0112_The Hegelian Dialectic–Problem, Reaction, Solution _ YouTube_ published 2013-07-07

Donna Jack
July 12, 2016

The YouTube below about the Hegelian Dialectic, explains how the Hegelian Dialectic is implemented.  Here is linked a transcription of the movie clip.

“Former Communist Jerry Kirk answers: ‘The idea is to create a situation where the people are so frightened of the violence all around them, that they will throw their hands up in the air and demand, ‘Federal Government, do something!’ – and the only choice open will be marshal law.”

To resist being conditioned to react in fear, we must first understand what is going on.

Citizens, and especially those running for elected offices, and those in elected and appointed positions, need to understand this tactic intended to program them to be willing to progressively give away our freedoms.  With this knowledge, they can avoid being “useful idiots” used to destroy our country.

Published on Jun 7, 2013

The first step (thesis) is to create a problem. The second step (antithesis) is to generate opposition to the problem (fear, panic and hysteria). The third step (synthesis) is to offer the solution to the problem created by step one: A change which would have been impossible to impose upon the people without the proper psychological conditioning achieved in stages one and two.

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