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0172_Illiteracy by design_The Columbian Orator (the book that helped build the American character) – it was read and studied by two of the greatest orators in the 1800s: Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln

Donna Jack

By design our country is being made illiterate.

John Dewey is the father of public education in the United States, wrote curriculum and taught teachers how to teach (at Columbia University).
On my quotations page you will find:  Quotation 23c. & 16.
“Teaching school children to read was a ‘perversion’ and high literacy rate bred ‘the sustaining force behind individualism.'”
John Dewey, Educational Psychologist

More and more people in our country are unable to read, write, or think.  This has all been by design.  See Blog 0014, and the linked article “‘Free’ Education and Literacy.”

PDF Of ’Free’ Education and Literacy . . .      and
PDF of 2006_The Cultural Degradation of Universal Education

A great book that increased and perfected literacy and oratory in the 1800s

I want to bring your attention to a great book.  This book and the Bible are what Abraham Lincoln studied and credited for his reading and oratory skills.  And this book was the only book that Frederick Douglass owned when he was growing up.  Both men memorized and practiced the speeches in The Columbian Orator.  These men became two of the greatest orators in the 1800s.

The book is The Columbian Orator.  It can be ordered from at this link.

On the front cover of my 1998 edition of the book, is printed:

“The Book That Helped Build the American Character”

“Containing a variety of original and selected pieces together with rules, which are calculated to improve youth and others, in the ornamental and useful art of eloquence   —  by Caleb Bingham, A.M.”

Back cover:

“First published in 1797, The Columbian Orator helped shape the American mind for the next half century, going through some twenty-three editions and totaling 200,000 copies in sales.  The book was read by virtually every American schoolboy in the first half of the nineteenth century.  As a slave youth, Frederick Douglass owned just this one book, and read it frequently, referring to is as a ‘gem’ and his ‘rich treasure.’

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0171_Sweden, Denmark, and the rest of Europe may have very few years left because of open borders_ Mar. 3, 2016 YouTube with Paul Weston warning us

Donna Jack
February 19, 2017

Students in our public schools and universities generally never hear of the consequences for having no borders.

This is important information for school students to be aware of — and for all people in our country to be aware of.  There is a war taking place against Europe and our country, using immigration and other means.

The following text is from an email my friend sent me last spring.  Attached to it was a link to a presentation verbalizing the threat to Europe and the United States of open borders (the YouTube is linked below).  It is desperately important we stop pretending things are OK — and seriously protect our borders!

AND WE MUST STOP GIVING WALFARE TO PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT CITIZENS — WHO HAVE ENTERED OUR COUNTRY ILLEGALLY!  They are draining the Social Security system that legal citizens worked for.

Email text below:

“Thu 5/26/2016, 2:18 PM

 “A Swedish young man who is going to school here, has been attending the Evergreen Tea Party meetings and he asked if he could speak at the Tea Party.  He’d just been home for the Christmas break–he spoke to us in about February.  He had all sorts of charts and graphs (they were all in Swedish!) to show us.  He said the same thing as this video–only he said Sweden has only 3 years left.

“I guess at the rate the immigrants are coming in and their welfare system gives them something like $40,000 a year per person–that Sweden will be bankrupt in 3 years.  He asked people if they didn’t see that that was killing the country and they said no–that they must do it.

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0170_Jan. 11, 2017 Trump news conference YouTube and transcript _ Trump turned down billions of foreign dollars _ giving up all new real estate deals til after his presidency _ His overseas profits to go toward National Debt _ many more HUGE sacrifices

Donna Jack
January 17, 2017

YouTube of President-elect Donald Trump’s news conference Jan.  11, 2017
addressing the fake news that claimed it came from an intelligence agency,
and explaining how he is putting a firewall between himself
and all his investments/businesses —
he reveals the huge financial sacrifices of his family members.

January 11, 2017 President-elect Donald Trump gave a news conference in Manhattan.  You can watch and listen to the entire news conference here:

Transcript of President-Elect Donald Trump’s January 11, 2017 Press Conference
[transcript by The New York Times]

The New York Times posted a transcript of the entire news conference.  It is attached.

You can find the transcript at The New York Times website:

After President-elect Trump made some remarks, and answered some questions from the press, he then turned over the press conference to Ms. Sheri Dillon, “a prominent attorney in Washington, D.C., with the prestigious firm of Morgan Lewis.”  The firm of Morgan Lewis “structured the agreements pursuant to the president’s business arrangements.”  Ms. Dillon gave remarks.    She reported multiple things that Trump and his family and the Trump organization have been doing to demonstrate his efforts to remain above reproach.

The work that has been accomplished so quickly is very impressive.  And the financial and personal sacrifice of all the members of his family are beyond anything that can be expected. Continue reading

0169_People forcing their way — lawlessness — Bill Ayers to rise up in D.C. — James O’Keefe Video of planned crimes — past Jeffco School walkouts — resources for news

Donna Jack
January 17, 2017

Insistence on their own way, ignoring laws

Leading up to Inauguration Day on January 20th, people who insist on imposing their way on all the rest of us, no matter what the law says, have been working to destroy our election system, and destroy the freedoms we have under our US Constitution.  They prefer anarchy, which they believe will lead to a better form of world government.

My school district awarded for being the best in the nation

In 2008 or 2009, Billie Ayres (founder of the Weather Underground) and Angela Davis (former Black Panther, whose address used to be “Communist Party USA”), presented at an event on the East Coast, an award to my school district (Jefferson County, Colorado) for being the best school district in the country.  The award they had presented, was announced at a Jefferson County school board meeting that I attended.

In the 1960s, according to an undercover FBI agent who was in the Weather Underground, Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn were part of the bombing of a police station where one officer was killed, and several others were injured.  See:  2009-04-03_Weather Underground History Restored_by Allan C. Browfield

William Ayres’ Facebook page today says that he and Bernadine are now in Cuba, celebrating her 75th birthday.

“On a flight to Havana—celebrating Bernardine’s 75th birthday tomorrow! Back in time to rise up in Washington!”

In his Facebook post, Mr. Ayers links an investigative video by Project Veritas (James O’Keefe’s organization).   You can watch the video below:

The James’ O’Keefe video exposes plans for violence during the inauguration this week.  He turned over the evidence to the FBI and law enforcement groups.

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0168_Dr. Joe Wheeler_Professor, Writer, collector of stories_His December 2016 blog on elections

Donna Jack
January 5, 2017

King Soopers in Conifer, Colorado annually lets the local Kiwanis Club set up tables to sell Joe Wheeler’s books – with all proceeds going to the local elementary schools and home schools in the Conifer area.  This year we were able to raise $3,468.59 for the project.

In the process of helping people purchase Joe’s books, I purchased many books for my own friends and family — and was able to work with Joe and get to know his work.  You can discover his books, and other things he offers, on his website:

Below is the text of Joe Wheeler’s December 2016  blog about election 2016.  If you go to this printable link you will not only see the text of the article below, but a Norman Rockwell picture within the article, depicting the division between a husband and wife over the 1948 election in which Truman won over Dewey.  As always, Norman Rockwell beautifully and accurately captured a real piece of life in our county.


Joe Wheeler’s Blog #50, Series 7_Election 2016
From Joe’s “Wednesdays with Dr. Joe” articles

December 14, 2016

What a relief: the long almost unbelievably contentious election is finally over! For most of us, it couldn’t come soon enough. Reason being: now, at long last, normal life can resume again. Continue reading