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Donna Jack
2016-10-02/revised 2016-10-03-12:19 AM

Below is information that will help registered voters in every county in Colorado.

My plan is to refer to this blog in a future blog post when discussing each of the things that will appear both on the Colorado state-wide and Jefferson County Colorado ballots.

Resource documents to help you to prepare to vote on the Colorado ballots
— that will be arriving soon (mid October).

Handy resources:

  1.  The 2016 State Ballot information book (the Blue Book)

that has been mailed to most homes (internet version same as one mailed out):

2.  Information to help you decide whether to retain judges.

Links to help you decide whether to retain judges: “Recommendations on retention of Judges” on the first page of the 2016 Blue Book linked above, or here, to see Judicial Performance evaluations  on judges in specific judicial districts and counties in Colorado, for specific years.

3.  PDF of a document with links to reports on judges
(That included Jefferson and Gilpin Counties.)

I added live links next to the names of the judges, so you can go right to the reports, and see  a picture of the judge.

4.  Fiscal impact statements (required by Tabor)
for Constitutional Amendments and Propositions.

Read this fiscal impact statement carefully.  You will see that passing Amendment T could be so much more than the obvious good idea of eliminating using slavery and compulsory labor as punishments.  Passing Amendment T could have consequences far beyond this idea that we all can agree upon.

And note that it is a Constitutional Amendment!!  That means it would be much more difficult to change in the future.

The consequences of passing it could be very expensive to the taxpayers, and cause problems in law enforcement:  with community service, etc.  I plan to do more study on this.

Things are not always as simple or straight-forward as they first appear.

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