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Donna Jack
Nov. 30, 2016/updated 10:08 PM – updated December 24, 2016

NOTE:  Democrats led the recounts – only to find there were more popular votes for Donald Trump.  But the real substantial voter fraud is in the democrat precincts where there are more votes than people registered — where dead people vote — where illegals vote (encouraged by President Obama to vote, and not fear getting caught, because there will be no prosecution if they vote illegally) — where voter machines reverse votes of republicans (I have witnessed this in past elections) — where republican ballots are pitched in the inner cities (a man told me of this when he voted several elections ago in an inner city – his ballot was put in the trash can before his very eyes) — where people are threatened with violence, if they vote “wrong”, etc.

Voter Fraud and campaign rigging videos

Website for Project Veritashttp://projectveritas.com/       See their undercover videos.

Watch Project Veritas’ interview concerning voter fraud in New Yorkwatch the video

Rigging the Elections – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IuJGHuIkzY
Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud —


This is one of several of Project Veritas’ interviews concerning voter fraud.
This one is in  New York:  watch the video


“In a video released by Project Veritas, James O’Keefe exposes what everyone except the Democrats have known to be true; there is a lot of voter fraud. In the video, NYC Democratic Commissioner of the Board of Elections Alan Schulkin is caught on hidden camera at a United Federation of Teachers holiday party admitting that … Continue reading HIDDEN CAMERA: NYC Democratic Election Commissioner “I Think There Is A lot of Voter Fraud”

Project Veritas

[NOTE:  Most schools and media outlets have been censoring information for decades — creating “a confined pretend world” that does not actually exist, and that does not prepare people to deal individually with reality.  This deception and mind control has increased in resent history, aided by technology and computer access — also aided by heavy interference and financial support from governments and wealthy individuals.]

The general pubic is conditioned to believe that an imaginary world is reality.

This conditioning leads people to make very costly decisions and carry out wrong actions that are based on lies or lack of knowledge.  Because of this made-up reality, students are being tricked into thinking that the election of Trump will destroy our U.S. Constitution, and cause all illegal immigrants to be rounded up and deported right away.

TRUTH:  our Constitution has been under increased attacks over the past eight years.  But many of the people being brought into cabinet positions under a Trump administration appear to strongly support United States sovereignty, and the U.S. Constitution.

The public and students continue to be told that Trump was crazy to say the elections were rigged — then the democrats said the elections were rigged by the republicans, requiring recounts.  No issue was made about their double standard.

Most schools and most media outlets today encourage stirring up fear and unrest.

The media and schools have encouraged fearful frenzy, shirking their responsibility to share truth.

Shouldn’t Schools and the media

— be reporting and updating the process that is developing concerning ways to deal with illegal immigration?
— dispel the notion that any day all illegal immigrant parents will be deported?

— let students be aware of the serious problem of voter fraud, and policies that increase the fraud?

Such knowledge would greatly alleviate the needless fears children are feeling.

The lack of true information is messing with the minds of students in K-12, and with the minds of those in colleges and  universities.  It is causing them to live in fear, and in a “pretend world” created by the media and schools.   This set of lies is causing students to feel helpless, terrified, and tricks many of them into thinking there is no reason for them to continue living.  It is also leading students to violent behavior and disregard for rules and laws.

Below is one false narrative that is being spread by the schools
and the mainstream media.
False narrative:
“It is stupid to say there has been voter fraud that messed up the popular vote.”

The above false narrative is designed to undermine trust in president-elect Trump.  It seeks to make him look stupid and irrational.  Watch Project Veritas videos linked at the beginning of this article — witness the wide-spread election fraud.  One man being interviewed even brags that the widespread election fraud has been going on for 50 years.

People who say there is voter fraud, undermine our democracy.”

The actual truth is the opposite:  voter fraud itself undermines the validity of our elections, and denying voter fraud exists, guarantees its increase and the collapse of our election system.  It is necessary to recognize the problem, in order to begin to figure out how to fix it.

Biased media denies voter fraud — a typical tactic of the Left (deny truth).

 The biased media made a big stink about Trump alluding to two or three million cases of voter fraud.  Their ridicule was followed by dismissal, which is a typical tactic used by democrats when this subject comes up (or any time they want to divert attention in order to cover up the truth).  The tactic of ridicule and dismissal is a tactic taught by Saul Alinsky whose great influence on Hillary Rodham (Clinton), began when she was a student at Wellesley College.  The Communist Party also insists on this tactic of ridicule and dismissal.

[You can read about the inside workings of the American and International Communist parties in the impressive book Witness, written by Whittaker Chambers, a former high-ranking Communist spy who was placed over many spies in our government.]

Democrats increase possibilities to vote illegally.

Note that the democrat party is the party that refuses to consider requiring voters to show an ID before voting.  They are the party that makes laws saying that a copy of your power bill with your name on it is enough ID to be used to get drivers’ licenses, etc.  They push same-day voter registration, and work to make it illegal to require proof of U.S. citizenship or residency in a county where you vote.

Democrats in Missouri rigged the election to increase voter fraud.

When one of my sons was a university student in Missouri several years ago, he reported that the election was not going the way the democrats wanted it to go.  So they had the polls kept open several extra hours past when they were supposed to close.  People were bused in  across state lines, until there were enough votes for the democrats to win.  After witnessing the corruption that election night, my son told me that he finally believed what I had been telling him for years, about voter fraud by the democrat party.   See this video revealing massive voter fraud.

States with less opportunities to vote illegally
have Republican majorities in their legislatures.

When republicans have the majority in the state legislatures, they pass laws requiring photo ID’s in order to vote — they require proof of U.S. citizenship and proof of residency and registration in the county where an elector votes.

James O’Keefe’s email about “Your Vote Was Cancelled” interview

Below is the email connected with James O’Keefe’s undercover video interviewing the New York Commissioner of the Board of Elections, Alan Schulkin.  Schulkin talks about the fraud used to elect democrats, and he finds himself helpless to try to correct it, saying it is the people in the Legislature that make the laws which encourage voter fraud.


From: “James O’Keefe” <release@projectveritas.com>
Subject: Caught on Tape: Your vote was cancelled
October 11, 2016 at 10:54:33 AM MDT

This footage has kept me up at night.  I’ve held it on a secure hard drive for the last ten months, knowing that if I didn’t release it at the right time, the media and our government would hope that you would forget about it by November.

But before you watch it, please let me explain a few things.

In the video, you’ll see the New York Commissioner of the Board of Elections, Alan Schulkin, admitting that rampant criminal voter fraud takes place and, not only that, but the criminal fraud is designed and supported by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In contrast to most of our videos, the admission comes from a person who is sincerely distraught over the fraud, not a henchman boasting about their accomplishments.

I’ve watched the video countless times and I’m sympathetic to Mr. Schulkin.

This is a man who wants to do the right thing and stop criminal acts, but the powers he would face are so powerful, he sees no path forward.

That’s where we come in . . . you and me.

When you watch the video, I need you to take your first action: spread the word.

Post it on Twitter or Facebook, or simply send this email to a few friends.

And don’t think for a second that this is a “New York” thing. It is not.

Criminal voter fraud is happening in your nearest big city, it has been happening for decades – and I can prove it.

Your vote is being cancelled out by an illegal voter – and this year, we’re going to catch them in the act and blow this up.
After you watch the video and send this out to as many people as you can, I need you to stay tuned and expect a follow up email.

While some would say that it’s not a smart use of resources, it’s the right thing to do regardless.

As I said, I’m sympathetic to Mr. Schulkin and know that they are going to scapegoat him. I expect him to be terminated as soon as they can get away with it.

And make no mistake. Schulkin will be replaced by a shill who will look the other way as bus loads of “voters” roll in.

So stay tuned for our next message and for the next “shoe” to drop.

In Truth,

James O’Keefe
Project Veritas

P.S. This is one of many videos to come. While catching admission of criminal acts is a pretty big deal, it pales in comparison of what’s in store. Watch and share.


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Mamaroneck, NY 10543


More Project Veritas videos about rigging the elections
—-inciting violence
— Mass Voter Fraud

Rigging the Elections – Video I:  Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud


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