0082_CO Rep. Everett spoke_Amendment 69_Mar. 15, 2016_handout_YouTube Pelosi “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy”

by Donna Jack
March 17, 2016

You can read proposed Amendment 69 (12 pages).


Representative Justin Everett spoke at a March 15th meeting of the MRWC

Colorado Representative Justin Everett talked about Amendment 69, which will be on the November ballot in Colorado.  Before he spoke, he handed out a one-page information sheet about Amendment 69 .  It specifically references several sections of proposed Amendment 69.   Rep. Everett answered a number of questions after his presentation.

His handout mentions several of the issues he spoke about at the meeting.

A future blog is planned to give details of Rep. Everett’s presentation.


Amendment 69 failed to be passed by the Legislature.

More than one attempt was made by Senator Irene Aguilar (democrat) in the Colorado Legislature, to put Amendment 69 on the ballot as a proposed Colorado Constitutional Amendment.  It repeatedly failed, because it was too radical even for the most liberal Democrats.  A petition drive was then heavily funded, and Senator Irene Aguilar continued in her efforts to have it passed in Colorado – getting it placed on the ballot to be voted on by Colorado voters this November.

The sad thing is that many people will not realize how it will negatively change life in Colorado for all of us.  It is up to informed citizens to spread the word to stop it.


 A man “camped out” at the county building gathering signatures.

Earlier in the year I made several trips in one week to the Jefferson County main office building.  Each time I had to pass by a man who had set up a table with an umbrella for shade.  He was standing right at the entrance to the county building, gathering signatures to put Amendment 69 on the ballot this November.

He responded to my question asking for an summary of Amendment 69, by saying: “This will get rid of Obamacare and give free medical care to everybody in Colorado!” I was shocked to see all the people lining up, anxious to sign it, in order to get “free” medical care. Who did they think would pay for such a “gift”? Were they thinking at all?

I asked for a copy of the proposed language, and he told me we needed to get it on the ballot first, so people could then study it before voting.

That sounded exactly like what U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi said about Obamacare just before the U.S. Congress was to vote on it: “But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”  This man wanted it on the ballot before we could see what was in it.

Uploaded onto YouTube on Mar 9, 2010:


Colorado Constitutional Amendment 69 is Single-Payer Health Care.

That means all healthcare is controlled by one un-elected, separate-from-government entity — private insurance controlled by ColoradoCare (which will cause private insurers to go to another state) — no more choices about what is covered — no chance to recall the members of the board who run Colorado Care — and in Colorado Care, no limit on how much of your income, retirement and investments can be confiscated by this program.

Note:  Amendment 29 and specifically Section 10 of Amendment 29, are exempted from Tabor – see Section 10 of Amendment 29 on page 9 of the attached Amendment 29 .

In Colorado Law, Tabor (the Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights) is Section 20 of Article X of the Colorado Constitution.  Tabor requires voters to approve increases in taxes, and it requires refunds of taxes collected over what voters approve.  This means there is no limit to the possibilities of taxes that can be levied by ColoradoCare (Amendment 69).

Learn what Amendment 69 really is.



(Note:  Check everything for yourself against the wording in Amendment 69.  People can make honest mistakes.)

Full text of proposed Colorado Constitutional Amendment 69  (to be on the November 2016)

— 0000-20_Public Schools in Colorado will not teach students the dangers of Amendment 69 (to be on Nov. 2016 ballot)


Advancing Colorado – Advancing Colorado_handout_full page_against Amendment 69_2016-02-23.  This is a sheet I picked up (from Advancing Colorado at a meeting where Jill Vecchio spoke in February).


The information sheet Representative Justin Everett passed out at the March 15, 2016 MRWC meeting, where he spoke against Amendment 69.  His talk was in much greater detail and on many more aspects of the proposed Amendment 69.


A paper written by Linda Gorman (Feb 2015) – “Amendment 69:  What You Need to Know About the ‘ColoradoCare’ Single-payer Healthcare Measure.  As always, Linda Gorman’s research is extensive and detailed.



A website against Amendment 69, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity Colorado

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