0095_This is not a police state. It’s a University. By Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University.

Donna Jack
May 20, 2016

The letter below was linked within the piece Derrick Wilburn sent out 10 days ago.  You can read part of Derrick’s letter in Blog 0094.

Long ago people should have refused to play the game of “political correctness.”  This self-censoring, which has led us to where we are today, may have brought us to a place of no return.  It is my sincere hope that it is not too late for our country.

On May 2, 2016, Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, boldly said no to the Department of Education (DOE).  In his letter, he carefully lays out his case, and I believe we all would benefit from studying it closely, and preparing to defend our right to self-government.  His letter follows:

“Everett Piper, President
Oklahoma Wesleyan University
May 2, 2016

“In recent years, the Department of Education (DOE) has chosen to send several “dear colleague” letters to all universities in the United States whereby it has presumed to progressively redefine Title IX to include three troubling new directives under the auspices of the 1972 law. The first directive sets forth the “transgender accommodation” mandate. It specifies that any male student who declares himself to be female must now be given full access to all female facilities and programs. The second directive specifies how colleges must investigate and adjudicate allegations of sexual harassment or sexual assault. It actually requires a process that often circumvents local law enforcement and its corresponding constitutional protections of all involved parties. A third directive, defines any unwelcome “verbal conduct of a sexual nature” as “sexual harassment.”

[to see the entire letter, click here.]

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