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Donna Jack
September 11, 2016

Our Colorado State Treasurer, Walker Stapleton, has sent out an excellent letter and link that can be shared.  It is simple to read, and shows that the fight against Single-payer healthcare is something that goes beyond any party lines.  It is one more “Constitutional Amendment” that will devastate our budget, and funnel tax money away from necessary services to maintain the financial and physical health of people in Colorado.

Note:  children in schools will be told that Amendment 69 is a good things.  In general, federal/national curriculum teaches students to be socialists/collectivists.

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Bernie Blesses Amendment 69

on behalf of Walker Stapleton <treasurerstapleton@gmail.com>
Mon 8/29, 3:18 PM


Colorado common sense has always served our great state well, and a bipartisan lineup of Democrats and Republicans are standing on the side of common sense this fall and against the single-payer health care initiative known as Amendment 69.

Amendment 69 is a government-run health care plan that would double the state budget through a $25 billion tax increase and establish a massive new bureaucracy in Colorado. It would give us the highest income tax rate in the nation, and be run by a group of 21 politicians with little to no accountability.

Simply put, Colorado can’t afford Amendment 69.

As Co-Chairman of the No on 69 campaign along with former Democratic Governor Bill Ritter, I’ve been traveling across Colorado all summer educating Coloradans on the devastating impact Amendment 69 would have on our state.

Unfortunately, there are still those who would like to use Colorado as a guinea pig for unproven and dangerous policies like Amendment 69.

Look no further than Senator Bernie Sanders’ recent decision to endorse this economically catastrophic initiative that would harm our economy and threaten Coloradans health care freedom.

Senator Sanders should know better considering his home state of Vermont tried a single-payer system, which was quickly abandoned by their pro-single-payer Governor after it became clear it would bust the state budget and be too complicated for one state to administer.

When you receive your ballot this fall, remember that Colorado common sense has served our state well in the past and that Amendment 69 is about as far away from a common sense policy as possible.

We’ll need help from Coloradans of every political party to defeat Amendment 69 so please take a moment to visit www.ColoradansforColoradans.com for more information or to donate to this important effort.

Stapleton for Colorado
P.O. Box 9865
Denver, CO 80209


Republicans, Democrats and independents (and non-partisans)
recognize the disaster Amendment 69 would cause in Colorado.

Go to Coloradans for Coloradans for some links to presentations of several reasons Amendment 69 would be a disaster.


On their front page are shown three men who are against Amendment 69:

Walker Stapleton, State Treasurer, Republican
John Hickenlooper, Governor, DemocratBill Ritter, Governor, Democrat


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