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0130_Bill Ayers (Communist) YouTube_Left can change the country through the schools, because they have control of the schools _ Donna Garner links article on social-emotional learning (SEL)_chilling

Donna Jack
August 31, 2016

In an earlier blog I linked to a YouTube of Bill Ayers, a Communist who used to say on his website that he was for the violent overthrow of the United States.  In the YouTube he says that the Left can change the country through their power in the schools.

The Blog:

0036_Bill Ayers explains the left’s power is in schools and classrooms – YouTube                                                                         10/26/15


Below is an email from Donna Garner, talking about the Social-Emotional Learning Standards coming to our schools.  (It’s been taking place for a very long time, but this is the latest phase in increased application.) Continue reading

0129_Analysis of Amendment 69_by Senator Kevin Lundberg_trifold

Donna Jack
August 25, 2016/updated 11:06 PM

Linked is Colorado Senator Kevin Lundberg’s analysis of the 2016 Amendment 69.

Amendment 69 is one of several amendments that will appear on the ballot this November.  If it passes, it will take over control of all medical care in the state of Colorado, and the board of Colorado Care will not be accountable to voters or have any government oversight.  It is a gross understatement to say passage of Amendment 69 will cause havoc in our state.

You can download Senator Kevin Lundberg’s analysis of Amendment 69 that is in the format of a tri-fold.  It can easily be printed out and shared with people.

Here is the actual wording of all 12 pages of Amendment 69.

Click here to access other blogs on this site that deal with the necessity to vote against Amendment 69.



0128_Dr. Jill Vecchio explaining in online video why to Vote NO on Amendment 69 — which will be on this November’s ballot

Donna Jack
August 25, 2016, updated 8:17 PM.

Here is a link to the entire 12-page proposed Amendment 69 Initiative measure.  Become familiar with this document.  Check it against any explanation booklet you see.

Below I have used most of the words that came in an email from Healthcare Options that Work, re-arranged some of the words, and pasted in the link with a picture:




Watch This Short Video

 And Learn From a Colorado Physician What “Coloradocare” Single-Payer Healthcare Means For You, Your Family, And Your State.


Continue reading

0127_”The Purpose of Education” by Dave Miller, Ph.D_original declarations and purposes of ivy league colleges/universities_Without religion there can’t be virtue, and without virtue there can be no liberty.

Donna Jack
August 25, 2016   4:32 PM

The previous blog (Blog 0126) is an introduction to Dave Miller’s article,
The Purpose of Education.

Dave’s article below, presents early declarations and statements connected with the beginnings of six of our ivy league colleges.  The article explains, among other things, that the purpose of education in America was to train students to follow God’s instruction in the Bible — “the only foundation of all sound knowledge and learning,” — in order to live right, and to maintain our “republican form of government.”  See near the end of Blog 0126 for a discussion of what is meant by “republican form of government.”  “Republican” in this context, and in this article, DOES NOT refer to a political party!

This article was first published by Apologetics press.

by Dave Miller, Ph. D

The present period of American history surely will be shown to be a tragic time for education. Sinister forces essentially have hijacked American schools in order to make converts to their immoral, anti-Christian ideologies. They wish to convince young minds to accept their agenda and embrace their values. For example, homosexual activists wish to persuade young people that homosexuality ought to be accepted as legitimate sexual behavior—and even something that the student ought to try (e.g., Kertscher, 2006). The atheistic evolutionists seek to promote the theory of evolution as the correct view of origins, thereby dispelling belief in God and the Creation account of the Bible (Lyons and Butt, 2007). A host of additional advocates are working actively to articulate their own reasons for education.

In contrast to this subversion, most parents see education simply as part of the process that will prepare their children for adulthood. Typically, that preparation consists primarily of a “good education.” But why do parents want their children to go to school and get a “good” education? Most would answer: “so my child will be able to make a good living.” In other words, parents want their children to be able to secure a suitable job that will, in turn, secure their financial future. They want their children to be able to support themselves and their families. No doubt you have seen the commercials that correlate number of years of education with annual income.

But what about the intentions of those who founded the schools of America? Continue reading

0126_Introduction to “The Purpose of Education” by Dave Miller, Ph.D_original declarations and purposes of ivy league colleges/universities_what is “secular”? – what is “republican” government?

Donna Jack
August 25, 2016

Monday through Friday last week I was watching three of our grandchildren and then went to a church camp out over the weekend.  Great experiences!   So I’m late on this blog.  Sorry.

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“The Purpose of Education, linked here, and which you can read in blog 0127, presents some history of America that students in our public schools never hear (or if ever, possibly in some classical education schools).

Below you will read declarations and purposes published from the beginnings of Harvard, William and Mary, Yale, Princeton, and Dartmouth.  The author of the article states that  “this listing could be significantly expanded.”

Education in this country did not begin as secular/humanist.  It did not begin without any  regard for God, or denial of His existence.  Did you have a knee-jerk reaction reading those statements?  Have you been thoroughly “conditioned” in school?

Schooling today in our country, and in recent history, has increasingly taught that America was never founded on Christian principles, and that those people who recognized God were very few in number, if they existed at all. Continue reading

0125_Strangers on a train find friendship_by John Newkirk, columnist_find it in July 27, 2016 edition of The Columbine Courier, other papers, and also in this post that has links to John’s supporting information

Donna Jack
August 13, 2016 – 3:43 p.m./
Aug 15, 2016 added John’s article with live hyperlink

Last evening, as I was leaving the home of a friend, she told me of John Newkirk’s  July Column that she had thoroughly enjoyed.  It was in The Columbine Courier.  His columns also appear in the Canyon Courier, Golden Transcript and other papers  printed in Jefferson County, Colorado.

When I asked my friend if I could borrow the article, she gladly gave it to me to keep.

If you find that you like John’s writing, let Doug Bell know.  He is the Editor.  (303) 350-1039

Preview of John’s column:

During this past summer, John Newkirk and his family took a trip to Europe, in celebration of his parents’ 65th wedding anniversary.  That indeed was something to celebrate as a family.

You will be fascinated by  his fine piece of writing, as you ride along with John and his family, on a train in Europe.  And as you are drawn into this snapshot, you will find  geography, history, current events, observations, philosophy, surprises, destruction and kindness  — eventually being asked to look ahead and recognize that you will face choices in the future to destroy or to comfort.


0124_Aug. 7, 2016_Open Letter_Destroying Students’ Chances to Succeed_“21st century learning” agenda [e.g., collaboration, project-based learning (PBL), constructivism, Common Core-compliant methods)_By Donna Garner who tells of her experience teaching PBL

Donna Jack
August 13, 2016

The information below from Donna Garner is not simply going on in Texas.

“Education” is being abandoned for “Schooling” throughout our country.  In the United States “schooling” is being completely standardized — forced on every student.  It is a shift away from an “education” of equal opportunity through the learning of knowledge-based skills (reading, writing, science, history, math, etc.).

See the Home Page of this website and Post 0005 for more information on the “education” that has been trashed, and the “schooling” that has replaced it (Type #1 vs Type 2)

Rather than “opportunity” — planned equal “outcomes”  are the goal.  One of these “outcomes” is to program every child to change their world view from nationalism to globalism — support for a government-controlled economy — for a state-directed economy.  Children are being made into “human capital” for those who plan to control and use them.

The 13-minute video of testimony linked below — is testimony by a mother explaining the attempts to manipulate the thinking of her daughter, using 21st Century Learning.


Re:  Collaboration and Project-Based Learning

Donna Garner <>
Sat 8/6/2016 7:32 AMDonna Garner

This is a must see — Alice Linahan’s short-but-fascinating testimony at the 8.3.16 Texas Senate Education Committee hearing — Using her own daughter’s experiences in a Texas public school classroom, Alice explains the disastrous consequences of the “21st century learning” agenda (e.g., collaboration, project-based learning, constructivism, Common Core-compliant methods).  


Continue reading

0123_CCU Program August 8, 2016_ What’s the Future of Education Reform in Colorado?

Donna Jack
August 7, 2016

You can watch streamed live at

[Below – the email sent out this week about August 8, 2016 program]

What’s the Future of Education Reform in Colorado?

After the school board recall losses in Jefferson County, the current turmoil with the Douglas County school board, recent voucher cases before courts, the growth of charter schools, and challenges over state-wide testing and common core, what is next for education reform in Colorado? What are the issues confronting parents and how do we continue to improve school choice, the quality of our local schools, and the experience for our administrators and teachers?

As many of us prepare to send our children back to school this fall, join the Centennial Institute for an important discussion on education reform with three educational leaders:

Dean Debora Scheffel, Dean and Professor of Education at Colorado Christian University, State Board of Education Member.
Pam Benigno, Director of the Independence Institute’s Education Policy Center.
Brad Miller, JD, Counsel for large school districts and more than 20 charter schools. This included representation of the JeffCo and Thompson school boards from 2013 until December, 2015.

Date: Monday, August 8, 2016
Time: 7:00-8:30pm
Location: Colorado Christian University, Leprino Hall 170
Address: 180 S. Garrison St. Lakewood, CO 80226

Attendees must RSVP.

0122_Reading a book Curtis Bowers’ father inspired John A. Stormer to write (None Dare Call it Treason) – by Donna Jack

Donna Jack
August 2, 2016

[Look at Blog Posts about Curtis Bowers and his Documentaries Agenda and Agenda 2. Blogs 0110, 0111, 0114 and  0115.]

My husband and I recently took a trip to visit family in another state.  While there I  read a book in the early mornings and late evenings.  The book was one that Curtis Bowers spoke about at his July 2016 meeting in my neighborhood.

At that July meeting, Curtis told us that years ago his father, James Bowers, began to learn about an agenda to take down America.  James decided he had to give programs to warn people about what he was discovering.

One evening after James had been teaching all day at a university, he headed home in a snow storm.  He was scheduled to speak in a nearby town, but was considering cancelling because of the snow.  His wife encouraged him to brave the snow storm.

Continue reading