0138_Part-One and New Part-Two video information ads, from Dr. Jill Vecchio M.D., about Amendment 69_vote NO on 69

Donna Jack
September 24, 2016

Part 1 of an informational video Jill Vecchio made about Amendment 69 (ColoradoCare – singlepayer healthcare) is linked in Blog 0131, and is below:

 Jill Vecchio sent out an email September 23, and writes:

Here is Part 2 of our informational video on Amendment 69/ ColoradoCare!

[Jill continues:]

In this video we discuss the Cost Estimates of ColoradoCare and how Costs will be controlled.

We also discuss how similar ‘universal’ healthcare systems are working in other countries.

You will be surprised!

Please forward this video to your Colorado contacts and post on your Facebook page!

Dr. Jill Vecchio, M.D.
Health Care Options that Work

Healthcare Options that Work™ is a 501(c)4 nonprofit single-issue organization dedicated to bringing market solutions to healthcare.  Donations to Healthcare Options that Work™ are not tax deductible.

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