0100_The Obama administration’s directive May 13, 2016 that every public school provide transgender access to bathrooms_should people remain silent?

Donna Jack
June 2, 2016 [updated 2016-06-06]

[Reference Blog 0099_Title IX isn’t referring to bathrooms in schools!_Henry Burke_May 31, 2016]

“Obama administration tells public schools to let transgender students use bathrooms of their choice | [article dated May 13, 2016], Fox News”

The Obama administration’s directive Friday that every public school provide transgender access — or face the loss of federal funds — drew swift and strong …




Just a few questions and comments:

I certainly hope it is not only “conservatives” who are upset with this directive.

Is our country so far gone that people will accept this directive from the President of the United States, to let transgenders pick their bathroom?  Do we care what our children are taught and what they are exposed to?

Do parents realize that they are sending their children to schools where a person of the opposite sex could legally show up in a bathroom with their child, if we don’t stand up and fight?  Why would parents send their children to schools where their children are asked if they think they should be a different sex than what is stated on their birth certificate?  Why are parents sending their children to learn that anyone who disagrees with this “loving liberality” is hateful, and should be shut up?

Where is modesty?  Do people care that innocence is being stolen from children of all ages and all religious (or non-religious) backgrounds?  Where is decency?  Why throw out all traditional sense of Judeo/Christian morals and propriety, in order to be politically correct and get out of the way for the new world order that does not believe in God?  Why sacrifice our children?

Shouldn’t armies of parents (and other citizens) be paying attention to what has been happening in the schools for a long time, and what is happening to the children in the schools today?

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