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Donna Jack – April 2, 2016

Link to new index of all 86 blog posts.

Dear friends and family,

It is with tremendous gratitude that I thank Geri Zahner-Heasley for designing this site and giving it to me, setting it up, and spending countless hours struggling with me so I could begin to use the site.  The work began last July.

There are, as of today, 86 blog posts, including this one.  As the number of blogs increased, it became increasingly difficult to maneuver through the blogs, making it seem as if most of them had never been written.  So finally, today there is an index that lists every blog, starting with the most recent, and going all the way back to the first one last July.  It is so easy to use, and can be copied, pasted and printed out or saved!

Below are links, so you can sample two blogs posted yesterday:

0085 Dissecting the Common Core with Dr.Louisa Moats–Psychology Today_March 21, 2014
0084 Competition for the Common-Core-based ACT and SATs_looking for people to beta-test it

0084 above is a wonderful solution to the problem of the elimination of valid testing that shows academic accomplishment in students.  The current ACTs and SATs (used for college entrance and measurements of student accomplishments) both slant heavily toward Type #2 education.  The testing spoken of in Blog 0084 will test real academics (Type #1 education).

For a comparison of Type #1 and Type #2 education, go to:

0005 Comparison of Type #1 and Type #2 Education

0061 Compare the Frameworks of The 2010, 2014 and 2015 AP US History (Type #2 Education is destroying education)

The link to the new index with all 85 word-searchable blog posts is at:


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