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0108_June 17, 2016_Louisiana to Require Teaching Cursive All the Way Through 12th Grade

Donna Jack
June 22, 2016

You may be aware that public schools DO NOT teach any cursive (unless some teachers are able to sneak it in).  They teach Type #2 education.  Sadly, it is getting increasingly impossible to sneak in good content (Type #1 education), because of the monitoring, and reporting-on teachers.  This monitoring and informing on each other is becoming more and more universal in the public schools.  Public schools almost universally teach teach Common Core Type #2 education.

Teaching cursive had already almost been eliminated in the public schools.  But then Common Core was implemented across the country, and Common Core teaches NO cursive.  Common Core, innocently sold simply as national standards, is federal standards that have directed national curriculum, testing and assessing.  It directs how teachers are taught in universities and in their conferences and retreats.  Schools want to pass the tests based on Common Core content.

Within the below-linked article you will find that Louisiana, which made it state law to teach cursive in grades 3 – 12, also replaced Common Core.  Sounds good but – unfortunately you will read that their new standards are pretty much the same as Common Core (with the exception that their state has mandated teaching cursive).

Note:  Louisiana had to replace another set of standards, to get out from under Common Core.  Why would a state want to get out from under Common Core if it is just a set of suggestions and recommendations?

Elimination of cursive in schools is just one, of the many things, that plays into the hands of those who want to make all the people in the United States illiterate so they can control them.  See:  0014_Making Americans Illiterate: A Key Factor in the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America 

Below, the different approaches for teaching are compared – only in the area of English, Language Arts and Reading.

You can see a more extensive comparison of other areas of teaching here: 0005_Comparison of Type #1 and Type #2 Education | Gramma Griizzly’s Corner

English, Language Arts, Reading (ELAR) Phonics; classical literature; cursive handwriting; grammar; usage; correct spelling; expository, persuasive, research writing Whole language, balanced literacy, Guided Reading; no cursive writing instruction so cannot read primary documents of Founding Fathers

Note:  in the article below, it states that public schools in Louisiana (including charter schools, which are public schools) will teach cursive from 3rd – 12th grade.


Louisiana to Require Teaching Cursive
All the Way Through 12th Grade

“Starting in 2017, students in Louisiana schools will learn cursive writing in 3rd grade—and they’ll keep getting instruction on it through graduation.

“A bill signed by Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards this week applies to both traditional public schools and charter schools.”

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0107_“Common Core isn’t preparing students very well for college or career, new report says” June 9, 2016_Valerie Strauss

Donna Jack
June 16, 2016

 “ the Core standards do not do academically what supporters said they would and that linking them to high-stakes tests harms students.

Below are excerpts from a June 9th article by Valerie Strauss, distributed
June 10th by Donna Garner <>.


6.9.16 – Washington Post

“Common Core isn’t preparing students very well for college or career, new report says”

By Valerie Strauss

A new report that surveys curriculum nationally and reaches thousands of K-12 and college instructors as well as workplace supervisors and employees has some bad news about the Common Core State Standards: Many people in education and the workplace don’t think some of the English Language Arts and math standards — which are being used in most states — are what students and workers need to be successful in college and career.

The report, issued by ACT Inc., finds:

  • There are gaps between some Core standards and what college instructors consider important for students to succeed — especially in the area of writing. For example, middle- and high-school teachers say that they have been emphasizing analyzing source texts and summarizing other authors’ ideas as required by the Core, but college instructors say they value this much less than the “ability to generate sound ideas — a skill applicable across much broader contexts.”
  • Though the Core standards were designed to prepare students for college and career, the survey found that many workplace supervisors and employees believe skills necessary for success are not part of the Core. Specifically, they say that the No. 1 skill that ensures success is “conscientiousness.”

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0106_Common Core – not what its supporters thought it was_Some history of Race to the Top (RTTT) and Common Core in Colorado

Donna Jack
June 15, 2016

the Core standards do not do academically what supporters said they would and that linking them to high-stakes tests harms students.” [This quotation is from an article written by Valerie Strauss, linked here, and spoken of in blog 0108.

From the beginning, many people knew where RTTT and Common Core would lead.

There are people across our country who have known since the introduction of Race to the Top (RTTT) in 2009, that it would be a giant step toward putting all control of public, private and home schooling, into the hands of a few people.

This is part of a planned takeover of the control of education by people outside our government.  It is being funded mostly by our own tax dollars.  This subject is talked about in blog 0074_Common Core: Subversive Threat to Education_Karen Bracken_April 8, 2013_YouTubeHere you can also find a “searchable” transcript of the entire YouTube of Karen Bracken’s presentation.

Those who want centralization of our education system were pleased with RTTT (the funding and implementation apparatus for Common Core).

People aware of this government take-over of our education system, have been spreading the word, in the hope of getting back local control.

Some people who in 2009 – 2004 were supporting Common Core and Race to the Top (RTTT) thought they would help improve our education system.

Some people who did not want centralized control, and at the same time didn’t understand the implications of RTTT (which forced Common Core education uniformity throughout our country) — still supported RTTT and Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  They gave their support to CCSS, thinking they would only be a national recommendation for minimum goals that individual states should aim for.  They would say, “Common Core State Standards are recommendations with no strings attached, and we can choose to follow or ignore them — they are just a recommended floor (minimum standard),  not a ceiling.”  They Continue reading

0105_“The Dark Side of Student Data Mining: It’s ineffective and puts children’s privacy at risk” By Karen R. Effrem, MD on June 3, 2016

Donna Jack
June 15, 2016

From the article below:  “Proven methods of education — teaching by human beings, plus focus on handwriting, classic literature, standard algorithms, and actual content knowledge — instead of skills-training and constant invasive psychological manipulation and assessment, are what already available data shows are effective.”

Schools keep using failed methods, and yet keep insisting on more money, bigger and better buildings to house students and teachers, with total control and secrecy.

Parents have no access to the school world of their own children.  In fact parents are, and  have been for several decades, considered the people who the students must be protected from.


6.3.16 – The Pulse

“The Dark Side of Student Data Mining: It’s ineffective and puts children’s privacy at risk”

By Karen R. Effrem, MD on June 3, 2016

Janice Gobert’s recent op-ed in US News & World Report is another classic example of the huge disconnect between parents and the big government and corporate education-technology “Big Data” machine. Big Data seems to believe computers can teach children better than teachers or parents. It also claims entitlement to constant data from our children, including psychological data, handsomely profiting corporations and government but destroying privacy and the student-teacher interaction, all without evidence of effectiveness. This is why informed parents and teachers in droves are rejecting the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core State Standards (CCSS), high-stakes testing, and “competency based” (“individualized”) education. Continue reading

0104_SJTP Discussion of proposed Constitutional Amendment and Proposed Ballot Initiatives_Stealing our money and liberty away from us_instructions how to use and search this website

Donna Jack
June 12, 2016

[Note:  Blog 0103 explains how to sign up to attend, to testify,
or to watch school board meetings from home,
live-streamed, or after the fact.]

The amendment and Initiatives that are
briefly discussed in this blog 0104, are listed below:

[You can hold down the “Ctrl”  “f” keys together, lift your hands from the keyboard, then type the number or name of the amendment, initiative or subject listed below, to find the very brief discussion of each item listed.  Hit “enter” until you find no more locations in this blog for what you are searching.]

Amendment 69
Initiatives 78 and 75
Jeffco School District Bond
Initiative 101
Initiative 117
A Mil Levy Override in Jefferson County
Bond Package
Tabor review

Today I got an email from Frank, a leader in the South Jeffco Tea Party.  In just a few sentences, he reported on the June 9th meeting they had.   You can read their brief summary of some of the things that will be on our November ballot.

One thing they didn’t mention at that meeting, but probably will at next month’s meeting, is a Mil Levy Override.  The Jeffco School Board will talk about and then take action on the Facilities Master Plan, the Bond, and the Mill Levy Override at this coming school board meeting Thursday (June 16).

Consider testifying before our school board on Thursday, June 16.  Let people know what our school board is planning to do.


Below is the email Frank sent out:

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0103_Information blog: June 14 and 16 BOE meetings_Tabor review, Bond and Mil Levy override_How to attend/testify/watch from home_(and take part in future meetings)

Donna Jack
June 11, 2016

This is an informational blog for this upcoming week, this summer and the upcoming school year.


What is on the agenda for each of the upcoming Jefco BOE meetings:
June 14th and June 16th?
[Click on the appropriate meeting date when you get to the link on the website.]

At the June 14th meeting:

2. Study/Dialogue Session
2.01 TABOR Review with Charlie Brown (EL-11)
2.02 Initial Direction on Facilities Master Plan (EL-7, 8)

2.03 Initial Direction on Mill Levy Override (EL-7)
At the June 16th meeting:
2. Study/Dialogue Session
2.01 Public Hearing: Facilities Master Plan, Bond, Mill Levy Override (EL-11)

2.02 Direction on Facilities Master Plan (EL-8)
2.03 Direction on Bond Package

2.04 Direction on Mill Levy Override (EL-11)


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0102_Only the wealthy should have the right of petition (Initiative 96, on ballot Nov 2016)__I THINK NOT!_dj commentary and an email from Jon Caldara

Donna Jack
June 7, 2016

[NOTE:  People across the country will be surprised
to find that things on our Colorado November ballot
will be similar to things on their November ballot.

You can read Jon Caldera’s email later in this blog, or view it in your browser.

The main proposed initiative that will be discussed in this post is Initiative 96, and its final version filed with the Secretary of State can be found here.

At the top of this post you will see “2016 November Ballot” in red letters.  Click on those words to get to other articles on this website that talk about the November 2016 Ballot; or go to the Table of contents which is on a separate page of this website.  Search for articles of interest there.

At the Colorado Secretary of State’s office you will find:
a list of the Initiative Filings, Agendas and Results
     proposed amendments and initiatives,
     along with deadline dates for comment — and a lot more information.

The results from this election will greatly impact your life.

It will take effort on our part to know which things on the November ballot preserve or expand our freedom and liberty — or destroy them.

Find out who is behind each initiative or constitutional amendment and who is supporting each.  Find out who wants them passed, and, if passed, what their passage will do to freedom [The ability to Think, Speak, and Act without Externally Imposed Restraint*] and our liberty [Immunity from Arbitrary Exercise of Authority*].  (*Note:  the definitions with * are from flash cards made by the Center for Self Governance … )

Study to discover unintended consequences.  The initiative or constitutional amendment may sound good, but may take away freedom and liberty.  Share what you learn with others.

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0101_Call U.S. Senate today! June 7, 2016_Stop US Senate from forcing all women ages 18-26 to register for the Selective Service and directing the Pentagon to study whether or not we need to force women into combat roles_Heritage Action

Donna Jack
June 7, 2016/updated 10:12 AM  MST

This is a time sensitive message from Heritage Action, asking us to call the US Senate today.  >>Contact Information for Senate 

2016-06-06_Sentinel Hub_supplemental material from extracted notes on mandatory selective service for women

The U.S. Senate is considering its version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  Please call to urge them to vote YES on Senator Mike Lee’s amendment to strike the draft requirement for women.

If you see this after today, or hear that this was pulled out of the NDAA, you may want to call anyway.  It would let your US Senator know citizens are watching and care about their freedom!   >>Contact Information for Senate 

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0100_The Obama administration’s directive May 13, 2016 that every public school provide transgender access to bathrooms_should people remain silent?

Donna Jack
June 2, 2016 [updated 2016-06-06]

[Reference Blog 0099_Title IX isn’t referring to bathrooms in schools!_Henry Burke_May 31, 2016]

“Obama administration tells public schools to let transgender students use bathrooms of their choice | [article dated May 13, 2016], Fox News”
The Obama administration’s directive Friday that every public school provide transgender access — or face the loss of federal funds — drew swift and strong …


Just a few questions and comments:

I certainly hope it is not only “conservatives” who are upset with this directive.

Is our country so far gone that people will accept this directive from the President of the United States, to let transgenders pick their bathroom?  Do we care what our children are taught and what they are exposed to?

Do parents realize that they are sending their children to schools where a person of the opposite sex could legally show up in a bathroom with their child, if we don’t stand up and fight?  Why would parents send their children to schools where their children are asked if they think they should be a different sex than what is stated on their birth certificate?  Why are parents sending their children to learn that anyone who disagrees with this “loving liberality” is hateful, and should be shut up?

Where is modesty?  Do people care that innocence is being stolen from children of all ages and all religious (or non-religious) backgrounds?  Where is decency?  Why throw out all traditional sense of Judeo/Christian morals and propriety, in order to be politically correct and get out of the way for the new world order that does not believe in God?  Why sacrifice our children?

Shouldn’t armies of parents (and other citizens) be paying attention to what has been happening in the schools for a long time, and what is happening to the children in the schools today?

0099_Title IX isn’t referring to bathrooms in schools!_Henry Burke_May 31, 2016

Donna Jack
June 2, 2016

Last night I returned home after a refreshing visit to a small farming community in the Midwest.  We were there for the Memorial Day weekend, the Memorial Day ceremony at the local cemetery on Monday, and visits with friends and family.

Emails were waiting to greet me when we arrived home!

One of those emails is below and deals with a very current issue:  What is the government, and specifically our US President, doing telling us that in schools and elsewhere, boys can use girls’ bathrooms, and that girls can use boys’ bathrooms?


 [5.31.16 — Henry W. Burke is a fully certified Civil Engineer with a B.S.C.E. and M.S.C.E.  He has been a Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) for 37 years and has worked as a Civil Engineer in construction for over 40 years. Mr. Burke is a genius with statistics, and he has taken the Obama administration’s own 2015 report from the U. S. Census Bureau to formulate his tables that prove the numbers of transgenders in this country are exceptionally small.

“This is roughly 7 transgenders per 100,000 people. In an 87,000-seat football stadium, there would be about 3 transgender people.”  

This report is fully documented and can be used as a part of legal briefings by those states, organizations, and individuals who are fighting Obama’s illegal transgender bathroom decree.  – Donna Garner]

 “Do Not Let Obama Bully America’s Schools”  By Henry W. Burke  5.31.16

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex.  Of course, “sex” refers to the biological reality of being male or female, not how a person perceives his/her gender identity.

The number of transgender individuals in the U.S. is actually quite small.  According to a reliable U.S. Census Bureau report, there are about 16,000 transgender individuals in the U.S.  This is roughly 7 transgenders per 100,000 people.

In an 87,000-seat football stadium, there would be about 3 transgender people.  In a similar way, Omaha, Nebraska has around 14 transgenders and Lincoln, Nebraska has about 9 transgender individuals.

Similar calculations for Texas would yield 30 transgender people in Austin, Texas, 42 transgenders in Dallas, Texas and 4 transgender individuals in Waco, Texas.

The Obama Administration officials are threatening lawsuits and the loss of federal funding unless the schools submit to their unconstitutional dictates.

Does Obama really want to withhold funds and take away the nutrition programs from low-income students?