) will increase government control over every single person in this state – far beyond what people can imagine.  It will greatly diminish take-home pay, investments, and retirements of almost everyone in Colorado (this includes current and retired teachers). It will almost double our state budget.   The money will come from taxes and “fees” and Medicare and Social Security and other sources mentioned in Amendment 69.

Proposed Constitutional Amend 69 sets up its own private government,
outside our government.  It will not be accountable to citizens.

This Colorado constitutional amendment will set up a private government outside our government, that can be controlled by people who are not even citizens of this country.  It will take control of every aspect of  health care in our state.  Some people say it is Obamacare on steroids.   You have to read it to learn for yourself what it plans to do — so you can educate yourself, and help educate others to join in the efforts to stop it from becoming law.

Amendment 69 is 12 pages that are worth understanding.

Amendment 69 is 12 pages long.  It is not the easiest read, but it is worth the effort it takes to study it carefully.  You will then be able to identify lies you have heard or will be hearing about it; and you will be prepared to tell people what is really in the proposed Constitutional Amendment.

Those who support it have to make up imaginary reasons (lies) to convince you to vote for it — just like power-hungry people did during the recent November 2015 recall of three school board members in Jefferson County Colorado school district.  They lied on the petition to get it on the ballot, and lied on the ballot.

Those supporting Amendment 69 appear to be trying to repeat
the effective dishonest campaign that recalled 3 school board members
who were not controlled by the teachers’ unions.

People believed the lies in 2005 – we can’t afford to have that happen again this year, with  Amendment 69.  You can learn first-hand what it really is.

In a YouTube posted July 3, 2014, Kerrie Dallman, the then newly-elected president of the Colorado Education Association (CEA —  the Colorado teacher’s union),  describes how they were organizing in 2014 to get rid of the Jefferson County School Board members that the unions could not control.  Kerrie said they were getting trained organizers from 18 states to help in the recall.

Kerrie Dallman doesn’t like Tabor protecting us
from uncontrolled taxation.

Note also that Kerrie Dallman says our common problem in Colorado is under-funding — blaming it on Tabor (which requires citizens to approve or disapprove a raise in their taxes).  She would prefer if taxes could be raised without voter approval.  She says the lack of funding stops the legislature from taxing citizens to pay for big expensive education innovations.  [Boy!  am I thankful for that limit on the every-hungry-for-more-money schools.]

Tabor requires voter approval for tax increases and requires a return of surplus taxes.  Amendment 69 eliminates Tabor in connection with the proposed Colorado Single Payer Amendment 69.  Amendment 69 permits then to raise taxes with no limit!!

Amendment 69 exempts the new single-payer healthcare system from Tabor.

Amendment 69 would enable the board running ColoradoCare to raise our taxes (or fees) whenever they want to, and for the amount they choose to raise them.

Wording in Amendment 69 that gets rid of Tabor’s
(letting ColoradoCare to tax as they wish.

Page 9 of the attached copy of the text of proposed Colorado Constitutional Amendment 69 reads:



LINKS TO RESOURCES ABOUT proposed Constitutional Amendment 69

Text of Amendment 69

Wording of Tabor (The Tax-payer’s Bill of Rights)
(Amendment 69 plans to take Tabor out of our constitution):
1992-12-31_Colorado Revised Statutes–CRS_Text of The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights – TABOR

Wording in Amendment 69 to exempt
ColoradoCare and “this article” from Tabor.
Exemption–COLORADO CARE AND THIS ARTICLE FROM TABOR_Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.

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