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0121_One year ago this blog began – Instructions on how to search and use this website_links to many Blogs where you can watch and listen to people tell what is going on in the public schools — by Donna Jack

Donna Jack
July 28, 2016

Use this website for research, and resources.

This blog site has been in existence one year.  I never imagined the work it would take:  to begin learning how to use it, to design a workable format, to start posting, or to  gather good information and keep writing regularly.  Continuing to post regularly can encourage some people to return for more information.  New blog posts appear at least  every week or so (or more frequently).  I aim for weekly.

The Table of Contents helps you easily navigate all the blog posts

In the Table of Contents, you can see the title of each blog, when it was posted, and click the title to get to the blog post.

One of the frustrations I had almost immediately was this:  I would do a tremendous amount of research and work, post a blog, and then it was like all that work disappeared when I posted more blogs.  It was impossible (even for me) to navigate the website.  The  Table of Contents  easily presents, at least on a surface level, what is on the site, and where to find it.

I want to make it even more useful, but may not have the time to carry out that plan.

Why am I doing this website anyway?  — to seek and share truth.

Too many people today have been conditioned to believe that truth is whatever you think it is — or what you are told it is.  I know that truth does exist, and that truth is not relative.  If you look around at the collapse of our society, the main reason for the collapse is the conditioning people have gone through to believe lies.  People believe:   “Truth is relative” — “truth is whatever you want it to be” — “what I believe and what you believe are equally valid” — “if you don’t believe in relative truth, you are wrong and need to be shut up.”

My main purpose is to keep seeking real truth, share what I find, share resources I have found, and hopefully encourage others to wake up, seek truth on their own and escape lies they have been told.  Then they can help themselves and help others.  Truth is freedom — lies are slavery.

More reasons for this site:

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0120_Summary of education issues in the 2016-2017 school year_Bond and Mill Levy Override (taxes) to be on November ballot__Data-gathering video and transcript_PERA — by Donna Jack

Donna Jack
July 26, 2016/edited July 27, 2016 10:30 PM


School Board meeting Thursday, July 28, 2016.

July 22nd, Helen Neal sent out a notice of the first 2016-2017 school year Jefferson County Colorado School Board (Jeffco BOE) special meeting – study/dialogue session.  Helen is Chief of Staff Superintendent/Board of Education.  Near the end of this blog is a link with more information and information about the meeting.  There you will find information telling you how to get on the notification email list concerning all school board meetings (three or more a month).

Because of what public schools have become, I am sad

to see the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year in Jefferson County, Colorado.  I have witnessed this mess progressively developing since I became aware of the problems in the 1960s.

Some of you may not be aware that schools are not what the taxpayer thinks they are paying for.

Some things that sadden me:

Parents, once again, will be told how great their children are doing (or how miserable they are doing, and that they need to be put on drugs, and fixed by the system).  Parents  will be told how wonderful the schools are, and how excellent their school district is, compared to other school districts (but not told that all school districts keep declining every year).

Most students will be stressed because of all the pressure to “perform” — caused by the lack of tools they have been given to succeed in school (like reading!).  A huge percentage of students are put on mind-control drugs to make them more docile/compliant.  Most kids don’t want to  hurt their teachers and their school, so their own failures to perform will put more pressure on them — they will miss the chance to experience excitement in learning and the adventure of exploring and discovering — they will not enjoy school — they will be dumbed down.

Teachers will be overburdened and discouraged by the controls and requirements that will be forced on them.  They will use their teaching skills less this year,  and they will increasingly be relegated to being “room monitors” while “experts” and computers will individually “school each student.”   They will continue gathering every bit of information they possibly can, on each of their students, and coordinating with every person who has contact with each student.  All the information on a child will continue to be gathered and placed on a dashboard, to make it easier for each child to be analyzed by more people.

The public will be told that the schools must have more money, in order to better teach students.  It is not true.  Increased amounts of money keep being poured into the schools — and the results are:  more social experiments and social engineering — less education — less morality — and more poorly-educated people.

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0119_the Denver Post weighed in on the “troubling spin” Colorado’s PERA pension system executives are putting on their 2015 returns

Donna Jack
July 26, 2016

At, you read that:   “Colorado PERA provides retirement and other benefits to more than 500,000 current and former teachers, State Troopers, snowplow drivers, corrections officers, and other public employees who provide valuable services to all of Colorado.”

Below is Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton’s email dated June 30, 2016, forwarding a June 23, 2016 article by The Denver Post editorial board.


From: Walker Stapleton <>
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016 4:15 PM
Subject: ICYMI: PERA’s troubling spin

Trouble viewing this email? Read it online


In case you missed it, last week the Denver Post weighed in on the “troubling spin” Colorado’s pension system executives are putting on their 2015 returns that fell way below their goals.

We have been highlighting this issue for 6 years now. We must roll up our sleeves and address this problem head on!

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0118_July 16, 2016_Big Education’s Not-So-Secret Effort to Marginalize Teachers__Emmett McGroarty, Jane Robbins

Donna Jack
July 17, 2016

Something has to stop the insane direction of public education in the United States.  Teachers have been progressively pushed out of being teachers, into just being room monitors.  What kind of a profession is that for a 4-year degree (and all the additional continuous college learning)?  What’s being done to our children?

Here’s an article Donna Garner passed on yesterday — about the continuous move to turn schools into factories where some all-knowing people have decided how to shape the minds of every student — into who knows what?!?

Note also that teachers will be trained in “virtual” classrooms, with simulations of students — so that the teachers can be standardized!

And we are funding this garbage.  Ouch!


7.16.16 – Conservative Review


By: Emmett McGroartyJane Robbins

As we’ve pointed out, so-called “personalized learning” is the current fad in progressive education. But observing personalized learning in action reveals that the term is misleading. Perhaps we should call it “de-personalized” learning.

Most parents don’t realize that the “personalization” aspect of this digital training (not to be confused with education) comes not from extra attention paid by a good teacher, but from creepy mind-mapping and psychological analysis. The sophisticated software used in these interactive digital platforms can evaluate exactly how the child’s mind works (including socio-emotional characteristics) and so, theoretically, tailor the training to fit his needs. 

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0117_Another Teacher Vents About Guided Reading_forwarded by Donna Garner 2016-07-14

Donna Jack
July 17, 2016

“Another Teacher Vents About Guided Reading”
From Donna Garner
After I posted the Texas classroom teacher’s comments about the misguided Guided Reading curriculum (by Fountas and Pinnell) being used across the country, I received the following from another reading teacher who is totally disenchanted with Guided Reading. I am also keeping this second teacher’s name confidential to protect her from any retaliation from her local school district.  
[The link to the first teacher’s complaint is posted at the bottom of this page.] 
As a middle school reading teacher in a district that has used Guided Reading in elementary school since 2003, I can agree 100% with that letter!  If your reading program is strong, you shouldn’t need a reading intervention program at the middle school level; yet the administration doesn’t seem to make that connection!
Each year, the building I teach at receives about 120 incoming 6th graders who are testing from 1.5 to 3 grade levels behind in reading vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension!  We have four middle schools in our large district and the others receive even more students!

0116_Fix PERA (Public Employees’ Retirement Association) if you care about the kids_July 12th editorial by The Gazette editorial board.

Donna Jack
July 17, 2016

Our Colorado State Treasurer, Walker Stapleton,  forwarded an article by The Gazette editorial board published July 12, 2016.

The editorial board pleaded that the union, PERA (the Public Employees’ Retirement Association), stop ignoring their devastating financial shortages, and fix PERA, “if you care about the kids.”



Fix PERA, if you care about kids


By The Gazette editorial board
July 12, 2016

As November’s election nears, politicians will remind us how much they love children. But kissing babies is not enough. Colorado voters should demand ideas for fixing the state’s troubled pension plan, the Public Employees’ Retirement Association.

Children aren’t worried about retirement systems. That is precisely why politicians and bureaucrats can claim concern for young generations while acting as if nothing is wrong with a massive state program that is certain to burden them in their working years.

Last year, PERA netted only 1.5 percent gains on its investments. It is not an issue of terrible investment strategies or poor management. Given low interest rates and the general state of the market, 1.5 percent is not a failing grade. Some argue we are fortunate the investments did not lose money.

Regardless of cause, the 1.5 percent return is alarming for a system that needs to gain investment returns of at least 7.5 percent each year to be fully funded by the late 2050s.

And here’s what’s even more troubling. PERA management acted like the 1.5 percent was something to celebrate.

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0115_Upcoming Scheduled Appearances of Curtis Bowers around the United States, through July 2016

Donna Jack
July 15, 2016/added more links 2016-07-19

This morning I received this schedule from the Bowers family, for upcoming Locations where Curtis Bowers will speak through July.

15 Woodland Park, CO
17 Colorado Springs, CO
18-20 Kansas City, KS
22 Grand Rapids, Michigan
25 Petoskey, Michigan
26 Detroit, Michigan

Look at blogs 0110, 0111, and 0114 to get more information about Curtis, see trailers of the documentaries Agenda and Agenda 2;  how to contact him through email, phone, traditional mail; and how to purchase his documentaries, charts from the movies, etc.

Contact him to see if he can come to your area.

0114_Two more chances in Colorado to hear movie producer Curtis Bowers, and watch his movie “Agenda 2″_July 15 and 16

Donna Jack
July 14, 2016
(July 15, 2016_ update with link to information on appearances in other states through July 2016)


07/15/2016 – Woodland Park, CO at Ute Pass Cultural Center
07/17/2016 – Colorado Springs, CO at Stargazers Theatre

LAST EVENING’S SHOWING OF AGENDA 2 (in Colorado — see other states where Curtis Bowers will be appearing through July 2016)

Last evening Curtis Bowers and four of his nine children were at the Evergreen, Colorado showing of Agenda 2.

Other blogs (with links to his site) that speak of the summer 2016 Curtis Bowers Colorado tour:  Blogs 0110 and 0111.

Up until around Thanksgiving, the Bowers family plans to continue their United States tour promoting the documentary Agenda 2 —   revealing the truth about the deliberately-designed and executed plan to destroy our country.

You have two more chances (July 15 and 17) to meet Curtis Bowers in Colorado, listen to him speak, ask questions, and visit with him before and after the showing of his second documentary, Agenda 2.

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0113_Report of failure of the absolutely worst reading program [Guided Reading] ever devised by the mind of man

0112_The Hegelian Dialectic–Problem, Reaction, Solution _ YouTube_ published 2013-07-07

Donna Jack
July 12, 2016

The YouTube below about the Hegelian Dialectic, explains how the Hegelian Dialectic is implemented.  Here is linked a transcription of the movie clip.

“Former Communist Jerry Kirk answers: ‘The idea is to create a situation where the people are so frightened of the violence all around them, that they will throw their hands up in the air and demand, ‘Federal Government, do something!’ – and the only choice open will be marshal law.”

To resist being conditioned to react in fear, we must first understand what is going on.

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