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0167_I Requested Jeffco Schools NOT participate in walkouts_rumors of planned walkouts on Inauguration Day (Jan. 20th)_Tucker Carlton Video link and transcript of socialists encouraging & planning walkouts

Donna Jack
December 28, 2016

See Blog 0166 about attempts to overturn election of President-Elect Trump.


Interview with socialist student recommending walkouts in all schools on Inauguration Day – (transcript of the interview within this blog post).

Blog 0161_John Newkirk Dec 7 and 17 op ed with links to Jeffco walkouts in 2015


Definitions of anarchy and socialism at the end of this blog post.


A November request I made, to head off a repeat of the
Colorado Jefferson County teacher/student walkouts that took place in 2015

At the end of a Student Accountability Committee (SAC) meeting at Conifer High School, I said I hoped that the school, and the school district, had plans in place to head off any future teacher/student protests during school hours – to stop a repeat of what they did in 2015 at Conifer High School.

I commented that the school district, possibly the Superintendent of the Colorado Jefferson County Schools, should make it clear that such walkouts would not go without punishment.  My request was not answered, but that might have been because it was near the end of a 2-hour meeting.

I did not realize that plans were being made to have walkouts in Jefferson County schools, and across the country, to protest Trump winning the election. Continue reading

0166_Attempts to overturn the election of Trump_Former FEC member says recount will not change results (with links)_voter fraud exists_audio and transcript Trump not commit to election results_democrat frenzy

Donna Jack
December 28, 2016

Hillary emphatically said that challenging elections was destructive to “democracy”
[but now the left and the democrats are fighting the election results —
they say only what benefits them at the moment.]

Here is an audio clip of what President-elect Trump said during the 3rd Trump/Hillary debate_was not sure would accept results (transcript at end of this blog post):

See 2016-11-28_FLASHBACK VIDEO: Hillary: Failure to Accept Election Results is ‘Direct Threat to Democracy’_Daily Wire Amanda Prestigiacomo

[Below are partial quotes from the above link:]

“Here’s Hillary during the election working herself up over  what she condemned as a ‘threat to democracy.'”

“HILLARY’S OWN WORDS: ‘Failure to accept the election results is a direct threat to our democracy’  ‘Peaceful transfer of power is a must’

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) November 27, 2016

“‘To say you won’t respect the result of the election, that is a direct threat to our democracy,’ the former secretary of state said to her rally attendees, in her iconic Resting Yell Voice.

“‘The peaceful transfer of power is one of the things that makes America, America!’ she continued.

“And perhaps the most ironic of her comments: ‘Look, some people are just sore losers.’ True.

“As Daily Wire’s Frank Camp pointed out on Sunday, the left is only on board with ‘fraud’ when it suits them, otherwise it’s a ‘right-wing conspiracy.’ Let’s go ahead and tack this onto the left’s long list of double-standards.”

When they lost, the Left and Hillary’s campaign attempted to overturn
the election of Trump, by forcing recounts in some states,
under the pretext that ballots were not counted correctly.
Continue reading

0165_Something’s wrong with the “management” of PERA which increased its unfunded liability from nearly $27 billion to $30 billion_Dec. 21 2016 article by Peter Marcus,

Donna Jack
December 26, 2016

Expenses for public education have been increasing, and the proportion of our Colorado State Budget spent on public education each year, continues to increase.  This more-than-proportional increase each year, takes a larger chunk of the total of all other costs in our state.  The same goes for county expenses for education.

Part of the problem is the irresponsible amount of money put toward retirement  (also increases in other expenses).   Raises sound great, except the money isn’t there.  Wouldn’t it be best (understatement) to stop with the generosity.

Walker Stapleton has, for years, been trying to influence those in charge of the Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association (PERA) to take measures necessary to reign in reckless wasteful spending, and begin to deal with the $30 billion in unfunded liabilities.

PERA needs to stop acting like “government” and be more responsible with our money.


By: Peter Marcus,
December 21, 2016

Over the protests of Colorado’s state treasurer, the head of the state’s retirement system received a 3 percent salary increase on Tuesday – his second raise in just over a year – bringing his salary to nearly $406,000 in 2017.

Greg Smith, chief executive of the Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association, also will receive an incentive payment of 20 percent for leading the $47 billion, 300-employee retirement system, which amounts to nearly $79,000. Smith’s current salary is $394,000.

State Treasurer Walker Stapleton, an ex-officio, voting member of PERA’s board of trustees – and a longtime critic of the system – assailed the raise, pointing out that the pension fund for the state’s more than 547,000 members faces about $30 billion in unfunded liabilities. Continue reading

0164_Merry Christmas, and joy to you whatever your faith – from Donna Jack

Donna Jack
December 24, 2016

Just want to take the time before resuming Christmas preparations, and going to our Christmas Eve service, to wish you all blessings this Christmas season, and on into 2017.

I pray that across this wonderful country, people will put aside their prejudices, fear and anger — and seek the Truth — resulting in supernatural respect and love for each other.

Call me Pollyanna.    🙂

God bless you.

0163_2016-12-24_K-12 Education in 2016 both exciting and frustrating at times – by Sherrie Peif

Donna Jack
December 24, 2016


K-12 Education in 2016 both exciting and frustrating at times –
by Sherrie Peif – December 24, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, it’s clear this year has been an interesting one in the world of K-12 education.

Complete Colorado has been there for much of the fun and will be there again for what is expected to be an even more interesting 2017. We’d like to recap what we saw as the biggest news to come out of 2016.

The year started off with new faces on school boards across the state after a contentious 2015 election cycle that pitted reform-minded candidates against teacher association favorites.

In Jefferson County, the teachers association and its supporters pulled off a successful recall of three board members and replaced them with more union-friendly faces. Reform-minded candidates were also defeated by wide margins in Thompson School District in Loveland. Continue reading

0162_Wisdom of the Electoral College – to prevent the populace of one state from overriding all other states.

Donna Jack
December 19, 2016


Excerpt from an original document about the Electoral College, located at Jackson County, MO Election Board –by William C. Kimberling, Deputy Director FEC National Clearinghouse on Election Administration.
One Electoral College article sent to me by a friend, December 13, 2016:

Subject: A Great Explanation
Pretty interesting.

[Some people say] . . . Hillary . . . won the popular vote and therefore she should be president, 65,147,421 to 62,634,907; or 2,512,514 more votes with the remaining going to the other candidates.

But here are some facts:

Trump won the popular vote in 31 states to her 19 and DC .

Trump led in the total popular vote for all 49 states except California. . . . [if you] deduct her [Hillary’s] California vote from her national vote leaving her with 57,784,931, and deduct Trump’s California vote from his national total, leaving him with 60,122,393, he wins in a landslide in the other 49 states.

So, in effect, Hillary was elected president of California and Trump was elected president of the rest of the country by a substantial margin.

This exemplifies the wisdom of the Electoral College, (and our founding fathers) to prevent the vote of any one populace state from overriding the vote of the others. . . .

One other tidbit: California is one of 11 “welfare states” where there are more people living off the government dole than there are working for a living. A perfect example of those who vote for a living.

An additional tidbit. There are a little more than 3,000 counties in the U.S. Though some are undergoing recounts, Trump carried a little more than 2,600 of them in the popular vote, and Hillary a little less than 500.



0161_School Tax Failure had Roots In Recall_Dec. 17, 2016 opinion piece by John J. Newkirk (former Colorado Jeffco School Board Member recalled)

Donna Jack
December 19, 2016/updated Dec. 26, 2016

John Newkirk’s article was first published December 7, 2016, and then was published online December 17, with live links to his references.

As always, John carefully documents the claims and conclusions that he makes.


School Tax Failure had Roots in Recall

Note to the reader: In 2013, concerned Jefferson County taxpayers elected three conservatives (including yours truly) to represent their interests on the Board of Education. Within minutes of the election — two weeks before we were even sworn in — the teachers union began a campaign to unseat “these bastards.” My latest Opinion column delves into the recall election’s surly evolution and its ultimate consequence. It’s also an admonition to the teachers union to heed the old Chinese proverb: When you set out to destroy someone, first dig two graves. ________________________________________________________________

Newkirk Opinion Column, December 7, 2016

To the casual observer, the failure of Jefferson County’s school tax proposal last month was a head-scratcher. Why did our district vote down new school taxes when neighboring districts passed theirs? Why did Jeffco say yes to Democrats Hillary Clinton and Michael Bennet, but no to Democrats on the Board of Education? Why did so many residents who’d never opposed a school tax vote no for the first time ever? A surprising number of voters have contacted me about this, and their common threads bear repeating. So, to best share their sentiments, allow me to channel the gentleman from Virginia for whom our humble county is named: Continue reading

0160_The Classic Learning Test – alternative college entrance exam currently being used (Sept. 28, 2016 article by Shane Vander Hart)

Donna Jack
December 13, 2016/revised Dec. 24, 2016

This past week at several Christmas parties, the subject of secret brain washing of students came up, and data gathering.

In the 1980s I became aware of this subversive activity that has been going on in the schools of our country.  A teachers book entitled Teaching as a Subversive Activity It is just one instruction book in teacher subversion.  People are beginning to understand that the schools are “kidnapping” the minds of students.

See 0097 – A blog piece about VECTOR – serious competition for ACT and SAT.

This article below is about “The Classic Learning Test.”  It was forwarded to me by Donna Garner (Waco, Texas).



Donna Garner

Thu 9/29, 8:25 AMDonna Garner <>

9.28.16 – Truth in American Education

 “The Classic Learning Test: An Alternative College Entrance Exam”


With SAT changes that has brought it into alignment with the Common Core, and ACT’s involvement in the creation of the standards, it is important that we find an alternative college entrance exam.

The Classic Learning Test (CLT) is an alternative that is actually being used now.  

The CLT came about specifically out of a need seen first-hand by its Founder, Jeremy Tate, who, while running a test-prep company, saw that homeschooled and privately educated students were being disproportionately discriminated against by being held to standards they had rejected. Continue reading