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[The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights (TABOR) text from CO Constitution]
[The Bill of Rights in the Colorado Constitution.]
[The US Constitution Bill of Rights & Later Amendments]

Donna Jack
October 11, 2016, updated Oct. 12 and 13, revised October 19

I attempt to present rationale  [basic or underlying reasons or explanations] behind my positions, and present you with information so you can become more informed.  Then you can make your own decisions, based on the information that you have.


Hand-carry your ballot if you can

Don’t cast your vote too soon — you may regret an early vote, after you learn more.  Your vote DOES matter.  The mail is not always reliable or prompt, so hand-carry your ballot to a ballot drop-off location  if you can.  If you decide to mail it, you MUST put a postage stamp (or 2) on the envelope.  It needs postage to be delivered.  Mail it several days before the deadline (don’t count weekends).

Don’t vote for laws simply because you don’t want to be inconvenienced,
or want to feel better about yourself — if it will not help us keep liberty or you don’t understand it — vote NO.

Many of the things on the Jefferson County ballot are
state-wide Amendments to the Colorado Constitution.


This comment was on a blog that was against Amendment 71:  “I am against anything that does not increase rights, freedom, and liberty for citizens.”

At present, my position is:

THERE IS NOT ONE THING ON THE BALLOT THAT increases or protects rights, freedoms, and liberty for the citizens of Colorado at large –
some do harm – and one seems neutral
Because of that, and other reasons, I plan to vote NO on everything!
Future posts will explain why.

General rule:  I vote no for changes to the Constitution; changes to the Colorado Revised Statutes; or changes regarding local issues – –UNLESS I am certain all things below can be answered “no” –  and that I discover no intentional or unintentional negative consequences.

Eight things I try to consider when deciding how to vote

1- –          Is The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights being destroyed, or whittled away?  (Article X Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution.)

2–         Will people be hurt if this passes?  Does it “go after” or try to “punish” a minority — the tyranny of the majority?  Isn’t that being a bully, and punishing someone else in a way you wouldn’t like to be punished yourself?  It seems to me to be wrong to encourage people to get used to punishing others by making laws — this opens the door for any one of us to also be punished by laws.  Note:  Our state and national Bill of Rights are meant to protect individuals from government (or majority) bullying.

3–         If it passes, will citizens lose individual freedom and control of their lives?

4–         If it passes, would the result be neutral or close to neutral? —  If it is not seriously necessary, we don’t need more laws added to the body of laws in our Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS), our Colorado Constitution, or our local government.

5–         Would its passage violate rights we are given in our U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights, or in the Bill of Rights in the Colorado Constitution?

6–       Would its passage increase the control of centralized government?

7.–      Would its passage enrich financially or politically people or organizations supporting the proposed changes?

8.–      Does it support people or organizations that favor world government in preference to United States sovereignty?

Knowing who is pushing for the change(s)
often gives answers to some of the questions above.



Generally, if the answer yes, to any one of the above questions, that is enough reason for me to vote NO, or seriously hesitate to vote yes.  If I am left with any hesitation, I research more, and think it through more thoroughly, until it is clear to me how I should vote.  If it is still not crystal clear – I vote no.


The Blue Book and the 2016 General Election TABOR notices (The White Book) have been mailed out to homes with registered voters.  Ballots have been mailed.

May the votes of our citizens help preserve our liberties —
and may illegals be stopped from entering our country,
and non-citizens stopped from voting.

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