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Donna Jack
May 23, 2016, expanded in a revision 8:38 AM, May 24, 2016

This is the first blog post of several, on the subject of the orchestrated accelerating assault on our property rights and our liberty.  This theft is happening all across our country.

Below is the YouTube, “How HUD controls your property rights (and behavior), followed by a 2 ¾ minute transcript of an excerpt starting at the beginning of the YouTube.”  HUD is the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

[59 minutes and 44 second YouTube]

Published on May 23, 2016

John Anthony explains how HUD controls people and what people can do to fight back. White Plains, New York. May 16, 2016. For more information visit: sustainablefreedomlab.org

Through the public schools, television, radio, news outlets, the internet, Hollywood and the internet:  teachers, students, parent, and citizens in general, are being told that Affordable Housing is a loving thing.  They are not being told the real truth — that property rights are being secretly, intentionally stolen under the guise of kindness to the poor.  That translates into losing our ability to live freely, as John Anthony explains in the beginning of his YouTube, “How HUD controls your property rights (and behavior).”

[2 ¾ minute transcript of an excerpt that starts at the beginning of the YouTube video.]

“But what I want to do before I get into the HUD thing — all this is based on property rights, and the value of those.  So we really need to understand what property rights are.  And I have to tell you, as I travel around the nation, the biggest challenge I have is getting people to understand what their property rights are.  They figure, I can open and close my door, and lock it at night —  it’s my house — if I can buy and sell it, then I’ve got my property rights.  Right?  Everything’s OK.

“But we find, that’s not exactly what property rights are.  There’s a lot more to that.

“So, let me give you an example.

“If you saved your money, and you bought yourself a car.  Let’s say you saved whatever it is, you know, $30,000, $40,000, whatever it might be.  You got yourself a nice car.  And you came in to me, and I’m the sales guy, and you said, ‘Hey, John, here’s my $35,000.’  And I say, ‘Well that’s fine.  Here’s your car.’  You say, ‘Wow!  I own a car now.’

“Isn’t that neat.  You’ve got the car.  Great.

“But then I say, on your way out the door, ‘Well, wait a minute, this is one little string attached.  I didn’t tell you about this.  Because we are concerned about the environment — because we care about climate change — because we care about CO2, and all that kind of stuff — what I want to do is make sure that you don’t drive that car too much.  So we’re going to put this little chip in there.  No big deal.  It just lets us know how many miles you are driving each day, but it’s your car — so it’s not a problem.  Now each time you pull into a gas station I can actually read that chip and I can tell how far you’ve gone, so it just gives us a little bit of an understanding so we can kind of work together on this type of –.  And there is one other thing.  That car — you’re not going to be able to drive it more than 35 miles a day.  But the good thing is, on Sunday you can drive it 350 miles, so you know, you’re all set.’

“Now let me ask you a question:  You own that car, but who controls the car?  You or me?  I’m in complete control of that car, but I also control something else that’s even far more important than that car.  Anybody know what that is?  You — your freedom and your behavior.

“I now can control your behavior, if I can control your car.  Now let’s expand that.

“If I control your property, I control your behavior.

“Are you beginning to understand why I travel around the country as a retired person, who would really rather be out fishing and boating and swimming right now?  This is why.  Because I will not have my behavior controlled by anybody — maybe my dog and my kids, but —

“Our behavior is at risk.  Our ability to live freely is at risk.  In my personal opinion, there is nothing more important on the table that we’re going to talk about tonight.  So that’s why we’re here, and [why] we’re doing this kind of stuff,”   [2:42/59:44]

This is the first of several blogs that will talk about this subject of HUD moving into your neighborhood to take away your ability to live freely.  Among other things, it takes away your ability to have any say in the zoning in your neighborhood, and takes away the security you have, knowing the zoning in your neighborhood is not at the perpetual whim of the federal government, or a world government.

In the YouTube, John Anthony talks about how our property rights are being eroded without the general public being aware of it.

Hopefully an entire transcript of this talk will be provided in the future.  For now, this will at least begin to introduce you to what is systematically being attempted right now, in most of your neighborhoods, and across our country.

The battle is raging right now in my little unincorporated part of Jefferson County Colorado.



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