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April 1, 2016
Donna Jack

I just returned from a trip to find the following in my email Inbox.  It is aiming pretty much at homeschool families at present, but people who have children in private schools, alternative schools, charter schools, and other option schools, may benefit from this testing that appears will test Type #1 learning.

The ACT and SAT both test Type #2 education.  This option claims to be “free from subjective content and political bias.”  What a refreshing concept!

Enjoy this hopeful news:


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3.24.16 – Truth in American Education


An Alternative to ACT and SAT Could Be Available Soon

By Shane Vander hart

An alternative to the Common Core-aligned college entrance exams – ACT and SAT could be available soon. Introducing Vector ARC (Assessment of Readiness for College) that will offer a beta test for students who attend the Great Homeschooling Convention being held on March 31-April 2 in Cincinnati, OH. This is initially being promoted for homeschooling students

Their description:

Vector ARC (Assessment of Readiness for College) is the antidote for Common Core-aligned college entrance exams. Once, homeschooling virtually guaranteed freedom from government overreach and offensive standards. Because the SAT, ACT, and other standardized tests are now aligned with Common Core, this freedom is under attack. As education reforms cause the number of homeschooling families to skyrocket, those same changes convince many—including some curriculum providers—that without a Common Core education, college will be an unattainable goal. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Vector ARC is more than another test. It is an opportunity to preserve and restore academic freedom. Reminiscent of exams seen generations ago, ARC is free from subjective content and political bias. One student describes ARC as, “Much more challenging, but better because it tests how much we actually know.” Growing numbers of political leaders are advocating on behalf of the assessment. Statisticians are prepared to evaluate ARC.

Colleges are anticipating the results. Still, Vector needs the most important component of all: students, not simply to take a test, but to ensure educational liberty remains a reality. Sign up and spread the word. Come find safety in the ARC.

Read further details about VECTOR ARC at:

 3.23.16 – “Homeschoolers and others could soon have alternative to Common Core aligned college entrance tests” — By Richard Innes – Bluegrass Institutehttp://www.bipps.org/homeschoolers-others-soon-alternative-common-core-aligned-college-entrance-tests/

Excerpts from this article:

 …Vector A.R.C. (Assessment of Readiness for College) is looking for volunteers to participate in Beta testing of its new Vector A.R.C. college readiness test. This will happen during the Great Home School Convention – Midwest coming up during March 31–April 2, 2016. The convention will be held at the Duke Energy Convention Center, 525 Elm St., Cincinnati, OH 45202.

 Vector A.R.C.’s web materials say its college entrance exam is independent of any copyrighted standards (Which includes the copyrighted Common Core State Standards). The test is targeted at allowing students who use curriculum products other than those based on Common Core to have a fair and equal opportunity to compete for college admissions.

 Because both the ACT and SAT now claim Common Core alignment, the creation of an alternative test should be of special interest to parents of students in many school choice programs.

 Per Vector A.R.C., “Whether a child was educated in a homeschool, private, or public school setting the new Vector ARC must measure each one’s abilities accurately, in order for real choice to exist.”

 So, for its Beta Test, Vector A.R.C. is looking for at least 1000 student volunteers to participate. Any students with current SAT, ACT, or PSAT scores are invited.

 Here is a link to the web site where students with ACT or SAT or PSAT scores can sign up to take this Beta test product.

Donna Garner

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