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Donna Jack
December 28, 2016

See Blog 0166 about attempts to overturn election of President-Elect Trump.


Interview with socialist student recommending walkouts in all schools on Inauguration Day – (transcript of the interview within this blog post).

Blog 0161_John Newkirk Dec 7 and 17 op ed with links to Jeffco walkouts in 2015


Definitions of anarchy and socialism at the end of this blog post.


A November request I made, to head off a repeat of the
Colorado Jefferson County teacher/student walkouts that took place in 2015

At the end of a Student Accountability Committee (SAC) meeting at Conifer High School, I said I hoped that the school, and the school district, had plans in place to head off any future teacher/student protests during school hours – to stop a repeat of what they did in 2015 at Conifer High School.

I commented that the school district, possibly the Superintendent of the Colorado Jefferson County Schools, should make it clear that such walkouts would not go without punishment.  My request was not answered, but that might have been because it was near the end of a 2-hour meeting.

I did not realize that plans were being made to have walkouts in Jefferson County schools, and across the country, to protest Trump winning the election.

I hope that it will be made clear that all teachers who walk out, and/or help students to “protest” and walk out during school hours, will be fired.  And the school district should not allow school buses to transport students or teachers to locations of protests.

The last walkout in Jefferson County was a trial balloon dress-rehearsal to see if they could get away with the walk-out, and use buses for transportation.  There was nothing done to punish the breaking of rules, and nothing happened to discourage a repeat of such disregard for laws and rules.

We paid for lost school time AND paid for the transportation of the students.   We paid for teachers to dishonestly call in “sick.”  Students were taken advantage of – pressured and directed by teachers to break laws.  Nobody was fired, and students had no punishment for truancy.  That’s wrong.  That’s dishonest, and a horrible example.

Should we be paying teachers to rebel against their employer (the taxpayers)?  If they wish to protest, they should protest after hours, on their own dime, without transportation provided by us.  And they should not encourage students to take part in that extra-curricular activity without parental permission.

A few days after that November 2016 Student Accountability meeting,

I heard rumors of plans for a walkout in our school district, to take plaace January 20th — Inauguration Day.

Then on December 13th

I watched an interview on my computer.  It was with a socialist encouraging socialist-sponsored national school walkouts on Inauguration Day.  The transcription of that interview is later in this blog piece.

What is our school district doing

to stop teachers from breaking their contract and encouraging students to take part in anarchy during school hours — all paid for by the taxpayers?  I am certain all parents DO NOT support this type of education for their children.


A Dec. 13 Interview of a Socialist University student who is part of a socialist organization planning walkouts on Inauguration Day (See transcript after an introduction to the interview below:)

Dec. 13, 2016 – 6:17 – Tucker Carlson, the host of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ had an interview with a member of a Socialist Students Organizing Committee.  The subject was:  plans “to stage walkouts on the day of Trump’s inauguration”   #Tucker


What are we really teaching the students in our schools, when day after day they are riled up to break laws and rules, and to fight against the majority of voters in this country?  They are being conditioned to be fearful, and sick.  Are teachers and students being taught that mobs should overturn elections if they don’t get their way?  Note:  These protests are against republicans.  Are the schools teaching students to be democrats?

Such behavior gives evidence to the leftist brain washing that is taking place in teachers’ colleges and in public school and university classrooms across America.

I certainly hope that my school district, (Colorado) Jefferson County Public Schools, will have nothing to do with this second exercise in anarchy in our county.

Over a year ago there was anarchy in our Jefferson County Schools

led by the unions and teachers.  This followed the election of a majority of three republican non-union-supported school board members in our school district – and preceded a recall, that was primed by a union door-to-door effort to recall these three people.

— These three members were all then recalled and replaced by the three union-chosen, and union-controlled, board members that we have now.
— Now the entire 5-member school board in our school district is made up entirely of union-controlled democrats/independents.  The opportunity to possibly have a non-union majority will not be for another three years.

Teachers who call in sick and walk out – or just walk out – need to be fired.

Taxpayers need to demand this.  Anarchy like this should never be encouraged.  Students should be seriously punished for playing hooky, because of such behavior of their teachers and other school officials.   The encouragement to break rules and leave school, which these socialists and people in our school district are promoting, must not take place.  [Look at the interview of the student socialist and read the transcript below of his encouraging the walk-outs on Inauguration Day.]

We pay teachers to be in school during school hours – and don’t pay teachers to make students into socialists, anarchists, and haters of this country.

TRANSCRIPT by Donna Jack of Tucker Carlson interview
on Dec. 13, 2013 – of socialist organizer of
Anti-Trump student walkouts on Inauguration Day.



Socialism is alive and well in the United States and getting more popular according to polls.

One group of socialist students are organizing a walkout on election day [Inauguration Day].  The organizers who call themselves Socialist Alternatives, say this will send a message to President Trump.

Tucker:  Joining us now is Elon Axelbank.  He is a junior at Northeastern University, and is on the Socialist Students organizing committee.  Elon, thanks a lot for coming on.

JA:  Thanks so much for having me, Tucker.

Tucker:  So the question, if you’re a socialist — and by the way, I take your views seriously.  I don’t agree with them.  A lot of people agree with you –.

If you are a Socialist, and you care about working people, but you also hate Trump – how do you square the fact that the majority of private sector union members, the very people you exist to help and stand up for, voted for Trump?

JA:  Yea.  That’s a great question – I mean – the reality is, is a lot of people had to vote for Trump for him to get elected.  And I don’t question that.  And he’s now the President of the United States of America, and we have to deal with that.

But from our perspective in Socialist Students, we’re calling for a national day of student walkouts, on January 20th, on Inauguration Day, in order to send the strongest possible message, starting on day one, that we reject

— his agenda of attacks on women;

— and not letting women have the right to choose what to do with their body;

— his agenda of deporting millions of hard working-class immigrants (working people like you’re talking about);

— his agenda of forcing Muslims – millions of peaceful, genuine Muslims to register in this registry, so that the government can monitor them;

— and we reject his corporate agenda which will actually hurt a lot of working class people; and really the whole 99% as a whole.

So what we are doing is calling for students to walk out of classes and join protests in their cities on January 20th to send that message, and build Step 1 in the process of building a movement to resist Trump.  (01:53)

Tucker:  I’m confused about the message.  So if you’re a socialist, you’re primarily interested in changing our economic policy.  And I read your website, and you say that you are young people that see the price of student debt; our declining living standards are entirely based on capitalism, the system that exploits the many for the benefit of the few.  I get it.

But, again, back to my first question.  A lot of people voted for Trump, but they were largely, overwhelmingly, working class people; the very people you say you are here to represent, and help.  Have you thought at all about why that is?

JA – Absolutely.  in my opinion, the dominant feature of this whole election, not just the general election, but going back, I mean this election has been longer than I think a lot of us would have preferred it to be – you know about a year and a half.  I think the dominant feature of this was a mood, you know, an anti-establishment mood.  People are upset with the way things were going – including myself – and certainly a lot of working people, young people and students.  Um, and so I think people were looking for change, and a lot of people voted for Trump, because they thought he was saying he was going to drain the swamp, change the system.  He’s talking about “Washington Insiders.”  Right?

Tucker:  Right.

JA  He’s talking about, you know, the political establishment – and these are a lot of things that I agree with.  I do think there’s Washington Insiders, but from my point of view, what we need is anti-corporate candidates, anti-racist candidates; anti-sexist candidate’s; to put forth not a message of division, but a message of unity based on the 99% opposing our common enemy, which we in Social Students see as the 1%.

Tucker:  But wait a second.  Who did the 1% support in this election?  Who did every CEO, the entire tec community, all of finance – ALL of them were against Trump.  And by the way, who’s in favor of the mass immigration that you claim to support?  It’s businesses, because they want cheaper labor. They don’t want immigrants to come in to make American more diverse – they want them to come in and work for cheap wages.  Do you see the connection at all?  And why you’re abetting that?

JA:  Certainly a lot of corporate CEOs, and whatnot endorsed Hillary.

Tucker:  All of them.

JA:  And this is because Hillary was a Wall Street-friendly candidate.  But that’s actually not true what you’re saying – I mean, if you look at Trump’s appointments in the past two days, he just appointed the CEO of Exxon Mobil – one of the most major gas companies in the country, and actually the world too – Yep?  He just appointed him as Secretary of State.  The CEO of Goldman Sacs is now part of his cabinet.  So what  you’re saying isn’t totally true.

 Tucker  You’re dodging my question.

JA:  No, not really.

Tucker:  No.  But here’s what IS true.  He has appointed a bunch of corporate people, for sure.

JA:  Yep.  So they support him.

Tucker:  But on the question of immigration, mass low-skilled, low-wage immigration –business is for that.  You’re for it, too.  Why do you think they’re for it?  Because they want to see a more complicated tapestry?  No.  Because their labor costs decline when they import low-skilled people who will work for less – whom they can exploit.

JA:  That’s one of the key things that Socialist Students calls for – is a $15 an hour minimum wage for all workers, because anybody who works, anybody that contributes to society deserves to have a living wage.  So I don’t accept this argument that if workers come from another country, that should allow corporations to drive down wages.  The reality is, is that every single person who works, whether you are a student, or a working person with a family, that you should have a living wage.

Tucker:  That’s fine, and no one disagrees with that, but there is massive unemployment in the middle of the country.  Massive – at a higher rate for men than during the Great Depression.  If you bring in more workers, will there be more or less employment?  There will be less employment – more people competing for fewer jobs.  This is basic economics.  How can you as a socialist be for that?

JA:  What we need is jobs programs.

Tucker:  Oh, come on.

JA:  And the reality is that appointing a CEO of Goldman Sacs as our finance adviser – somebody who rejects the concept of the minimum wage

 Tucker:  Look, I’m taking you seriously and you’re just repeating dumb liberal talking points.  Be a socialist.  Be a radical.  Open your mind.  I’m serious.  You’re not a socialist.  You’re a left aisle liberal.

JA:  I am [a socialist?]

Tucker:  You’re upset about the same boring rich people topics.  Look at the economics of it.  Do you know what I mean?

JA:  I am.  I feel like you are trying to get us distracted.  The key message is that  young people – the majority of high schoolers couldn’t even vote for Donald Trump because they weren’t old enough.  But Donald Trump’s policies of deporting immigrants, making Muslims register, attacking women’s rights, these things are going to affect high schoolers – and young people.

Tucker:  Those are just talking points.

You know, the one thing about socialists is they’re kind of interesting.  Elon, open your mind.  We’re out of time, unfortunately, I’m being told.  But I appreciate your coming on.  Thank you.


Definition of Anarchy

1. a state of society without government or law.
2. political and social disorder due to the absence of governmental control
lack of obedience to an authority; insubordination

Definition of Socialism

1.  a theory or system of social organization that advocates the vesting of the ownership and control of the means of production and distribution, of capital, land, etc., in the community as a whole.
2.   procedure or practice in accordance with this theory.
3.   (in Marxist theory) the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles.

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