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I have been enjoying a lovely time with one of our three sons, his wife, and their three children.  It makes me so happy to know they are decent, God-loving, kind, courteous, considerate, productive, giving, responsible citizens.  They put careful thought into their decisions and actions – and are a blessing to everyone they come in contact with.  The same can be said of another one of our sons, his wife and children – and also of our third son.

What a contrast they are to our society that is generally falling apart at the seams.

This destruction of our country was carefully orchestrated:  Agenda and Agenda 2
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 What makes all this “falling apart at the seams” so terribly sad is that the demise of our country has been carefully planned and implemented.  Look at the blogs linked above – to find some discussion about the documentaries, find a link to a trailer, and learn how to purchase the documentaries Agenda and Agenda 2These DVD documentaries made by Curtis Bowers, spell out, in clear detail, the history of a real agenda to destroy America.


Several weeks ago, as my husband and I were leaving the Wendy’s parking lot in our neighborhood, we saw a sign posted at the end of the driveway.  My husband stopped the car so I could get out to read it and take pictures.  There it was – a public notice of an up-coming hearing to discuss a possible 40+ unit apartment building to be built next to Wendy’s.  The plan was to build it where there was a tennis court area covered by a big white “bubble” – right in the center of a middle-class neighborhood.

Several days later some friends attended the meeting that was posted on that sign, and reported that the apartment building was going to be government-subsidized housing.  It was to provide for the poor people who could not afford to drive up from the city to work in our small unincorporated town.  They would be brought to live in our neighborhood, take jobs from local people, and attend our schools . . .

I shared with some people about the possibility of this huge government-subsidized apartment building complex coming into our neighborhood.  (It would not be a huge complex in the city, but would be huge in our neighborhood.)  I was surprised when these people told me they thought it was a good idea to bring people into the area, and pay for most or all of their housing.

I thought to myself, “Do you realize the implications of this importation? – or the intentions of the people who are behind the plan to import these people into our neighborhood?  – or do you realize that this is a national movement to erase the suburbs in order to “equalize” everyone (except for those in power, of course)?  It is intended to wipe out quiet neighborhoods, and extend the city into our back yards.  It is intended to take away our property rights, and our freedom to live in environments we can afford to live in.


Possibly a year prior to seeing the sign by Wendy’s, I began reading Spreading the Wealth:  How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, by Stanley Kurtz.   Mr. Kurtz talked of things in his book that I had never heard about before.  He shared the plan to get rid of the suburbs – a plan Obama and some of his friends had been working on for years.  In his book, Stanley Kurtz goes into great detail about the agenda to abolish the suburbs (along with eliminating our freedom) – centralizing control in the hands of a few.

What decent citizen would suspect that there was a plan to wipe out their wealth, in order to design one huge slum in our country?  That is a bizarre idea!  Right?  Wrong!  And some of the propaganda from “these planners of our destruction” was in front of my face.  “These planners” were taking advantage of innocent people, who have compassion for poor people  – they were not aware of what subsidized housing experiments across the country produce.  Schools don’t teach the results of giving housing to people.  In general, “The Projects” are known for crime and lack of incentive to make things better.  They tear down the value of real estate around them, and begin to crumble from lack of maintenance or simple care.

A generation or more has been conditioned in “schools” and through the media, to think “collectively”—not to carry their own weight “individually” – not to personally sacrifice to help others.  They think in words like “the collective good” and “I don’t care if it hurts me if it helps society.”  “The State owes me a living wage” whether I produce anything or not.

When people say “I don’t mind if it hurts me, if it helps the people” they are including everybody else around them being hurt as well – whether those other people want to be “hurt” along with them, or not.  And they have no conception of the magnitude of the “hurt” everyone will suffer if those who are planning the take-over of the suburbs get their way.

In reality this “bussing in” of the “poor” and illegals, and people who aren’t wanted in the cities, or can’t make it in the cities, will help neither the people imported, nor those in the communities that they are imported into.  “Equalizing” the cities and suburbs will drag everyone down.

We don’t have enough jobs for the people who already live in my neighborhood.  Some low-paying jobs will be taken by people imported from the city, possibly most of them will find no employment, and crime will be imported into our neighborhood.  Those with money will be forced to “share” their finances with those who don’t have any, and the tax base will shrink.


In 2008 Obama told “Joe the Plumber” that he planned to “spread the wealth around.”  People at the time thought those words sounded nice – like sharing.  They didn’t realize what this “sharing” was planned to do or how it was to be accomplished.  They didn’t know it was Marx’s old “To each according to his need – from each according to his ability.”  It would be forced sharing — not voluntary sharing.  The idea of stealing from people in the suburbs, and invading the suburbs, is actually forcing socialism, which is the final step before Communism.

Not long ago there was an initiative on the ballot in Colorado that was voted down by the electorate.  It was another one of those requests to increase funding for the public schools (which have failed to produce promised results for a long time).  From the beginning,  “public schools were designed to dumb down our country” –  See Blog 0014_in which Samuel Blumenfeld addresses the deliberate dumbing down of America — YouTube.]

In this particular ballot initiative a few years ago, the stated plan was to increase taxes, then disperse the money following a formula that would take disproportionately more money from suburbs, to give to the cities.   I was shocked to see the plan spelled out in the wording of the proposal.  Because of Stanley Kurrtz’s book about robbing the suburbs,  I realized the ballot intiative was designed to carry out the plan to rob from the suburbs in order to finance the cities.

Why do people move out of the cities anyway?  They want more space – they want to live in neighborhoods that reflect the lifestyle that they have worked hard to be able to afford – to live with people similar to them – to get away from the crime – to be able to influence their own school districts and their own local governments – to live in areas where the zoning gives them security, and to have some assurance of what to expect – to feel safe – to have individual freedom.

When you take a disproportionate amount of taxes away from the people in the suburbs, you are stealing from them what they have worked hard to earn – you are taking away what belongs to them in order to “redistribute” to others.  You are leaving less money for the suburbs to finance what the residents of the suburbs have paid to finance.  You are decreasing the value of their money.

Fortunately that ballot initiative failed at that time – but I suspect the main reason it failed was because people were feeling too over-taxed and were upset about it.  Most people probably had no idea that part of the request for more school money was also a request for them to give more of their taxes to finance cities.  They were being asked to approve stealing from themselves.

Purchase Stanley Kurtz’s Book to learn more about this plan to eliminate suburbs,
the purpose for this theft and infiltration,
and how you can fight back –
(Or download it on your electronic devices)

Spreading the Wealth:  How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities, by Stanley Kurtz.  First published 2012.

Copyright Stanley Kurtz.

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