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Donna Jack
May 5, 2016

Last week I read an article written by Phyllis Schlafly about the influx of Chinese students from Socialist Communist China, who are being accepted into colleges and universities, while in many cases at the same time, the applications of better-qualified American students are being turned down.  Repeat:  This is accepting non-citizens OVER better-qualified American students.

I’d like to add that we are paying for these colleges and universities with our tax dollars.  Even if American students are not as highly qualified, they should have an advantage of entrance over students from other countries.

In the Phyllis Schlafly Report for April 2016, you can read about a reason why fewer qualified American students are being accepted into colleges. 

The absence of free speech on most campuses is also discussed in this article.  She has some important information for people to be aware of.  Maybe it helps explain why so many Moms and Dads no longer recognize their own sons and daughters after they graduate from college!

Read a small portion of Phyllis’ article below, or go directly to a link to the full article:


Chinese Crowding Our College Campuses

“High school seniors are eagerly watching their mail this month, hoping for the “fat envelope” indicating acceptance by the college of their choice. Unfortunately, more American students are receiving the “thin envelope” because college acceptance rates are continuing their decade-long decline.

“The most selective public colleges, such as UCLA and Michigan, now take one out of six applicants, compared to one out of three a decade ago. Top private colleges, such as Stanford and Harvard, admit one out of 20 applicants, compared to one out of 10 a decade ago.

“What explains the steady disproportionate decline in college admission rates for America’s best high-school students? Is it really true that the percentage of high-school graduates who are prepared for college keeps getting smaller?  [note by editor:  Yes, the percentage of high-school graduates who are prepared is getting smaller, but ones that are qualified are being rejected in favor of Chinese students.  Phyllis points out reasons for some of those rejections.]

“One reason for this trend is the huge increase of students from foreign countries, especially China, who are admitted to study on American campuses. . . . ”   [To read the entire article, go to:  http://www.eagleforum.org/publications/psr/apr16.html.]



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