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Donna Jack
June 12, 2016

[Note:  Blog 0103 explains how to sign up to attend, to testify,
or to watch school board meetings from home,
live-streamed, or after the fact.]

The amendment and Initiatives that are
briefly discussed in this blog 0104, are listed below:

[You can hold down the “Ctrl”  “f” keys together, lift your hands from the keyboard, then type the number or name of the amendment, initiative or subject listed below, to find the very brief discussion of each item listed.  Hit “enter” until you find no more locations in this blog for what you are searching.]

Amendment 69
Initiatives 78 and 75
Jeffco School District Bond
Initiative 101
Initiative 117
A Mil Levy Override in Jefferson County
Bond Package
Tabor review

Today I got an email from Frank, a leader in the South Jeffco Tea Party.  In just a few sentences, he reported on the June 9th meeting they had.   You can read their brief summary of some of the things that will be on our November ballot.

One thing they didn’t mention at that meeting, but probably will at next month’s meeting, is a Mil Levy Override.  The Jeffco School Board will talk about and then take action on the Facilities Master Plan, the Bond, and the Mill Levy Override at this coming school board meeting Thursday (June 16).

Consider testifying before our school board on Thursday, June 16.  Let people know what our school board is planning to do.


Below is the email Frank sent out:

Don Ytterberg gave a great talk about the initiatives we are likely to see on the ballot next November. Wow!

The far left is aiming for its own little FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION of Colorado using initiatives. Here are some of Don’s and our thoughts on what’s coming.

* Amendment 69, aka “ColoradoCare.” The Social Justice Warriors want socialized medicine and to double income taxes in Colorado!

* Initiatives 78 and 75. The Big Green Lobby funded by California billionaires wants to close down the the oil and gas industry in Colorado–one of Colorado’s largest employers

* Jeffco Schools Bond Issue. (No number yet). Big Labor and Big Education want the Jeffco Schools to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars

* Initiative 101. Big Labor wants to raise the minimum wage a lot; and

* Initiative 117. The big spenders and corrupt cronyists in Colorado (R and D alike) want to gut TABOR.

So there it is. Don will be at our next meeting on July 14 too, and will talk about more ballot initiatives that are coming.



June 14 and 15 Jeffco BOE meetings,
and planned actions.

The Mil Levy Override,  a Tabor review, and a Bond package, will be discussed at the June 14th and 16th Jefferson County School Board meetings.  On the 16th, the school board will “take action” on these three issues.  [This information is taken from the school district website]

There are two school board meetings this week:  June 14th and June 15th.  At the meeting on the 16th, people can give testimony, if they sign up ahead of time.  Information on how to attend,sign up to testify, and instructions on rules, is found in blog 0103.


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