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Donna Jack
April 18, 2016

The  Common Core Debate at the 2013 Steamboat Institute Freedom Conference took place at the Steamboat Grand Resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  It was the Steamboat Institute‘s 5th Annual Freedom Conference.


Laura Boggs in support of Common Core, and Jim Stergios against Common Core

1)  YouTube of the debate [1:18] that took place August 23, 2013 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
2)  Transcript by Donna Jack–and links to all 37 audio tracks_Boggs_Stergios_ divided into 37 tracks.
3)  This is a link to a document with links to all 37 audio tracks aligned with 37-track transcript.
4)  Each of the 37 audio tracks, aligned with the transcript, are also linked at the end of this blog.


Former US Congressman Bob Schaffer, moderator.

Bob was on the Colorado State Board of Education in 2010, and voted against Common Core when four of our seven state school board members voted to bring Common Core into Colorado, August 2, 2010.  Randy DeHoff (republican), voted with the three democrats to bring us Common Core.  Bob is the principal of Liberty Common High School.

Laura Boggs debated in support of Common Core.

Laura was elected to the Jefferson County public school district in 2009, and is greatly disturbed that far too many students are not learning what they need to learn in school to become functioning literate adults.  Laura is a Univ. of Michigan grad in business administration, and a graduate of the Leadership Program of the Rockies.


Jim Stergios debated against Common Core.

Jim is Executive Director of the Pioneer Institute, a Boston-based think tank founded in 1988.  He has a PhD from Boston University.  He has taught at the university level, and was headmaster at a preparatory school.  He runs (at the time of the debate) a prep school in Japan.

This debate took place about a year after the controversy over Common Core was beginning to heat up.  I became heavily involved in researching Common Core three months before this debate took place.  At that time, Colorado Board of Education member Deb Scheffel urged and helped me to get informed and involved with the Common Core issue as fast as possible.

Common Core is a continuation (on steroids) of the ongoing increase of Federal control over compulsory schooling.

During the course of my studies I have learned that Common Core was a name slapped onto what had been going on in compulsory public schooling in our country for a very long time.  It can be argued that compulsory schooling was, from before its inception in the United States, intentionally designed to progressively dumb down students.

For some more information on this intentional dumbing down, see these blogs:

0048, Weapons of Mass Instruction (c. 2009) by John Taylor Gatto — Compulsory Education Fails Students.

0060 We Don’t Need Brains_Chapter 1_ Weapons of Mass instruction (c. 2009) by John Taylor Gatto.

And also see Karen Bracken’s 2013 YouTube  — 0074 Common Core: Subversive Threat to Education

The reason Common Core has been getting public attention recently is because the federal take-over became so obvious that it could no longer be ignored.  At present many who were distressed with Common Core have pulled back from fighting it, thinking that it is no longer a threat; but true-to-form, it has only become more subversive, giving the appearance all concerns have been addressed.

See the blogs linked below, to read about the same subversive tactic used by the College Board in 2015.  They pretended that they had corrected all the censorship, their rewriting of history, and their hatred for America that was in their 2014 AP US History Framework.  Not surprising, they kept it all in their New-and-improved AP US History Framework of 2015, and told schools that the “changes” to the framework didn’t require any changes in textbooks based on the 2014 framework version.

0006_2015-07-30_APUSH Revisions Won’t Do: The College Board Needs Competition

0013_Letter from Scholars Across the Country Concerned About Advanced Placement History

Read this blog below to find out that good Type#1-based content in tests, designed to replace the Type#2 education tested by the ACT and SATs — is happening.  They are asking for help beta-testing their tests.

0084_Competition for the Common-Core-based ACT and SATs_looking for people to beta-test it

Common Core was subversively, coercively and dishonestly forced on the nation.

The huge push through Race to the Top (RTTT) that was used to coerce states into signing up for these national standards/common curriculum/ extensive data-gathering/ and the common assessment and testing entity – was greatly financed with the “Federal Stimulus Money.”  Congress had been told that our economy would collapse if they didn’t vote for the stimulus money.  Good people in Congress believed the lies, as did much of the public.  Congress voted for the “stimulus.”

But instead of using the stimulus money to “stimulate our economy” as promised, our administration and those in control, distributed the “stimulus” money to their pet projects and special interest groups, to increase federal power.  Much of the “stimulus” money ($3.5 billion given to the US Department of Education) was used to entice, threaten and bribe state school boards and legislatures into jumping on board with Common Core – the Race to the Top money was “stimulus” money.  You can learn details about all this on page 3 of the transcript found in the Blog piece on Karen Bracken’s Common Core: Subversive Threat to Education_April 8, 2013_YouTube.

Irreversible? extension of federal control

Like with all government handouts, Common Core has put in place seemingly irreversible requirements that came along with the “free” money.  States have been strapped with Common Core implementation expenses far beyond their budgets.  Our schools are continuing to collect data and upload it regularly to the national level, because that is part of the requirement of the Race to the Top money they accepted.  But even without Common Core, data gathering and snooping have been central to compulsory schooling for decades.  The agreements that came along with Common Core, though, required that all the data collected be uploaded nationally.

I certainly hope that we can pry the money out of the hands of those who are living off it, and begin to take back local control of public schooling, so we can change its content.

This Steamboat Institute debate  took place long before
most citizens began to realize that public officials
had intentionally or unintentionally
given up local control of standards, curriculum and assessments in
public education to the federal government
in 2010.

[Here is a link to a Transcript of the Common Core debate, broken into 37 sections corresponding to the 37 tracks]

A Denver Post article written in 2013 is linked – which states the dreams and expectations some people had of Common Core at that time.  That’s just what they were – dreams:
Critics linger, but Colorado girds for roll-out of Common Core
By Kevin SimpsonThe Denver Post
Posted:   02/10/2013 12:01:00 AM MST18 Comments | Updated:   3 years ago


ALL 37 LINKS TO THE 37 AUDIO TRACKS (August 23, 2013 Common Core debate).

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