0114_Two more chances in Colorado to hear movie producer Curtis Bowers, and watch his movie “Agenda 2″_July 15 and 16

Donna Jack
July 14, 2016
(July 15, 2016_ update with link to information on appearances in other states through July 2016)


07/15/2016 – Woodland Park, CO at Ute Pass Cultural Center
07/17/2016 – Colorado Springs, CO at Stargazers Theatre

LAST EVENING’S SHOWING OF AGENDA 2 (in Colorado — see other states where Curtis Bowers will be appearing through July 2016)

Last evening Curtis Bowers and four of his nine children were at the Evergreen, Colorado showing of Agenda 2.

Other blogs (with links to his site) that speak of the summer 2016 Curtis Bowers Colorado tour:  Blogs 0110 and 0111.

Up until around Thanksgiving, the Bowers family plans to continue their United States tour promoting the documentary Agenda 2 —   revealing the truth about the deliberately-designed and executed plan to destroy our country.

You have two more chances (July 15 and 17) to meet Curtis Bowers in Colorado, listen to him speak, ask questions, and visit with him before and after the showing of his second documentary, Agenda 2.


At their appearances across the country, they sell their products at 50% discount (compared to their online pricing).  At the upcoming events July 15 and 17, you can purchase the following, (they all are also sold online as well, except for the family video):

1) both of his documentaries,
2) charts used in the movies that show the relationships of the people and organizations behind the orchestration of the ongoing destruction of our country,
3) a family-friendly video
4) and two books written by Curtis’ father, a retired college professor.

Note:  If you purchase several of each product, you can study them and share — to wake up people, and give them resources to understand and spread the truth.  [Note:  your purchases and contributions will enable the Bowers family to continue to spread the truth.]

Two of Curtis’ events still to happen in Colorado:

07/15/2016 – Woodland Park, CO at Ute Pass Cultural Center
07/17/2016 – Colorado Springs, CO at Stargazers Theatre

A report on meeting last evening.

The meeting last night was video-recorded.  DVDs of Mr. Bowers’ presentation before and after the showing of Agenda 2  might become available.

I was not disappointed in any way with the gathering last evening!  Curtis Bowers is, in person, exactly like he is in both of his documentaries.  He is rational; even tempered; considerate; upbeat; and respectfully speaks the truth, with peaceful, gentle confidence, and strength.  The atmosphere was one of hope and possibilities.

See the trailers to both of his movies at www.agendadocumentary.com.



[See the Quotations page of this Website for more quotes:  https://jeffcoeducationtruth.com/grammagrizzly/quotations

Agustin Blazquez:  “I grew up in Cuba, and I never thought that Cuba would become a Communist country.  Many people at that time warned Cuba that what was going on was a Communistic takeover.  We would say, “No, that won’t happen here.”  No one even dreamed that, and I see the same things repeated here in the United States now.  And I feel very uncomfortable about it, because I know what is the end of it.  And I know that after a while there will be absolutely nothing that the American people will be able to do.  And they will lose everything – everything they own, everything they know, and don’t even think that you will be even safe inside your own house, because you won’t be.  They will come and get you wherever you are.  They will take your arms.  They will take everything, and your way of life, everything, and you will be just a pawn of the state.”


This quoted material is taken from the Curtis Bowers documentary, Agenda 2.  It is Curtis Bowers speaking:

“An experience we had along the way finally put into place a missing piece of the puzzle.  We had a TEA Party group that met monthly at a local community college in Minnesota.  We showed the film Agenda, and then afterwards, as I was answering questions, a man stood up.

“He said, ‘I want to congratulate you on your research and how you found all the Socialist-Communist influences that have changed America.  My hat’s off to you,’ and  I said, ‘Thank you, sir.’

“But then he stopped, and I could tell something was coming.  He said, ‘I want to tell you something.  I’m a professor at this college.  I am a Communist, and we will win, because we’re taking all your children.’  And then he walked out.

“A woman in the front row, who was crying, said, ‘How could he be at our little community college?’  I said, ‘Ma’am, he is in every school in America.’”


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